Make Images for Retina Screens?


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3 months ago

I have a retina screen. When I made an image in Pixelmator it looks sharp and lovely. When saving and viewing on the web the image doubles in size and looks pixelated and well, not lovely. Is there a way of setting Pixelmator to show me when I'm designing what I will see in 'real terms' on the web?

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3 months ago

I'm not sure how you created your image for the web. In general a retina ready image is made at twice the dimensions of what it would be displayed at on the webpage. So if you have an image that is 600x400 pixels, a retina image should be made at 1200x800 pixels for it to look sharp and crisp on a retina display. While at the same time physically being the same dimensions as the 600x400 pixels image. Note that we are not talking about dpi or pixels per inch here. For screen images these normally stay at 72dpi or 96dpi. 72dpi being the standard.

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