Color Management for the Web

Hello developers, There seems to be some confusion about color management for Web images. The tips below will cover the correct color management work

1 7 hours ago
Get Started with Pixelmator

Hey all! If you've just downloaded Pixelmator and looking where to begin this is a perfect place to start:

4 4 months ago
Free Pixelmator Tutorials - PXM-TUTS

PXM-TUTS - Learn Pixelmator with fun, easy tutorials to increase your skills. Web, Photos, Vector, Type, Icons, UI and more... http://dx54ed3r88ipb.

18 6 months ago
drippy cat's tutorials

Hello all, These tutorials aim to give you a complete introduction to the wonderful Pixelmator! Part One is here:

19 7 months ago
CHROME - A Free Gradient Pack for Pixelmator! We've just finished a nice set of Chrome Gradients for you guys, add

11 11 months ago
Pixelmator Tutorials from has been the number one recourse for learning Pixelmator since 2008 and will continue to p

13 3 years ago
FAde edges into transparent background?

Hi all, I have an image which I would like to crop down and would like the edges of the image to blend into a transparent background. I would then lik

3 2 weeks ago
make around text selection

Hi, i have find on internet a tutorial ( ... ixelmator/ ) where is explained how make a burn text effect, bu

3 3 weeks ago
Curved text

Is there a way to curve text along a path?

0 4 weeks ago
Transparent words to match background how the doll pic on the right takes on the background and how the yes also

1 5 weeks ago
menu bars tutorial

hey guys I'm a long time web programmer that's never bothered in the graphics arena as much. Long story short, I'm forced to learn this stuff and I ne

3 7 weeks ago
Oil Painting Effect?

I'm looking for a method to apply effects on an image that would achieve the same result as the "oil painting" filter on photoshop. Any ideas? Thanks

2 1 month ago
Remove Gradient Banding

Hello there, i have an image with gradient and i would like to remove the gradient banding but don't know how... i have seen some tutorials for Photo

5 1 month ago
Combing Two Photos

I am embarrassed to ask this because it must be really basic stuff but here goes: I have a photo of a train and I have a different photo of a mountain

1 1 month ago
Pixelmator Tip #34 – How To Create a Christmas Postcard

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create a Retro Christmas Postcard with real snowfall and everything. http://www.pixelmatortemplates

0 1 month ago
Pixelmator Tip #33 – How To Turn Any Picture Into A Cool Chr

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to turn any picture into a Christmas poster. ... as-poster/ E

0 1 month ago
Pixelmator Tip #32 – How To Create The Iconic Lego Man Shape

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create the iconic Lego Man Shape using Pixelmator's shape tools.

0 1 month ago
Add hair to a bald person?

Is there a way to add hair to a bald person using Pixelmator?

0 1 month ago
Retouching old, faded color photos

I'm working on a genealogy project and have a number of old, faded photos (mostly from the 50's through the 70's) that really need to be restored to t

0 1 month ago
Correcting Underwater photos?

I recently became a certified scuba diver, and took a number of pictures from my dives. Of course, they are all "blue-green" and have lost the actual

1 2 months ago
selecting pixels

ok maybe I'm an idiot. i bought pixlemator and i guess I'm trying to use it as i would photoshop. i want to make a box. easy. I wanted to select the b

4 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #31 – How To Create A Cool Game App Icon

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create a cool game app icon from scratch. ... -app-icon/ E

0 2 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #8 - How To Add Photorealistic Perspective

Hey Fellow Ninjas, Just released out latest tutorial on how to quickly add photorealistic perspective to make your designs really pop off the page.

6 2 months ago
face in a tree or face in a flag...

First of all sorry for my poor english i'm a french canadien si i'll try to be the most clear as possible. I'm looking for a tutoriels to blend to pi

0 3 months ago
Pixelmator Tip#30 – How To Create Captivating Featured Image

Hey Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create captivating featured/headline images. ... ed-images/

1 3 months ago
paper curve with shadow

Hi, I'm new to PixelMator since yesterday and this soft is very goooooood !! In the first time sorry for my poor english, i'm french and my englis

5 3 months ago
Soft artistic background effects

Hi, I am a newbie of using Pixelmator. I do however find this to be an incredible powerful tool. I like to create pictures with inspirational quotes

3 4 months ago
How to create radial lines?

Hi, I am looking for an easy way to crate radial lines as seen in the pixelmator disk image icon, or in the japanese flag (

7 4 months ago
Spotlight effect

Can you please explain how to use the spotlight filter in Pixelmator?

1 4 months ago
Creating A Shadow

Is there a tutorial showing how to make a shadow

2 4 months ago
Equivalent of "Paste Into" command in Pixelmator

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it seems like I may be missing something obvious. or a shortcut command somewhere. I was trying to come up wit

2 5 months ago
just installed pixelmator

hello i just purchased and installed pixelmator, said it was installed, but it is no where to be found, what do i do, i am kind of annoyed right now

1 5 months ago
Non destructive editing?

Hi, I like Pixelmator a lot, but I cant find how to edit images just like in PS. I always create a new Adjusmet, i can edit transparency of clicking

1 6 months ago
Transparent text effects and angled

Good AM I am doing a poster for a client and I want to have the background show through the letters - but yet have them pop. I like this posthttp://w

1 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip#29 – How To Create Attention Grabbing Posters

Hi Folks, Our latest tutorial shows you how to create high impact, attention grabbing posters. ... g-posters/

0 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #28 – How To Create A Quick Neon Effect

Hey PXM Ninjas, Our latest tutorial show you how to create a quick neon effect in less than 5 mins. ... on-e

1 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #27 – How To Use Clipping Masks with Godzilla

Hey PXM Ninjas, Our latest tutorial shows you how to simply use clipping masks to create attention grabbing posters. http://www.pixelmatortemplates.c

0 7 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #26 – How To Create A Realistic Retro Poster

Hey Ninjas, In our latest tutorial, we show you how to create a realistic retro poster. ... ro-poster/ Enjo

0 8 months ago
Japanese flag with 3D pattern spot

I would like to achieve the flag effect as here i.e. with the red circular area slightly receding into the white background, but would like to keep th

1 8 months ago
Pen tool Tutorial PLZ HELP OMG SO SAD :(

Hi Everybody, I’m a complete newbie, and I’m currently trying out the trial version of Pixelmator, cause i hate photoshops subscription service. I’

1 8 months ago
Pixelmator Tutorial: Blueprint + Sketches

My goodness, with all the tutorials coming out, can it be real that this is the first 'non-video' Pixelmator tutorial? Anyways. enjoy. This is my

11 8 months ago
Newbie Help

I am totally new to Pixelmator and digital image editing for that matter. I have used iPhoto, but would like to set up to the next level. The onlin

7 8 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #25 – How To Recreate The WWDC14 Poster

Hey Pixelmators, In this tutorial we show you how to recreate Apple's awesome WWDC14 poster in Pixelmator. ..

0 9 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #24 - How To Create Gorgeous Product Shots

Hey Ninjas, In this tutorial, we show you how to create gorgeous product shots for your app. ... -your-app/

0 9 months ago
Chroma key / green screen in Pixelmator

My first Pixelmator video tutorial explains how to use a chroma key to cut out an image, followed by some fine-tuning to remove color cast from the im

0 9 months ago
How to illustrate an image that span on multiple pages

I'm not a graphic designer so I'm not sure if there is a simple way to do this... I have a standard document (Pages) ans I need to include many images

1 10 months ago
Wacom tablet

I have a Bamboo fun>Model: CTE-450 I think it was bought in 2008,I am not sure. What I need to know is,is it compatible with Pixelmator 3.1 Marble?

2 10 months ago
Saving my image to iPhoto once done editing?????

Once I've used the Polygonal Lasso tool to cut any image's background out, I'm trying to save that picture to my iphoto to use in another Pixelmator f

1 10 months ago
I need a tut

I am looking for a tut that will guide me through the process of creating my own gradient manually, not using the gradient pallet. I want to feather a

5 10 months ago
Smoothing a sketch to make it a crisp graphic

Good evening, i have a hand sketched apple w a face drawn on it. i want to sharpen it and make it more solid without losing the great face. Any sug

5 11 months ago
Pixelmator Tip #23 - How To Create A Valentines Day Poster

Hi Ninjas, Getting into the mood for Valentines day, in our latest tutorial we show you how to create a romantic valentines collage poster. http://ww

0 11 months ago

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