Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

1 1 year ago
Get Started with Pixelmator

Hey all! If you've just downloaded Pixelmator and looking where to begin this is a perfect place to start:

6 1 year ago
drippy cat's tutorials

Hello all, These tutorials aim to give you a complete introduction to the wonderful Pixelmator! Part One is here:

23 1 year ago
Reenabling Force Touch for Painting

In Pixelmator 3.4, we added support for the Force Touch trackpad when using various brushes, for example with the Eraser Tool or the Brush Tool. We no

1 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tutorials from has been the number one recourse for learning Pixelmator since 2008 and will continue to p

13 6 years ago
Research Poster

Hello, I need to make a research poster for class and I would like to use Pixelmator rather than powerpoint or other programs. I'm new to pixelmator s

1 3 weeks ago
Curved text

Is there a way to curve text along a path?

6 5 weeks ago
How To Create A Text Fade Effect Using Gradient Masks

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to use text fade using gradient masks to create some awesome effects. http://www.pixelmatortempla

0 1 month ago
Drawing Tutorial for Mobil App Icon Using Pixelmator ?

Hello Everyone Is it possible to draw mobile app icon and characters with Pixelmator ? If so then can anyone please suggest me any drawing tutoria

1 1 month ago
How to correct bended photos from lens distortions?

Let's say I have a photo of an artwork in a frame. But the lens has made the frame bended (blown up from the center) and it has to have straight lines

2 1 month ago
How to curve text around a shape?

I am trying to create a postmark effect of my own and so add my own custom text, but I can't see how to curve text around a shape. It seems one of

11 2 months ago
Combing Two Photos

I am embarrassed to ask this because it must be really basic stuff but here goes: I have a photo of a train and I have a different photo of a mountain

5 3 months ago
How to animate a line on a map Pixelmator

Hello I need to animate a line on a map in a video I'm making in DaVinci Resolve 12.5. There's tons of tutorials on You Tube but nothing for either

0 5 months ago
Am I missing something?! Paint Brushes in Tutorial

Hi, I am new to Pixelmator and working my way around it. I found this tutorial - However, I don't ha

0 5 months ago
how to cut a part of a picture out.

I am wanting to cut the fly out of this picture so I can put it some where else. How do I cut only the fly out and nothing else. I don't want any of t

1 7 months ago
Optimize images for Web?

Is there a convenient way to optimize image file size for the Web? In Photoshop you can select the number of colours and filetype and see the file-siz

4 8 months ago
Warp/Transform text

is there a way to wapr/transform text like this in pixelmator. I already tried using the bump tool effects with no successhttp://dx54ed3r88ipb.cloudfr

0 9 months ago
No more Filter menu?

I'm trying to load a Quartz filter and following the instructions, but it says to load it, go to Pixelmator's Filter menu. I do not have a Filter menu

1 9 months ago
How to fill a shape with text

Hey I hope someone can help me because I don´t really know how to do this in Pixelmator I want to create something similar to the graphic in this lin

2 1 year ago
Newbie Help

I am totally new to Pixelmator and digital image editing for that matter. I have used iPhoto, but would like to set up to the next level. The onlin

9 1 year ago
Rubber stamp effect?

Hi, I'd like to learn how to create text that looks like it was stamped by a rubber ink stamp. There's a lot of these tutorials for photoshop, but

2 1 year ago
How to use text and clipping masks to make posters

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to use text and clipping masks together to make cool posters.

1 1 year ago
Quick Mask Mode

Is There A Good Tutorial For "Quick Mask Mode" ? The reason I Ask Is Because When I Select A Section Of A Scene In Quick Mask Mode Then Exit, I Can't

2 1 year ago
Colorize B&W Photos

Is there a "Video Tutorial" to show this process ? I have the "Static Tutorial" but I would like to see it in a video.

0 1 year ago
How To Create A Color Fade Effect Using Gradient Masks

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create a color fade effect using gradient masks in Pixelmator.

0 1 year ago
How would I do this type of colour effect using Pixelmator?

Hi! Just wondering how I would add a color effect like the one attached. Thanks for your help! Chris

3 1 year ago
How to create your own paint brush using Pixelmator

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to quickly create your own custom paint brush in Pixelmator. ...

0 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tip #50 – How To Make BB-8 Droid From Starwars

Hey Ninjas, To celebrate our 50th tutorial, we just made a tutorial to show you how to make BB-8 from Starwars - The Force Awakens. http://www.pixel

0 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tip #49 – How To Create Double Exposure Effect

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to create an awesome double exposure effect. ... re-effect

0 1 year ago
How To Create UI Buttons – Metallic Buttons

Hey Ninjas, Continuing our series on creating UI elements in Pixelmator, in our latest tutorial we show you how to create metallic buttons. http://dx5

0 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tip #47 - How To Create Pop Art Album Cover

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial teaches you how to create a cool pop art album cover. This tutorial is our tribute to the late David Bowie. Hope you

0 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tutorial: Blueprint + Sketches

My goodness, with all the tutorials coming out, can it be real that this is the first 'non-video' Pixelmator tutorial? Anyways. enjoy. This is my

12 1 year ago
New course at Udemy - Pixelmator: Solid Foundations

Hi everyone, I decided to produce a full course on Photo development using Pixelmator and put it up for sale over at Udemy. Here it is: https://www.u

0 1 year ago
Brushes like Lightroom

Hi, By the past i used Lightroom and its local adjustements. Now i'm using Dxo Optics Pro and sometimes i want to work my photo in Pixelmator. I want

0 1 year ago
How to fill color selection with solid color

I've selected a pixel of color(white) for color selection from an image and adjusted the radius for full selection of white and greys. When I try to

7 2 years ago
Blending 2 layers with people to create a more natural look

I am making a baby announcement in the vein of a movie poster and am trying to get a picture of myself and my wife to be layered more naturally. Curre

5 2 years ago
Newbie: want to create a text block with white background

Hi I am very very new to this software so bear with me. I apologize for the easy questions. Here is what I have. I am creating a flyer for my busi

1 2 years ago
Guest Post - How To Draw Angry Birds Star Wars

Hey Ninjas, In our latest guest post, Jamie Edwards teaches you how to draw Angry Birds Star Wars using Pixelmator. Check it out here: http://www.pi

0 2 years ago
Making an icon with a brushed metal effect.

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to show you all how to make a circular brushed metal look for use with something like an icon! This is my second ever t

7 2 years ago
Select and transparency

Hi, I am a newbie here. So bear with me. Here goes. I have a picture of a computer on a desk along with some objects on the desk. I have a backgroun

0 2 years ago
Question on making a poster, particularly in a vector format

Hi everyone! I would like to make a large size, portrait poster for an upcoming event. It will be visually quite simple, and printed at a large size:

1 2 years ago
Text Portrait

Hi Folks, So I have been looking at creating a text portrait but I just can't seem to get it right. I cam e across this tutorial (also featured on th

1 2 years ago
Chroma key / green screen in Pixelmator

My first Pixelmator video tutorial explains how to use a chroma key to cut out an image, followed by some fine-tuning to remove color cast from the im

1 2 years ago
How do I get this colouring on photos?

I'd love to recreate this style of colouring on my photos - but not being great at photography I'm not sure how to do so. Does anyone have any ideas

1 2 years ago
Pixelmator Tip #46 – How To Design A Simple Sexy Login Form

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial, we start looking at UX/UI design in Pixelmator, and show you how to design a simple, yet sexy login form. http:/

0 2 years ago
CTU Jack Bauer-Tutorial: Pop Out Effekt / 3D Effekt

Hallo, ich habe auf YouTube ein neues Tutorial hochgeladen. Dort zeige ich wie man ein Bild plastisch erscheinen lässt. Viel Spaß beim Schauen. Welc

2 2 years ago
CTU Jack Bauer-Tutorial: Dragan Effekt

Hallo, ich habe ein neues YouTube-Video hochgeladen. Dort zeige ich den sogenannten "Dragan-Effekt", benannt nach dem polnischen Fotografen Andrzej Dr

0 2 years ago
Soft artistic background effects

Hi, I am a newbie of using Pixelmator. I do however find this to be an incredible powerful tool. I like to create pictures with inspirational quotes

4 2 years ago
Resize element

Hello , I started using pixelmator last week , it is an amazing app, but im still having some problems to do some simple things. I would like to know

5 2 years ago
CTU Jack Bauer-Tutorial: Wanted Wild West Poster

Howdee, ich habe ein Tutorial hochgeladen. Es wird ein Fahndungsplakat im Western-Stil erstellt. Viel Spaß beim Schauen und nachmachen. https://www.y

0 2 years ago
CTU Jack Bauer-Tutorial: Kino-Poster "James Bond-Spectre"

Hallo, ich habe ein YouTube-Tutorial hochgeladen. Dabei erstelle ich ein Bild im Stil vom Kino-Poster zum Film "James Bond - Spectre" in etwas abgewan

2 2 years ago

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