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2 years ago

Hi Support

Just paid for Pixelmator on iOS - and certainly on first glance it seems a great product. However my first project was for my daughter - posters for school - 20" x 30" to be exact. With only Px as the measurement unit, I figured 200dpi - so ended up with 4000px x 6000px. When I went to add text I get a message "Cannot create more layers".

So I dig through the online help and see that the largest size is 4000px x 4000px. As I am having to do this quickly I figure I can do 2/3 then 1/3 then stitch somewhere else. So I go add a second layer to make sure I can. Then I go add some text and I get "Cannot create more layers"... only 2 laters allowed for this size!!

Very painful. And given photo sizes nowadays, this restriction seems somewhat insane. I should be able to add as may layers and scale up to as large a canvas as my iOS device can handle. And if I am to be restricted on layers, at least let me add multiple objects to a layer so I can keep going.

Hope to see these in an update soon.

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1 year ago

Hi Hrekum,

Right now, this limitation is necessary for Pixelmator to run properly. However, there's definitely room for improvements here. We'll see what we can do about it!
Pixelmator Team

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1 year ago

I need to be able to export images in a 4500 x 5500 size, so that's not possible with Pixelmator?

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1 year ago

What is the largest image size that I can use and export in Pixelmator for iPad?

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