Measurement Tool


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1 year ago

Is there a way to measure between two points in my image?
I need to scale a portrait using a measurement card or ruler. i do this in PS by measuring then applying a quick ratio sum to get a new image size- so that the measurement card in my picture then measures the same as it does in reality.
The tool in PS is under the Eyedropper tool > Ruler tool

Many thanks!

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7 months ago

I to am wondering where the measurement tool is?

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7 months ago

There isn't a dedicated tool for measuring but you can use the ruler bars and guides to measure. Activate the ruler bars with cmd+R and you can drag guides from the ruler bar that will help you measure. If you click and drag from the top left corner you can change the 0-position (zero position) to where you want to measure from . Change measure units by ctrl+clicking on a ruler bar.

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