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2 years ago

Since there is no inverse selection in the Ipad version, is there a way to do the same? I'm trying to make a picture B&W except for selected items.

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2 years ago


Even though the invert selection feature isn't available in Pixelmator for iPad right now, you can try to get the result you want by following these steps:

1. With any of the selection tools, select the items you want and tap Done in the Toolbar.
2. Copy your selected items (tap the selected area and choose Copy from the Edit Menu).
3. Tap Deselect in the Toolbar.
4. Paste your copied items as new layers (tap your image and choose Paste from the Edit Menu) in the same places they are in your original image.
5. Then, swipe right the left edge of your screen to view the layers bar. Select the background layer and add the Black & White effect to it (Tools > Add Effects > Black & White).

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1 year ago

I was surprised about inverse was missing :O Please add it!

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1 year ago

We'll definitely think about it!
Pixelmator Team

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1 year ago

There should really be no reason not to have the invert selection function missing in the iOS version.

Sometimes to be honest I am stunned at developers that such so basic but important tools are missing
but then you rather have some pretty expensive tools present.

I feel the iPadPro is really a good hardware to work with but currently the software is not reflecting the
same power.

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11 months ago

Ditto. I would love this option as well.

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