saving in layers possible?


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1 year ago

I had a layered psd file, and edited it in Pixelmator.
When I opened it back in Photoshop, all the sudden the layers are gone, and it's 1 image..
Will you loose the layers ??
if there is an option to keep the layers..
Where is it?

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1 year ago

Are you using the share option and then choosing "send a copy" and tap Phtoshop as the image format?

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1 year ago

Hi PKA4916. Yes you can but you have to save (share) when your image is still open. In this way you can make a copy where ever you want and it will keep the layer otherwise it seems that the layers will be flattened. It happened to me to and I just wrote last week to the team. Now I'm sure is not just me.

for the team. Can we also think to share (save) more then one file in a different location? Would be a nice option.

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