Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

1 1 year ago
Fitting Text to a Shape

Is there any easy way to take some text and arrange it to look like a shape? I don't want to do anything fancy, just take a short quote and arrange th

1 5 years ago
How create a selection from a shape or a path ?

Hey, it seems that my question is in the title of this post. I don't find the button or the command which can convert some path in selection (sorry fo

4 5 years ago
circular brushed metal.

I'm looking for a way to make a brushed metal effect with a circular finish to it. such as that found in the iCloud icon.

3 5 years ago
New Tutorial On How To Emboss Text In Pixelmator

I made a simple tutorial for a very common effect in todays (web)design. Here is the Tutorial: Hope it helps

2 5 years ago
How to create a torn edge border

Hi- can anyone tell me the steps to create a border effect in Pixelmator that simulates torn paper. Ideally I'd be able to control which edges are aff

1 5 years ago
Does anyone have any tips on ebook cover creation?

I need to make an ebook and I haven't seen any tutorials for that. Does anyone know some tips on doing that. I have made a header graphic. I am having

4 5 years ago
Map pointer icon

Hi there, I have been trying hard to draw a map pointer icon with Pixelmator.. (Something like this. ... 614

3 5 years ago
Remove Wrinkles with Heal

For some reason when I use the Heal tool the way it's done on this video: it doesn't seem to work co

1 5 years ago
How to FILL a border with a pattern

I make frames frequently, and I'm doing good with the Creating Frames video, BUT, I am finding it impossible to fill a 3 pixel horizontial border with

6 5 years ago
Create radial progress bar

Hello, I'd like to create a "radial" progress bar. The idea is to create something to look similar to what proposed here :

2 5 years ago
Chalk mark effect

Hi all, I'm very new to Pixelmator and I'm wondering how to get a "chalk mark" effect. Does someone can answer to my question? Thanks to all

4 5 years ago
Selecting with the pen tool

Hello! I am trying to knock-out the background of a screenshot I have, and I'm wondering if I can utilize the Pen Tool the same way I utilize it in Ph

2 5 years ago
How to mask/subtract one layer from another

I have a layer, solid red. I have a text layer with the word "Text" in it. I want to make it so the solid red layer is transparent wherever the text

3 5 years ago

HELLO ALL - WOULD SOMEONE KINDLY EXPLAIN TO ME HOW TO MAKE TEXT GOING AROUND IN A CIRCLE? I've tried over the course of more than an hour now to do so

6 5 years ago
Flapcraft - like wood planks.

Is there a tutorial you guys know of that will produce a cartoon-like wood planks that are visible in Flapcraft? I've been trying to create wood textu

1 5 years ago

How do I create a stencil in Pixelmator?

5 5 years ago
Brighten eyes

Does anyone know a good way to brighten eyes in a picture. I can't seem to get anything to work. Thanks!

2 5 years ago

Hi, I've made a new youtube channel called "ThePixelBend" This channel will have tutorials from the basic tutorials, teaching about tools, to more ad

1 5 years ago
How to Highlight Text Within an Image?

I took a snapshot of some written data and I would like to highlight some of them, like you would do in a regular document. How do I do that? I am a

1 5 years ago
Adding Tattoo to arm???

What I'm looking to do is take a picture of a person and add a tattoo to it that looks as if it were on them already. I'll supply a picture of the pie

3 5 years ago
adding a subject over a subject

I have 2 pics of one which I would like to cut a unhappy face from and add over the happy face in the second pic. both identical pics. just one face n

1 5 years ago
How to use content aware fill?

I realize I must be a dunce but I can't seem to figure out how to use content aware fill. Is there something I need to do to enable it? I have made

3 5 years ago
Scooping effect with no clear borders?

I am looking to create a QuickLook plug-in and am making mock-ups. I wanted to achieve a sort of "well" look, like the one in CandyBar where the icons

4 5 years ago
New vector tool is awesome

13 5 years ago
Is this possible in Pixelmator?

Clearly this digital artist is extremely talented and what he has done has been created in photoshop. He produces training DVD's which I would happil

2 5 years ago
How to achieve this excellent smudge effect in Pixelmator?

Hi There is an excellent "smudge" effect that a talented poster on DP Review achieves I believe using Photoshop. Does anyone know if it is possi

1 5 years ago
How to isolate a person (not a bald one) from background

I'm looking for a tutorial that shows how you can isolate a person from the background, especially in case the person has hair which makes it more dif

12 5 years ago
How to turn a photo into a drawing?

Hi I am rather new to Pixelmator and I was wondering if there is a way to make a photo look like a drawing? thanks

2 5 years ago
3D Curved Spiderman Text Tutorial

Let me preface this tutorial in saying that a vector based program will do a cleaner job at something like this, but another member wanted to see how

13 5 years ago
Where is content aware fill?

I am seriously finding the new Pixelmator interface confusing to navigate and find things.. Where is content aware fill? I've tried searching the H

1 5 years ago
How to produce this effect?

Hi, Can someone please advise me if Pixelmator has a filter that would allow me to isolate a person or group of people in a photo and then create what

4 5 years ago
Pen tool Pt 2

GOod morning One of the only things that was missing was the pen tool NOW we have it YEAH! can anyone give me direction on how to do the foll

5 5 years ago
Combining Exposures

Hi Folks, I'm wanting to learn about combing two exposures - I have three images of a sunset at -1,0 and +1 and I would like to blend two of them t

1 5 years ago
Paper border

Hello, I'm looking for a tuto to make borders like on this picture, please Thank you

4 5 years ago
Suggestion: How to create an iTunes 10-style icon?

I was looking to create an icon not unlike the recent (and somewhat controversial) iTunes 10 and Mac App Store icons. Unfortunately, my image editing

36 5 years ago
Brushed metal, emboss letters and some fire - tutorial ... metal-mix/ Here's another tutorial I made for pixelmator. This time is about some emboss lettering, som

2 5 years ago
Stoke an object with dotted line

Hey guys, I have a very quick question, basically I am trying to make Apple Inc. logo with a dotted stroke around it. Attached is a simple print sc

1 6 years ago
Looking for gradient that goes to zero transparency

The Snooker Ball Tutorial gives a nice view on how to give a ball a glow and a shadow, but it says you have to make a gradient using white (later blac

5 6 years ago
Blurry Background Tut

After several weeks of renovation work at home I have a new tutorial. I hope you like it.

4 6 years ago
"Timer" icon tutorial.

Preface: This took a little longer than expected, my hard drive failed but I managed to recover the data I was working on so I didn't have to start fr

12 6 years ago
Tutorial question.

I'm in the process of making a tutorial to post up here on the forums, and it's starting to have a lot of pictures and text. Is there any limit to how

1 6 years ago
Troubles with Converting to Pixels

So I am having troubles on the first tutorial(of course) "magic coffee cup" when I get to step 5, i try to use the filter and because I have converted

2 6 years ago
Request for Canvas Print Tutorial/Tips

Apologize in advance if this topic was already discussed. I would like to create a look of hanging canvas prints (similar to ones on this page) ou

6 6 years ago
Request: Rising Sun Effect

Hi, I've tried to make a rising sun effect just like Photoshop (using Wave filter) but had no success. I'm not a designer or photoshop expert. Does

2 6 years ago

Are Cinemagraph's possible utilizing Pixelmator?

1 6 years ago
App Store Logo

Could somebody create a tutorial on how to create something similar to the App Store logo?

5 6 years ago
Free Graphite Wallpaper Pack from Gamrcobe Studios! Hey guys, I just finished these cool Graphite Linen Wallpap

2 6 years ago
Edit Text on a Logo

I am trying to change the text on a Logo and am wondering if it is even possible using Pixelmator (only App I own). Also if I wanted to keep the same

6 6 years ago
Trying to blend two photos

I am trying to take two images -- one a photo, the other a textured background -- and blend them. I cannot figure out how to do the following: 1

1 6 years ago
Candy cane progress bar?

I see so many candy cane progress bars around, like the one here: ... on-ui-psd/ But I don't know how to

8 6 years ago

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