Some Bugs & Requests


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10 months ago

-When using the fill tool I notice there is an annoying small but dark outline around the layer that I can't remove.
-I use precise measurements when using pixelmator, including using the rotation in the gradient fill tool, the problem is if I want it to be exactly 1° above the snapping points but it won't let me, I can only go to 5° lower or higher than the snapping points (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, etc.)

-3D image rotation. I like to change labels of aircraft and things along those lines, but it is very hard to stick a new logo onto an aircraft and make it look good because there is just the 2D logo on a 3D photo and it won't blend well.
-Custom rotation text input. If I want to rotate an item in Pixelmator it is either using two fingers or the slider wheel, I would much prefer to type in the angle of an image, or even using the same system used for text sizes.

Thanks for reading :)

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