How to remove background pixel by pixel?


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1 year ago


I can see there are tools (Eraser and Magic Eraser) that help to make things transparent, but even when I set the Brush to size 1, it's still bigger than a pixel. How to I make individual pixels transparent?



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1 year ago

Pixelmator has a pixel tool that lets you work on pixel level. If you use the pixel tool on a mask you can make pixels transparent and at the same time keep the oroginal just in case. If you don't have the pixel tool in your tools palette, then you can find it in the Pixelamtor preferences under the tools pane. Simply drag it to the tools palette and close the preferences again.

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6 months ago

For anyone else who has this same question, you can use the Marque tool to remove an individual pixel when using the Pencil. Just drag the Marque tool within the individual pixel area and press Delete on your keyboard.

FYI, you can switch between pressing P for the Pixel tool and M for the Marque tool. Remember to deselect the marque (⌘D) before switching back to the Pixel tool.

It's also very helpful to turn on the pixel grid (option+⌘+' or View > Show Grid) while making some totally rad pixel art.

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