Export multiple layers as separate images


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1 year ago

I created a drawing which contains 15 layers. Each layer contains a separate image. I would like to export all 15 layers simultaneously yet on their separate layers. My plan is to import these layers into Keynote so I can animate each image separately on the same slide.

I realize I can drag each layer onto the desktop however using this technique results in different size .png files. I would like all the layers/files to be the same size 1280x720 so when I drop those files into Keynote they will be positioned correctly.

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1 year ago

Hi PixelPlatz,

Since you're using various size layers in your composition, the only way to export them at the initial file's dimensions would be by using the Export feature (Share > Export). Simply hide the layers you don't want to be visible (uncheck them in the Layers palette) and export the file. Continue the same workflow by hiding/selecting the remaining layers.

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10 months ago

I had this same question. I'm new to this kind of software.

So, is this the only way to export single images in a project file that has over 100 layers? I need to uncheck each box one-by-one?

Is there a way to uncheck/check multiple boxes at once?

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10 months ago


You can select a layer in the layers palette and drag it onto the desktop or to a finder window. If you want to export several images at once that way, simply select those you want to export in the layers palette and drag them all out and onto the desktop or any other finder window.

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3 weeks ago

I've found that you can hold down the "Option" key to just place a check in a single layer; however, I can't figure out how to check them all again without clicking the box for each layer.

Also, has anyone found a way to export all layers as separate jpegs?

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3 weeks ago

Hi gkjapan,

Indeed it is a manual job to make several layers visible again. Sorry for that.

Regarding export as jpg. I think you should go the automator route. So you drag out your layers to a folder like explained above. Then if you have attached an automator action to that folder you can convert any incoming png-file to a jpg file on the fly.

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