Median / Mean of layered images


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6 months ago

Hi there,
I am trying to create a single image of a group of pictures showing the same image, e.g. a burst shot. I end up having ~10 images that are each in their own layer. In order to remove noise or moving objects in the final image, I would like to create the median value for each pixel from all these layers. I cannot find how to achieve this in pixelmator, I was assuming that I can do this through the blending of the layers but I don't see the fitting method in there.

Is there a possibility on how to take the mean or median (or similar) of multiple stacked layers in Pixelmator?

Thank you very much!

~ maverixx

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6 months ago

This is very difficult to do in Pixelmator. In addition these kind of calculations are much more efficiant and less destructive when done on the original RAW images, preferably in-camera.

However you might want to try the following to see if this gives you a satisfying result at least when done on noise.

I'm just using 2 images on separate layers here in order to keep the process understandable.

1) One of the images will be the end result so copy this image onto a new layer below the other layers and hide it.
2) Creata a group of the two top layers
3) Select the top layer in the group and choose the Difference blending mode. This will give you somewhat of a noise profile
4) Now for the group as a whole set the blending mode to substract. This will substract the noise profile from te underlaying layer making it appear less noisy.

Try other bledning modes like divide to compare the results.

Again. this is not the prefered way of doing things, but maybe it helps you out a little.

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6 months ago

Hi Sebastiaan,
thanks for the reply. This looks very much like something I can start working with instead of the method I was searching for.


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