Half way through drawing with lines and can't select shape!


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1 year ago


I'm half way through drawing on a shape layer with lines, and suddenly it grouped all the shapes in a box with a blue outline and now I can't select individual lines in the shape layer.

Unless I inadvertently did it with a keyboard shortcut I don't think I changed anything. I've hunted and googled and I can't find a way to ungroup them. I realise you can group selections but they aren't grouped like that. I can't finish the project as it is and I don't want to delete the layer and start again.

Any help appreciated.

In the attached image, the arcs and straight lines have been added. You can see one arc is in the wrong spot. As an example I can't pic that lefthand arc and move it out to define the rest of the boundary.



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Hi davejones,

Shapes are being grouped into a single layer if you copy/cut/paste them onto the already existing shape layer. This means, if you copy/cut any shape and paste it into any other shape layer, they'll become combined together in the same manner as they would if you'd use the "Add to shape" merging mode. To select any particular shape in a group, simple double-click it with your mouse pointer.
Pixelmator Team

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