Great app, BUT ....3 things you must fix...please


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1 year ago

hi I'm a CG artist with 15+ yrs of experience doing digital art.. Pixelmator is the only app on the iPad that makes the iPad useful (apart from apps that only let you consume content). however, If you could fix only the following 3 things:

1. Pixelmator for iOS desperately needs shortcut buttons somewhere: Takes way too much time to switch between different actions (modes) ..for example: going into selection mode , then switching back to paint or eraser should be I have to click in at least 7 places to do that. And why do I have to select Lasso selection type each time, when I always use this same time..other types are almost of no use.

2. If I make a selection ...why does the app link it to a certain layer..if I switch to another layer selection just disappears and I can't copy using the same selection area in a different layer. Very weird.

3. Quickly switching on/off for layers like eye icon in Photoshop layers ..really missing similar feature.
Otherwise great software. Congrats !

BTW; I'm using an iPad Pro

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