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6 weeks ago

Thanks in advance for help. Moving to Pixelmator from Photoshop. A key part of my workflow in PS was Shift Cmd Copy (Mac) which copies visible and then paste to new document (this is an a4 page of images to layout and print from). I can't seem to do this in Pixelmator.
As part of trying to resolve this I've tried to create a new 7cm x 7cm transparent doc with a stroke Inside outline. When I copy this to a new A4 doc the square is filled white, not transparent. Very confused.

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6 weeks ago

I'm very sorry but I cannot understand the part where you copy a 7cm x 7cm transparent doc to a new document. Does the new A4 doc have a transparent background as well.If you paste a layer with transparency on top of non transparent layer then you won't see transparency, though the layer with transparency still has it's transparency. If you want to have transparency through several layers then you will have to select the transparent part of one layer and use this selection on the layers below to cut out parts and create more transparency on each layer.

If I totally misunderstood please give a step by step description so we can try to recreate the issue.

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