Layer Mask and Clipping Mask a must have


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1 year ago

Without those two mask types Pixelmator iOS is somewhat quite useless for what designers in 2016 do.

I can only use it for maybe working on some images or doing mask tests with duplicating layers and erasing

In the end I have to redo all the work then on the Mac making Pixelmator iOS an advanced version of Apple Photo
but rendering it unusable for designers.

So please add those two functions, they are a must have and foundation.

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1 year ago

I have to agree. I'm cruising along, super stoked that I can do everything that I need with this app. Started mocking up screens for a new app. But of course... No layer masking, no clipping mask. Come on guys. This is one of the criticals. Please add this functionality. Please. Thank you.

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1 year ago

Ditto. This would be my go to app if it had layer masking. It's so great at so many things, but ultimately find myself having to rely on other apps because this really is a deal breaker.

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10 months ago

Mattbloomingdale, does it mean you've got some other app supporting clipping masks? Which one??? I tried tons of apps for iPad, and found nothing worthy.

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