Line Ends and Arrows


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1 year ago

I want to use a line with an arrow on the end to point out content in a picture. In any other software, I drag a line and then the line has properties that allow you to add arrows to either/both ends. I can't seem to be able to do that in Pixelmator. I then dragged an arrow shape onto my image and made it the size I wanted but wasn't able to change the angle of the arrow. It was strictly horizontal. Most tools have a way to spin an image. Am I missing this or are these things not possible in Pixelmatr?

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1 year ago

You'll have to indeed use the arrow shape to create arrows. At least that's the easiest way. You can change the angle by holding the mouse pointer at one of the corner handles of the shape and press the cmd-key. You'll notice that the mouse pointer changes you can now (while holding the cmd-key) drag with the mouse and rotate the arrow shape.

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