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5 months ago

I have about 40 photos which I took with my iPad, edited with Pixelmator, and now need to get those edited images back into photos so that Keynote can "see" and use them.

What I think is the correct workflow is: open each image in Pixelmator, Share > Copy to Photos (sometimes Save), sometimes I'm asked if I want to allow Pixelmator to Modify that file. Then I look for the picture I just "sent" to Photos. Sometimes it appears in under "Today" (which makes sense) and sometimes under "May 20" which does not.

Because thumbnails are small, and the images are similar to each other, its very difficult to determine which one was sent to "May 20"

Is there a workflow that can assure that my shared-to-photos images are in a predictable location?

Thank you!

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5 months ago

Indeed very confusing workflow. Keynote can load images from the iCloud drive. So if you make a folder on your iCloud drive and send copies to that folder from Pixelmator, you can after that fetch those images straight from the iCloud drive from inside keynote. Bypassing Photo's all together.

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