Background transparency lost when saving to Photos app


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1 year ago

Hello. Maybe I've found a bug.
This is what happens.

My image already has background transparency and it's already stored in Photos.

If I add it to a Pages document it retains transparency.
If I edit the very same image with pixelmator I can see that the background is transparent.
If I save the image from Pixelmator to Photos, then I add it to Pages document, the transparency is gone.
If I open the new image with Pixelmator the transparency is gone as well.

Any clue?

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That's actually expected. By default all the images exported from Pixelmator to Photos app when choosing "Save to Photos" or "Copy to Photos" options are being saved in JPEG file format which doesn't support transparency. As a workaround, you could instead choose "Send a Copy" from the Share menu, select PNG file format and then tap "Save Image."
Pixelmator Team

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1 year ago



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