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3 years ago

Hey everyone!

We all know that Pixelmator for iPad is out. We just don't have a good place to discuss about it. I've created this forum so we can all share some tips and tricks, tutorials, guides, ask questions, report problems, and so on.

I'm starting with some Pixelmator for iPad video guides we created so far.



Painting tools:


Vintage effect:


Black and white effect:


Bokeh effect:


Also, if you create something really nice, share it with us all!

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2 years ago

Is there a way to import Photoshop brushes into Pixelmator? If so, how? I'm not able to figure it out.

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1 year ago

I PURCHASED Pixelmator for my computer and I want to use it on my laptop. Do I need to buy it AGAIN?

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1 year ago

I am from Australia, using Pixelmator for ipad pro and I want to download the user guide for ipad. I cant download it says only available in US. Any ways to download it?

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1 year ago

Hello! I'm from Moldova!
i don't have red eye fix menu :( can you help me!?

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10 months ago

Hey guys! I am using Pixelmator for one main purpose at this moment in time, namely adding captions to images. So I can create a text box on a photo and write the caption in. But what I'd like to do is run the caption beneath the image on a plain white background so that the caption itself is easily legible. How do I create a plain white background layer on which to place my text box with the caption text? Thanks — love the software!

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10 months ago

If you don't want to hide portions of the image you can do the following.

1) Increase the canvas size (edit menu) at the bottom of the document.
2) Add a new layer and fill it with white and place this layer all the way at the bottom of the layers palette.
3) Add a type layer and type your text and place this text over the white part of the document.
Jose Garcia

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9 months ago

Greeting people.
Seeking so advice on Pixelmator for Ipad pro..... Now ive imported my images view a SD adaptor on my ipad pro photos Libary. The photos can be seen be Photos however if i try to import the files into pixelmator im confronted by an error importing. The original files on the SD card are compressed RAW from my sony A7RII ... would that be the issue is so what can be done? Most importantly is pixelmator Raw capable.?
2nd Does the ipad pro ios compress a 42mp image into a smaller form? Jew or not seems like i cant go 100% view in photos ...
Jeff Feith

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4 months ago

Love Pixelmator for iOS. Using iPad Pro 12.9".

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4 months ago

I find Pixelmator's layer palette for iOS to be inferior to Pixelmator's layer palette for OSX/MacBookPro (which closely resembles Photoshop's layer palette.)For example, showing and hiding layers is so much faster and less cumbersome on the OSX application's checkboxes than iOS's pullout menus. Is there any reason the iOS layers palette can't be like the OSX version?
Jeff Feith

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3 weeks ago

Recent news is that Pixelmator Pro will cost $59 for macOS but does anyone know what the price will be for the Pro iOS version? My entire workflow has changed from Photoshop/InDesign to Pixelmator/Pages and I like it that way!

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