Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

1 1 year ago
Change background of a picture?

I am trying to use the lasso tool and crop my kid to make a clean black background and eventually a new scene in the background. How do I pan while z

2 7 years ago
Starting from the very, very beginning

I am trying to learn how to do simple graphic design - I want to be able to do mockups of icons and such that I can give to a real designer, and be ab

4 7 years ago
Art Examples Victorian Grunge Girl

Here is a recent piece I did from a girls photo, she asked for grunge and Victorian style.... Original Photo

3 7 years ago
Z-Depth Mask

Hi, I mostly work with 3D and have rendered out a depth mask for use in depth of field. In PS I go to the channels and add in the mask. Is there any

9 7 years ago
Text effects

Hi two main things i really want to learn. I am new to this software and only have a very basik knoledge of others like photoshop. 1) is there any

4 7 years ago
Art Examples "Rocket"

This is one I have done, inspired by Goldfrapps latest single "Rocket". I used a photo of a body and a seperate head. Merged them, added colours

3 7 years ago
Paint Splotches

Hi guys. I was looking to add paint splotches over a set of high-key photos like this:

1 7 years ago
Old paper

Hello, I would like to make a picture including an old paper in background; I've found this tuto targeted to Photoshop : http://www.netgraphiste

6 7 years ago
fake 3d and simple texturing tutorial ... ixelmator/ Simple perspective play and 3d box with textures on each side. Can be used to do other reg

1 7 years ago
CD visual - pixelmator tutorial ... -for-a-cd/ A little tutorial I made while working on the new CD visuals. Check it out!

0 7 years ago
Newb question

I just have a few newb questions, I've been reading through some of the excellent tutorials on the website (much thanks to all contributers) and have

2 8 years ago

Hi i was wondering if it was possible to draw lineart with pixelmator? I actually haven't a clue what lineart is, but i googled it, and it showed real

1 8 years ago
Antony, my introduction

Hello all, This is just a brief introduction. As you can see, my name is Antony, but you might know me better as Smokey. Now you can see what I r

4 9 years ago

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