Correcting Skin Imperfections like wrinkles


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9 months ago

I have had Pixelmator on Mac for quite a while, but never really learned everything it could do. I have now decided to try using Apple's Photos (instead of Lightroom) and there are obviously things that Photos can't do - like corrections/adjustments using brushes.
What is the best way to do the following corrections/adjustments to faces in photos?
(1) Removing or lightening wrinkles from people's faces?
(2) Whitening people's teeth?
( BTW - I watched the video tutorial about using the blur effects for wrinkles, but I would rather try to use something more localized.)

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9 months ago

Pixelmator has a great healing tool for all this. You can also dodge and burn to lighten or darken areas in your image.

You'll find some short tutorials in the retouch area of the tutorial section here:

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