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1 year ago

I am learning Pixelmator and it seems to be my best option for my task. I need to be able to make my own shapes and I have been successful to a degree. It seems though that I do not understand when I can and can not add a shape to the existing selection of shapes. Example, I add a circle and two lines to make a symbol and I can add that to the shapes and grab it anytime I need to, but if I add text to it I can not. So I tried making the letter with lines, and I can not add that. I need to make a handful of shapes/icons that I can quickly add to an image. Suggestions? Thanks!

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11 months ago

This is 2 months too late, but perhaps it can help someone else:

Make sure your text layer is selected. Right-click on your text to bring up a menu, select "Convert into Shapes"

Your layer will now have a Shapes icon, and you can then save it to your Shapes Palette to use again.

Not only can you do this with text, but also with hand-drawn images you make using the brush, pencil, pen tools, and also with imported black line/shape images with transparent backgrounds.


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10 months ago

:( Unfortunately, I try many many times to add external shapes in this way withoutresult.
Transparent background means .png or I did..with text and Pixelmator design it works perfectly.
Thank you for help.

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