How to change grid color of transparency checkerboard


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1 year ago

Hi, I would like to change the grid color of the transparency checkerboard background to a darker color. I saw in an old Pixelmator manual that there should be an option under preferences.
However in the current version (v3.5) I do not see any option to change the grid color or size. Do I miss something? Does anybody know where I can change these settings?

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1 year ago

Preferences > Rulers
All options to change/resize/color are all there

I'm running 3.5

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4 months ago

Hello. Was this option removed in 3.6? I can not find a way to change an empty layers background.

I wish to change the empty background from checkerboard to white.

I do not think setting new image contents to white is right, as I believe it fills the image with white color.

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4 months ago

Hi krisfm,

The option was never there. To signal that the background is transaparent, Pixelmator uses the checkerboard pattern. This cannot be changed into something else. What PixelPlatz is refering to are the ruler grid settings.

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