Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

0 1 year ago
CHROME - A Free Gradient Pack for Pixelmator! We've just finished a nice set of Chrome Gradients for you guys, add

11 1 month ago
drippy cat's tutorials

Hello all, These tutorials aim to give you a complete introduction to the wonderful Pixelmator! Part One is here:

17 5 months ago
Get Started with Pixelmator

Hey all! If you've just downloaded Pixelmator and looking where to begin this is a perfect place to start:

2 7 months ago
Free Pixelmator Tutorials - PXM-TUTS

PXM-TUTS - Learn Pixelmator with fun, easy tutorials to increase your skills. Web, Photos, Vector, Type, Icons, UI and more... http://dx54ed3r88ipb.

17 1 year ago
Pixelmator Tutorials from has been the number one recourse for learning Pixelmator since 2008 and will continue to p

13 2 years ago
Chroma key / green screen in Pixelmator

My first Pixelmator video tutorial explains how to use a chroma key to cut out an image, followed by some fine-tuning to remove color cast from the im

0 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator Tutorial: Blueprint + Sketches

My goodness, with all the tutorials coming out, can it be real that this is the first 'non-video' Pixelmator tutorial? Anyways. enjoy. This is my

10 3 weeks ago
How to illustrate an image that span on multiple pages

I'm not a graphic designer so I'm not sure if there is a simple way to do this... I have a standard document (Pages) ans I need to include many images

1 4 weeks ago
Wacom tablet

I have a Bamboo fun>Model: CTE-450 I think it was bought in 2008,I am not sure. What I need to know is,is it compatible with Pixelmator 3.1 Marble?

2 5 weeks ago
Saving my image to iPhoto once done editing?????

Once I've used the Polygonal Lasso tool to cut any image's background out, I'm trying to save that picture to my iphoto to use in another Pixelmator f

1 5 weeks ago
I need a tut

I am looking for a tut that will guide me through the process of creating my own gradient manually, not using the gradient pallet. I want to feather a

5 1 month ago
Smoothing a sketch to make it a crisp graphic

Good evening, i have a hand sketched apple w a face drawn on it. i want to sharpen it and make it more solid without losing the great face. Any sug

5 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #23 - How To Create A Valentines Day Poster

Hi Ninjas, Getting into the mood for Valentines day, in our latest tutorial we show you how to create a romantic valentines collage poster. http://ww

0 2 months ago
How to create a rounded square "look" to an image?

I am new to MAC therefore new to pixelmator and I am trying to make my image have rounded corners...please help!!

5 2 months ago
Text ???

I made a mistake in a finished project. It was noticed that the word text was still visible inside the letter "B". It sits on the horizontal bar in th

3 2 months ago
Remove Gradient Banding

Hello there, i have an image with gradient and i would like to remove the gradient banding but don't know how... i have seen some tutorials for Photo

4 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #7 - Create and Share your own Customs Shapes

Hey Fellow Ninjas, Today we wanted to share our latest pixelmator tutorial on creating and sharing customs shapes - we created a ninja shape, inspir

5 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #22 - How To Create And Edit Shapes

Hey Ninja Community, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create and edit shapes (the basics) to help you hone your shape making skills. http://www.p

0 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #18 – How To Create A Flat Rainy Day Poster

Hey Ninjas, We created a flat rainy day poster and show you how to create your own in our latest tutorial (and also show you how santa must have felt

4 2 months ago
[Solved] Copying and pasting selection in the same layer

Hello everybody! I am beginning in image editing and have been using Pixelmator for a little while (for basic editing). Today I started learning some

6 2 months ago
fade effect

how do you make those soft directional fade/blur trail effect like the one seen on the stars?

1 3 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #21 - How To Create A Blueprint Grid Pattern

Hey Pixelmator Ninjas, This week, we show you how to create a seamless grid patterns i.e. a simple blueprint texture, as a follow up to our tutorial

4 3 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #20 – How To Use Digital Patterns

Hi Folks, In our latest tutorial we show you how to use digital patterns to create a cool hipster christmas card.

6 3 months ago
Digital photo to clip art

Good morning, is there a way to take a digital photo of someone (background removed) and make it into a clipart . I know you can do it in photoshop..

3 3 months ago
Dotted line

I've hunted around trying to find a post explaining how to do a simple dotted/dashed line but I'm not having any luck. The closest I've come is a feat

2 3 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #19 – How To Create A Simple IOS7 App Icon

Hey Ninjas, In this tutorial we show you how to create a simple IOS7 app icon. Weather icons are all the rage at the moment, so we thought a simple d

0 3 months ago

2-??'s Why group layers ? When creating vector pieces ,how would U match any radii that U have created. I tried a pin wheel tut from 3 sisters and fou

2 3 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #17 – How To Create A Christmas Poster

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create a christmas holiday poster. Check it out. ... ay-post

0 3 months ago
Optimize images for Web?

Is there a convenient way to optimize image file size for the Web? In Photoshop you can select the number of colours and filetype and see the file-siz

3 3 months ago
Is there any way to make text similar to WordArt, etc.?

I feel like there should be a way and I'm missing out on it or possibly just no feature. And also how can I make the text wrap around a shape, such a

1 4 months ago
Removing background

Hi how do you remove a background from a picture? Tried looking on youtube for tuts but the one I found has no explanation and the video goes way too

4 4 months ago

I managed to download both the chrome & earth light gradients offered in a ninja shape tut. The problem is I do not remember the sequence used to

3 4 months ago
Color to (Black and white) gradient.

I have a colour image. I would like to have the image start off as black and white at the top and gradually become coloured towards the bottom (origin

2 4 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #16 – How To Create A Vintage Poster

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create a vintage poster. ... ge-poster/ Enjoy!! http://d

0 5 months ago

Hello. I am new with Pixelmator and just testing te program, and i love it. Bought it a week ago and learning every day. i have just finishd this one,

0 5 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #15 - How To Create The Long Shadow Effect

Hey Ninja Community, In our latest tutorial we jumped on the flat design bandwagon and show you how to create the awesome but most common design effe

0 5 months ago
Help on a text effect.

Hello, I'm new to the software and basically I would like a good walkthrough or tips on how to make the following text effect. Im sure its not th

6 5 months ago
Pixlemator Tip #14 - Introduction To Layer Styles

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial gives you an introduction to layer styles. ... er-styles/ If you have any gr

0 5 months ago
Enlarge iPhone 5 pic

How do I enlarge a picture I took on my iPhone 5 so that I can A-get it to a size big enough for framing and B-not lose too much quality? Is this poss

2 5 months ago
How to retouch the make-up

Anybody can tell me where can I find a tutorial for retouching make-up with pixelmator? Thank you.

3 6 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #13 – How To Create A Mystical Poster

Hey Ninja Community, We just published out latest tutorial to show you how to create a spooky mystical minimalist poster. Here is the link: http://

2 6 months ago
Preview font psd

Hi I now have downloaded several templates with different fonts. What I don't understand how to change is, every file usually comes with a preview lay

0 6 months ago
Making an icon with a brushed metal effect.

Hey everyone! Today I’d like to show you all how to make a circular brushed metal look for use with something like an icon! This is my second ever t

5 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #8 - How To Add Photorealistic Perspective

Hey Fellow Ninjas, Just released out latest tutorial on how to quickly add photorealistic perspective to make your designs really pop off the page.

4 7 months ago
How to turn the background transparent

Can someone please tell me how to turn the unwanted background so that only the wanted part is preserved? I am working on a presentation right now and

4 7 months ago
T-Shirt designs

is there good Pixelmator tutorial on how to create t-shirts? i have found ton for photoshop but none for pixelmator

3 7 months ago
Softening the edges of a picture

OK what I'm currently trying to do (that doesn't seem to be working) is: Get an image > Refine selection > Feather (and smooth a bit) > Then

5 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #11 – Create A Cool Collage Texture

Howdy, There are many good tutorials out there on creating textures, but in this one we wanted to show you how to make a seamless texture using pixelm

0 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #10 – How To Creatively Use Negative Space

Hey Fellow Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to use negative space using text. A recent graphic we found for Schrodinger's Cat provided

0 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #9 - How To Create A Cool Typographic Poster

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial we show you how to create a cool typographic poster. Check it out here: .

1 8 months ago

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