Mike Goril

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5 months ago

So, I'm hoping this isn't the case, but has Pixelmator for iOS been abandoned? It's been almost a year now since the last time it was updated, which if it were a more mature app I could understand, but there's so much low hanging fruit in this app it really could use a lot more frequent updates. Pencil support is still pretty weak in some parts of the app or downright poorly implemented (just try and draw a thin, 100% opaque line with the Pencil). Basic features of a pro image editor like layer masks are still nowhere to be found. And with the iPads Pro having 4GB of RAM these days, the limit on the number of layers allowed is a ridiculous roadblock I regularly hit that sends me back to my Mac, which makes me wonder why I'm trying to work on the iPad in the first place.

Add to all of this the fact that Affinity Photo and Linea are pretty much eating your lunch, and it makes me wonder what the future of Pixelmator for iOS is and if its time for me to go elsewhere. As someone who has been cheerleading Pixelmator since the original 1.0, it really sucks to think that Pixelmator is miles away from being the poster child for indy professional image editing software on iOS, especially with the iPad being something that I'm finding myself spending more and more time on, and expect to use my Mac even less with iOS 11 coming this fall.

I'm sure you can't reveal everything that's going on development-wise, but it sure would be nice to know if there is a reasonable roadmap to make Pixelmator more powerful, or if I would be better served by moving onto another app. Thanks for any response from the team!
Jeff Feith

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4 months ago

I hope Pixelmator iOS will continue to be updated. I use it every day for work and play. Sometimes long delays mean good things are on the way. Having used Sketchbook Pro, Procreate, Affinity Photo and Pixelmator it's my opinion that Pixelmator is the most well rounded app as well as the most useful for the work that I do (Marketing, Advertising and Illustration). The ability to manipulate/combine/enhance photos, add text and draw perfect circles and squares without having to leave Pixelmator is a real advantage. Additionally, Pixelmator has mastered iCloud minimizing the amount of space used on my iPad Pro 12.9" (with only 32mg).

Having said that, I used to use Clear - which was abandoned. I replaced it with Apple Reminders. Even tho it has more features, it's not as enjoyable to use.

Curious to see if Pixelator responds with an encouraging post about future updates for iOS.

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