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1 year ago

Hi, when editing on my iPad over wifi and it saves to icloud, when I'm on my iPhone over mobile data and launch pixelmator, the image has a place holder for my new image but the image never shows/downloads on my iPhone... Even though iCloud and mobile data is on in the settings of iPhone.

Once i I go home and iPhone connects to wifi, the image starts downloading/showing on the iPhone.

Seems to be just over mobile data it doesn't.

Ive checked mobile data and data is allowed for pixelmator and also under settings pixel mayor iCloud is on.. Anywhere else to check?

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1 year ago

From your text it is not directly obvious if you have checked the mobile network settings. Is mobile data activated there?
Another thing I can think of is that you might need to activate roaming. Some network providers rent networks from other providers. Sometimes roaming has to be activated for it to work.

If you after checking the above still can't download your image over mobile data, you can also try to for example play a youtube video using mobile data. If this is okay, then we might have to think about a bug in Pixelmator which is a bit unlikely as the app uses standard iOS libraries for everything iCloud.

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To clarify,

On iOS iPhone In settings, Pixelmator, mobile data is on and use iCloud is on.

Settings, mobile, mobile data on, scroll down to Pixelmator, the toggle is on/green.

I went into settings, iCloud, iCloud Drive, scrolled down to Pixelmator and its already on/green,,however scrolled down more and at the very bottom 'use mobile data was off', flicked it on/green.

1 hour later and still the photo that shows on the iPad in Pixelmator and ICloud Drive still hasn't shown on the iPhone in iCloud or Pixemator.

In settings, iCloud, iCloud Drive at the top it still says 'uploading 2 items, zero kb of 8.2 mb). So something seems to be stopping the image to upload to iCloud over mobile data.

So i tried apple numbers app, made a document on iPad and it saved to cloud, went to iCloud Drive on the iPhone and within a few seconds the numbers document showed up.. So other things are fine over mobile data.

Something seems to be stopping Pixelmator.

As as soon as I go home and connect the iPhone to wifi it will get the new document.

internet, webpages and other apps seem fine with mobile data and iCloud.

Will try try with roaming on and see if anything happens.

Will keep an eye on it and try some more of your suggestions.

thank you.

edit: go figure,, working ,,,, turned phone off and on and the document is visible on iPhone in iCloud and Pixelmator.

Must of been the toggle under setting, iCloud, iCloud Drive.. Use mobile data, but then it didn't work unti phone was turned off and on...

yay happy....thanks....

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11 months ago

Having the same issue again, added a photo in pixelmator on iPhone, its uploaded to iCloud Drive/pixelmator, however it's not uploading/downloading to iPad Pixelmator/iCloud Drive.

Its ts just sitting there under settings, iCloud , iCloud Drive.

The ipad is connected to iPhone via hotspot.

I got got it working last time by toggling things off and on and turning devices off and on, but no go this time.

Over wifi bo problem, when I share iPhone internet to iPad via hotspot it just stops communicating.


No no big deal but in case anyone else can figure it out let me know.


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