Pixelmator Pro RAW Support


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2 months ago

I am looking at the new Pixelmator Pro page and am considering as a replacement for Adobe Lightroom. I understand they are different in terms of style of program, but I'm wondering if Pixelmator Pro truly is as capable with RAW's. Will it support .ARW and have full 14-bit RAW support?

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2 months ago

Pixelmator has allways supported all the RAW-files that OS X supports. However Pixelmator could never do RAW editing. It just let OS X do the conversion to a bitmap and then showing the converted result. Pixelmator Pro however has full RAW support, meaning it can work directly on the RAW files. However I do not know yet if this is for all RAW formats. You might end up with the more exotic formats being converted up front like with Pixelmator. I'm positive though that if this is the case that support for more and more RAW formats will be added in future releases.

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