name change ?


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2 months ago

Hi, looking forward for the new pixelmator pro app (and the vectormator one)

Just a thought :


just sound so robotic, machine-like, not really doing justice to the creativity your app(s) empower.

How about renaming them to something more euphonious and Apple-like, as :


Just a thought...
Apple Baskets

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2 months ago

Well, I agree with 'Pixels' and 'Vectors'. Tagging 'Pro' on the end of already dubious sounding Pix-El-Ma-Tor is a bit more dubious. But here's a reality byte for you. app for androids is already grabbed by Google. Pixels e-commerce plugin graces Shopify. Pixels rich media beats up iTunes. Don't forget Boston U-MIT Pixels Fine Art! Lots of Pixels out there. Yes Pixelmator is deserving of name and identity Pixels. Business names have a very serious Government regulation aspect to consider. Deserving of Pixels a definite yes, but Pixelmator is just another business.

PIXELS is also many businesses. Does Pixelmator want to brave "owning" Pixels? Does it fit the vision of Pixelmator creators? Now we are getting into someone else's cultural and social perceptions. Which is a whole other vey important aspect of business name.

But then we come to your vec-tor-ma-tor extension of the argument. There is only one software for now, Pixelmator. Certain key press will switch our App to beta vector mode. That is the focus. It irks me that I had to buy Affinity to process vectors. The only vectors I do are PNG icons I produce professional with the professional product Pixelmator.

How I WISH! I only needed Pixelmator to save Vectors. PLEASE!

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