Disable finger input when using Apple Pencil


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1 year ago

In many other painting apps on the iPad Pro, you can disable finger drawing completely while using the Apple Pencil. This is extremely useful, because A, you don't get spurious input from your fingers (perfect palm rejection), and B, you can then use just A single finger to move the canvas. This is fantastic for two-handed work, where one hand can be used for manipulating the canvas, and the other for painting via the Pencil.

I couldn't find a way to set Pixelmator up this way - is there one? If not, consider this a feature request!

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1 year ago

I purchased pixalmator yesterday for use with my iPad Pro 9.8".
And this exact thing is what I would like to have! It would be on my #1 list

If you are not in edit mode, you can actually pan the canvas with one finger, put once in edit mode it will start drawing, so suddenly the UI changes expected behaviour.
Plus this makes it harder to pan without zooming in or out.
I'm guessing most people will be using it with a Pencil? Otherwise it would be nice if it detected the presence of a pencil and behaved as Billrey and I suggest.

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10 months ago

I am facing the same problem.

is there a solution?

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