Prevent Image moving while editing ??


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1 year ago

IS there a way to disable the resize/move option while you are editing (erasing in this case) an image.
I kept zooming in and out with 2 fingers, and kept deleting pixel based..
Till I noticed after a few hours that the image was moved to the left, and a whole part was missing (I had saved in the meantime)
So I can start all over again, and was trying to figure out the cause, and ran into this.

So is there an option. cause it seems like if you pincing with your fingers, sometimes it's the form/image gets activated and moving the whole item without knowing it, until it's too late.

Thank you

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1 year ago

Good question. I'd like to know the answer as well.

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1 year ago

Hey guys,

Disabling the layer movement, particularly when zooming, painting and/or erasing, isn't currently possible. You could always lock the layer to prevent it from any kind of adjustments, although it's not a really relative approach for this case, I believe. The best way to avoid the accident layer movement for now would be to always try tapping and scrolling with two fingers firmly.
Pixelmator Team

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