Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

1 1 year ago
Softening the edges of a picture

OK what I'm currently trying to do (that doesn't seem to be working) is: Get an image > Refine selection > Feather (and smooth a bit) > Then

5 4 years ago
Pixelmator Tip #11 – Create A Cool Collage Texture

Howdy, There are many good tutorials out there on creating textures, but in this one we wanted to show you how to make a seamless texture using pixelm

0 4 years ago
Pixelmator Tip #10 – How To Creatively Use Negative Space

Hey Fellow Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to use negative space using text. A recent graphic we found for Schrodinger's Cat provided

0 4 years ago
Pixelmator Tip #9 - How To Create A Cool Typographic Poster

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to create a cool typographic poster. Check it out here: .

1 4 years ago
Image Style

Hello all, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows how to change an image such as a cityscape to a style like the one on the attached image. Thanks h

3 4 years ago
Square selection consistent

Hi - I'm new to this software so I'm sure this is an easy one. I've got a few images that I'm going to edit but i wanted to crop each one to the same

5 4 years ago
Like Pixelmator [icon]

nothing more I want to share with you one shape, the icon of 'like'; http://dx54ed3

2 4 years ago
removing letters from this photo

Hi, I am new to image editing but I am trying to learn basics just for fun an so I can edit my photos. Pixelmator is great and I did some great (they

1 4 years ago


1 4 years ago
What is: color range select with fuzziness slider

I saw this mentioned in a feature request (magnetic lasso). I know how to do a mask, and I can quick mask. Can anyone explain this to me, or recommend

3 4 years ago
How can I create a more "transparent" image?

Hi! I'm working on my blog/web-site, hosted through squarespace. I have an image that I want as a header image, and I want text to appear over that i

3 4 years ago
How to create background texture like these?

Hello, I'm curious to know if someone could help me to understand how they made some of the background textures in the Evernote App for iPhone. I atta

1 4 years ago
Spraypaint effect

Hello, I was wondering how I could make something look similar to the logo below (the one far left). Looks like someone has spraypainted the logo usin

1 4 years ago
How to make a parallel parallelogram?

Excuse the redundancy. I want to know how to make a parallelogram that is not a rectangle. I know how to make a rectangle shape and how to make the

3 4 years ago
Testing 1.6.4 with my QC plugin

I was just testing how my 3dtext would work with 1.6.4(not MAS version). Seems to work pretty good, even the preview was working, it wouldn't work rig

18 4 years ago

I bought PixelMator a while ago, and would like to know if there is a rust effect like this one for Paint.NET:

2 4 years ago
Jersey Templet PSD

Can someone find me a jersey making templet for PSD. Something that will run on PM? Something like this... ...

1 4 years ago
Creating a Background Texture

Hello, I would like to recreate the background texture as seen in this image. I would also like

6 4 years ago
freehand brush stroke

Good evening I am doing a logo for a client and he has requested a brush stroke look. (sort of like the Barcelona and sydney logo here:

1 4 years ago
Zig Zag effect

Hi everybody, I'm a new user of Pixelmator and I appreciate it a lot (even if there are some bugs ... but I believe in its potential). I would like

4 4 years ago
How to clear background

Hi ..How to clear background from a pic with flying long hair, I want all the hairs the way they are with a plain white background?? Please help... ht

1 4 years ago
Hidden Treasures of OS X Color Picker

Hey guys! You might want to have a look at this blog post to learn more about the Apple Color Picker capabilities:

0 4 years ago
using gradients to add shading/depth Please help! This is something I have been struggling with for some time. How do I use gradient

2 4 years ago
Pixelmator Tutorials German

Hallo zusammen, auf meinem Kanal findet Ihr bereits einige Pixelmator Tutorials! Einige werden folgen!

0 4 years ago
Digitized Nature Study

I experimented with filters by applying them on self drawn nature studies, and the end result is sensational. It is amazing how one can end up with st

3 4 years ago
Pattern Fill

i did this rather quickly so it still needs some work, but maybe someone will still find it useful. Just drop an image in the window. http://dl.d

19 4 years ago
Landcape photo manipulation to railway poster style art....

I'd be interested in suggestions as to how I could manipulate and convert a landscape photograph into this fantastic syle of artistic image, similar t

1 4 years ago
Man of Steel Poster in Pixelmator

Hey guys though I'd share a personal project I did in Pixelmator, Enjoy!

2 4 years ago
Angle Photos like Attached

Looking to angles some photos for my website identically like this. Any ideas? The transform tool isn't doing it at this "inward" angle. http://dx54ed

1 4 years ago
Free Pixelmator Gradient Packs from PXM-Tuts!

Before you do anything make sure you have the latest version of Pixelmator found here:" rel="nofollow" http

23 5 years ago
Make christmas lights lite up

I'm trying to figure out how to make a string of christmas lights in a photo that are not turned on appear as though they are. The lights are in garla

2 5 years ago
Tutorial Suggestion: Cleaning up noisy and blurry photos

Photos I take with my phone in poorly lit environments tend to be both noisy and blurred. I'd love to see a tutorial explaining how to improve them, e

0 5 years ago
Learn - Pixelmator 2 Edition from MacU This is an on-line training video which may or may not be any good. However, it only cost $5. I know nothing about Pixlmator (or Elem

2 5 years ago
pop up

is there any way to create this pop up look in pixelmator ... ome_bg.png

4 5 years ago
Creating 3D-Images Steps 9 and 10. How do I do that in Pixelmator? Or to do these type stuff do I have to follow a completely dif

4 5 years ago
Pixelmator Tips brought to you by Pixelmator Templates

Hey Fellow Pixelmator Ninjas, We want to become the best resource for Pixelmator tips and templates. As such on a regular basis, we will release the

1 5 years ago
Tutorial for Rainbow Twirl picture?

Could we have a tutorial for the effect in the Rainbow Twirl picture that is shown in the Appstore?

7 5 years ago
Advice on creating simple seamless patterns?

I'm trying to figure out how to create a simple, seamless pattern that I will tile in an application. For example: a felt table like on a pool table.

1 5 years ago
Blueprint Background

Just wondering how I can make a lined grid for a blueprint effect? Something similar to this.

6 5 years ago
How to bring dialog box to front?

Hello, New to Pixelmator here, so this will probably seem like a dumb question, but I can't figure out how to bring a dialog box to the front. For exa

2 5 years ago
Gradient fills / overlays?

I'm so close to being able to do everything I need in Pixelmator with the new release - one thing I can't figure out is how to do a gradient fill or g

3 5 years ago
Replicating the iOS icon gloss effect in Pixelmator

I've been working on replicating some iOS UI in Pixelmator and I've been going surprisingly well. But we've hit a bit of a problem and I was working i

1 5 years ago
Drawing Tutorials

Hey, guys. All tutorials in these website are really great, but i can't find here any tutorial about painting or something like that (maybe with shape

4 5 years ago
Is this even possible in pixelmator? retro style pattern

Hi, I've been a Photoshop user for over 10 years now and I'm in the process of transitioning to PIXELMATOR. So far so good (just need to re-map some

1 5 years ago
Check out 3D Candylicious Text in Pixelmator! Just sharing my latest creation, hope you guys like it!

17 5 years ago
Text Transparency

Is it possible to make text transparent in pixelmator? And if so, how? I want to make a banner with texture inside the text, how can I do this?

1 5 years ago
how do i blend 2 photos not same size so they look like 1

what i am trying to accomplish is blending 2 photos to make them look like one. i learned how to blend 2 same sized images thru pixelmator tutorial/he

4 5 years ago
Shine on TechHo

In this logo, there is an effect on the purple "TECH" letters ... like a shine/highlight ... how do you do this?

3 5 years ago
Crystal Ball tutorial

My son and I have created a tutorial for drawing a crystal ball with Pixelmator but I cannot find the way to upload it. Can anyone help? Thanks, David

3 5 years ago
Pixelmator Tutorial - Graphic Novel effect

In this tutorial you can learn how to make your images very graphic novel-ish. It's a pretty cool effect. Link :

0 5 years ago

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