Editing 16-bit images


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1 year ago

[First an aside: I can't search for "16-bit" even in quotes because it says the words that make it up are too common. That seems too aggressive to me. :) ]

I work with 16-bit images, and only 16-bit images. Normally, I would use Photoshop, and have for years, but I am looking to move at least some of my workflow to my iPad Pro. These images are astronomical images, which have a pretty distinct 16-bit profile. The bulk of the data is toward the dark end of the histogram, but there are also some very bright pixels as well at the far bright end of the histogram. Thus, the primary job to be done is to stretch the dark end with Curves. Repeatedly, if necessary.

I can load a 16-bit image, but I see major banding when I use the Curves tool. To appearances, the image remains 16-bit, but the Curves tool is processing it as if it is 8-bit data. Since I have to do all that stretching, I need all the dynamic range I can get.

Am I missing something? Is there some step I need to take to maintain 16-bit state while editing? Or are the tools currently limited to < 16-bit adjustments? I can provide sample images if they would be helpful.

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1 year ago

I tried importing a 16 bit AdobeRGB image today when exploring this.
It converted it to their internal format, which is sRGB it said, and I'm guessing it also converts it to 8 bit..
At least when exporting the image I worked with to PNG it became 8 bit.

So it seems it currently supports 8bit sRGB only.

I would also prefer to have the option to edit 16bit (even if it is only sRGB to start with).

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