Rotate entire canvas gestures


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1 year ago

I would really love an option to use two fingers to rotate the entire canvas. This is essential when drawing and shading.

Right now now you can only go into the menu and rotate on 90 degree lines. That's too slow and not precise enough. Most other drawing apps let you use two fingers to simply rotate the canvas. This is much better.

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11 months ago

but with an ipadpro why not rotate the device? I am just curious.

I only use the rotate function when I do a screencast for my students and need the iPadPro connected
via a cable to the screen recording software.
David F Kyte

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8 months ago

I can't get the two finger rotate to work on my iPad pro
David F Kyte

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8 months ago

Rotating the entire iPad is kind of clumsy, Al another image app can do a two finger rotate,

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