Saving selection marquee


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1 year ago

Looked through the forums but no answer.
I am currently using a marquee that I need to use again.
Is it possible to save a selection so I can use it again.
I don't want to save the content but just the selection marquee.

I would then---> load selection (which would be empty).



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1 year ago

You can create a group in your layers palette where you create layers where you fill the selection you want to keep with black. Call the group for "saved selections" for example. Hide the group so the layers don't interfere with the rest of you document. Whenever you want to load a selection you choose the layer with the selection you want to load and simply hold the cmd-key while clicking on the layer thumbnail to load that selection.

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1 year ago

Would it be possible to have a "Save selection" feature in the future release? The proposed solution sounds too complicated...

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11 months ago

This is a really important feature that needs to be addressed.
Saving a selection for future use is not only useful but essential.

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5 months ago

I fully support that feature request, it's essential for my day-to-day work

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