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1 year ago

Search tool is useless !

How do you convert a shape into a selection ?
I draw a shape and want to convert it to a selection.
I will then use this selection on a layer with a picture to copy only that part of the picture.

Or is there a better way ?


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1 year ago

Hi! Make a select og a shape or any other object on a layer by cmd+clicking on the corresponding layer thumbnail in the layers palette.

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1 year ago

Ok. Thanks.

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1 year ago

Ok. It does select the shape but I now want to select the image of another layer.
If i select the new layer and copy all I get is an empty image.
It seem's it copies only from the original shape layer.

I want to use the pen tool to precisely select in a picture and then use this selection to copy and paste in another layer.
In PSD you can select with the bezier tool and simply go to a layer ---> copy ---> paste.

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11 months ago

If I understand it correctly, then you want to use the shape, made wiht the pen tool, as a selection template so you can copy somehting in that shape from another layer.

This is perfectly possible in Pixelmator.

1) Create the shape the way you are used to with the pen tool. (Note: For simplicity only use standard fill not a stroke and no shadows for the shape)
2) cmd+click on the thumbnail of the shape layer. You'll now have loaded the shape as a selection.
3) Select the layer you want to copy from.
4) Copy and paste the selection onto a new layer. (cmd+c & cmd+v)

In Pixelmator you cannot always copy a selection onto an already existing layer. This is only possible when working between shape layers. So if you are copying from a normal bitmap layer then Pixelmator will always create a new layer with the pasted seletion. If you want to you can off course merge the layers together.

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10 months ago

Select in the Layers palette an existing shape layer or create a new one.Open the "Paths" dialog.Apply the "Create New Path From Shape Layer"command. In the left panel there appears a new item named like "Path 1", "Path 2" etc..NBTo create a path from vector mask of a raster layer, use the "Create New Path From Vector Mask"command.

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