PDF import with more than a single page


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2 years ago

When importing a pdf - only the first page appears, how,to import all pages of a pdf or how to select a specific page?

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2 years ago

Hey Nucleardirk,

You cannot import more than one PDF page at this moment. Only the first one.

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2 years ago

Hope you get this handled soon. Keep fingers cross and thx for the feedback.

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1 year ago

Year later and looks like you still can't open more than just the first page of a PDF with this software... ummm yea.

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11 months ago

I would like this feature too

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5 months ago

As a workaround, I've found that you can show thumbnails in Preview (View > Thumbnails), then drag a thumbnail to Pixelmator in the Dock in order to open it. You can only do one page at a time, but you can at least access pages beyond the first page this way.

I tried this on Pixelmator on a Mac, not iOS, just to be clear.

Hope this helps!


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