Future of Pixelmator for iOS


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1 year ago

So I got an iPadPro and also own a Mac and for both Pixelmator.

sadly I find the iOS version not very useful for many serious tasks.

No cliping mask

no layer mask

no layer effects

No ability to customize brushes

this renders the currently more into the state of doing maybe some raw compositing
or touching up some holiday photos. But it could be so much more with those functions added.

do you have any insight what you plan for the iOS version is?

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1 year ago

I forgot to add some others:

gesture based (2, 3 finger tapping) undo redo - the current UI approach is just to slow to use

layer effects are supported so please ignore the mentioning in the first post

invert selection is very important

make selection based on a color range (must have to clip out paper background from scans)

path tools - the current shapes are only usable for very basic needs. (Autodesk Graphics has a perfect example of a vector tool in iOS)

Create and draw guides - currently you only have interactive object to object guides which are great, but hand placed guides are very crucial as well for layouting.
Yvonne Wijers

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1 year ago

I agree with most of the things as mentioned above.
I hope we can add other/our own brushes and shapes with the next update.
Now with the iPad Pro in two sizes I think Pixelmator can do a lot more
for their customers because the real Photoshop programm is not available
for the iPad, only Fix and Mix but that is not for painting.

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1 year ago

I can't find the tool bar that is shown on the side in the ad for the app. I downloaded it and the toolbar isn't there. So far, I'm disappointed coming from my MacBook Pro and using Photoshop. I just got the IPad Pro 12.9" and wanted to use this as my main source for graphic design. Help?
Yvonne Wijers

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1 year ago

@Tinkimmy: maybe you already found it, if not, you have to swipe from top to bottom to see the toolbar. At the right side you see 4 items and at the left side 2. If you click at one of the buttons you get more tools.

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