Restoring old photo with mildew


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1 week ago

I have on hold picture that I would like to restore (a small copy below). The big spots are done well with the repair tool but I am having trouble with the fine specks of green/brown mildew (see the zoomed in pic). Any suggestions on how I can clean this type of damage up?



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2 days ago

Both repair and the clone stamp tool use information from other areas of the picture to clean up the spot you want to repair and with these kind of pictures you will eventually end up moving the 'damage' around in the pic. So here you might want to do some repairing by adding to the pic (or covering over the damage) with the brush tool. Pic a color from the picture that you want to repair with. Then use the brush to cover the spots with this color. I suggest you try a soft brush first with a low opacity and you might also want to try to use blending modes like overlay, darken, lighten or screen to. Just experiment. Sometimes repairing photo's is a painstaking job and not everything can be solved using algorithms.

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