Unable to move layers


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7 months ago

I have two layers, the 2nd layer I inserted I want to be in back of the 1st layer I inserted. I tried "Option + CMD + { & Cmd + { each case, the 2nd layer disappeared. I also trier using "Layer" also to no avail. I'll insert the image.


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7 months ago

Hard to understand what you mean without a screenshot of the layers palette. But if you want the currenct selected layer (guy with pink shirt) behind the layer with the family then you indeed hide the currently selected layer, because the layer with the family isn't transparent.

Could it be that you want to place the man behind the woman in the picture? In that case you can select the woman and copy her onto a new layer and place it at the top of all other layers. I guess you then already see that the man gets behind the woman. in the picture. The rest is color adjusting and softening the selection edges.

Great project you are having here.

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