Export as print-ready PDF/X-1a?


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4 months ago

I designed a flyer in Pixelmator and now the printer is asking for it in press-readyPDF (probablyPDF/X-1a), with bleed, and in CMYK.

How can I export from Pixelmator in this format? I know Pixelmator can export as PDF but not as press-ready. I've googled for this extensively and can't find any tips (short of buying/renting Acrobat and then having to learn it). Does anyone have any other tips?

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3 months ago

Pixelmator doesn't do CMYK. This has been discussed before but any good printer should be able to correctly convert to CMYK for you on the fly.

Though not tested you could try the following:

In Pixelmator
1) Choose print from the file menu
2) From the PDF pull down menu, choose Open PDF in Preview

In Preview
3) Choose Export from the File menu
4) Choose PDF as the format
5) Under Quartz-filter choose: Create Generic PDFX-3 Document

Let us know if this does the trick for your printer.

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