Pixelmator 3.1 Marble out now!

Hi everyone! Our latest Pixelmator update is mainly focused on the Mac Pro support. And, OK I get it. Not all of you have or will ever have the new M

21 1 month ago
Adding images to your posts

Hello, everyone! Sometimes, little things make you really proud of what you do. Well, this Pixelmator Discussions update is one of those things for u

9 7 months ago
User created Quartz Filters. Post your compositions here.

I have created this thread for anyone who has created any filters to post them here. (Makes it easier for users to find them). I have just delved i

58 11 months ago

I currently use Pixelmator for prototyping user interfaces. Pixelmator's UX and features are fantastic but it would be great to have your team apply t

0 1 day ago
Everything is too small

Everything in PIxelmator is too small to use. I cannot see the tools to use them. All this hype about the program and I cannot use it because it is to

3 3 days ago
I'm ditching Pixelmator

I've been silent this whole time but I've finally had it. Pixelmator used to be one of the coolest apps on my Mac. It used to be buggy but I put up wi

15 1 week ago
Cutting elements out of PSD file

Hello, Can you suggest the easiest way to cut design elements out of a PSD file? Each object in the file is in a discrete layer. Using Photoshop I c

0 2 weeks ago
Help with printing?

Perhaps somebody could help me with a technical problem using Pixelmator. I’ve spent the last 2 years slowly and meticulously coloring a comic book/

2 3 weeks ago
Old Faded colour picture - how to refresh

I have a forty year old colour photo of my wife which has been on display for several years but the colours have faded almost out. Is there a way of u

1 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator for iOS - iPad

Seems that Adobe has abandoned their Photoshop Touch ( or are asleep at the wheel). Really could use Pixelmator on my iPad! Ed

1 3 weeks ago
Rip off

I am extremely upset right now! I can't believe that I spent my hard earned money to purchase Pixelmator and I can't even get the updates because it o

4 5 weeks ago
Cropping in Pixelmator

I have a number of scanned photos with white or yellow framing around them. I want to crop that so that it doesn't show up in the scanner images. I ca

4 1 month ago
Pixelmator for older Macs.

Hi, Im using an iMac from 2006. I recently picked up a copy of iCreate magazine which came with Pixelmator 2.2 and Im really liking what its capable o

1 1 month ago
new photos not showing up in browser since upgrading to marb

Since upgrading to marble, any new photos stored in aperture won't show up in pixelmator's photo browser. All of the photos/projects that were in aper

3 1 month ago
I feel tricked into buying this. Useless for drawing.

I am sorry to say, but this app is completely useless for drawing. There are two reasons for this: 1. Drawing multiple time on the same spot should l

2 1 month ago
HELP (printing) needs serious improvement

I'm only on maybe day 5 of my trial and if the past 24 hours is any indication of what my future is going to be like with this program, then I will no

2 1 month ago
Unable to export

Hi, I am running Pixelmator "marble" on a Mac book pro, with 16GB of RAM (Mavericks). I am able to save the project file *.pxm, but cannot export in A

1 1 month ago
Not Able to View Layers Pallete

Hello, After the update im not able to see the layer pallete, I have gone to the view finder select it and still is does not show. How can i get my la

1 1 month ago
Thank You :)

Instead of posting another app related question here, I'd just like to say "hello" to the team and tell y'all you've already done a great job! There'

1 2 months ago
Small annoyances by themselves, but put them back to back ..

As a whole I think this is a great app, and other then adjusting photo images, I use it for all my other graphic tasks. I am currently editing/adjusti

1 2 months ago
Change original document type from jpeg to pdf?

New with this program and everything else!

1 2 months ago
Basic functionality is missing or buried...

My first test drive on pixelmator 3.1 was OK...lots of interesting effects features for goofing around with, but some MAJOR flaws with any serious fun

1 2 months ago
File size when exporting

After saving a file in Pixelmator, I frequently need to export it as a jpg. I notice that the file size changes dramatically when I do this. An exampl

1 2 months ago
Thank you for this marvellous software

I just wanted to thank you for this excellent software that finally made it possible for me to ditch the whole Adobe Suite. I feel that at Adobe thing

1 2 months ago
Pixelmator 3.0 FX out now!

Hi everyone! Super excited to announce that Pixelmator 3.0 FX is out now! It features long anticipated Layer Styles, fun to play with Liquify Tools,

10 3 months ago
Mac App Store

Download the free upgrade now from the Mac App Store! Search for Pixelmator in the Apple App store. Good luck! And Pixelmator comes up as a spelling

2 3 months ago

TO ANYONE OUT THERE - HELP PLEASE!! At the moment I am trialling PM and have been trying to find out if you can create paths and save them in PM? I am

3 3 months ago

How do I reset my text! As you can see in the picture my text is coming up like that, I think I did something to do with the layers! And don't know ho

3 3 months ago
Pixelmator Artists on Dev Team?

Whilst I don;t expect Pixelmator to be anywhere near the level of Photoshop & other (expensive) applications with far better funded development te

2 3 months ago

Are you planning on releasing vectormator as a full separate vector editing app? I'm pleased with pixelmator and would definitely buy vectormator if

2 4 months ago
What do you think layer styles are?

When I first read about layer styles some month ago I was really happy that this advanced feature will find it's way into Pixelmator. With 3.0 there i

6 4 months ago
Pixelmator 3.0 FX crashes when I try to open my documents

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Pixelmator's refusal to open documents more than a couple of months old. I updated to version 3.0, hoping t

5 2 months ago
Workflow with Lightroom (hidden and unchangeable suffix!)

Dear Pixelmator Team, I am mostly a happy user of Pixelmator, and I am very glad to see that Pixelmator is becoming more and more powerful. I am try

3 5 months ago
No Pixelmator in App Store

I buyed Pixelmator for a view years ago. No i installed OSX new and i can't find Pixelmator in the Appstore. In my Apps. No Pixelmator. What can i do

1 5 months ago
Changing App Store country results in loss of license

Hi, Due to a recent move from one country to another, I have changed my App Store region (credit card, billing address). To my surprise I have found

4 6 months ago
update to 2.2.2

I cannot update to 2.2.2 Message says I have to update to another account, but I dont have another account.

1 6 months ago
Pixelmator 2.2.1 Out Now!

Hey everyone, Pixelmator 2.2.1 is out now featuring new faster Pixelmator file format and a checkbox that enables you to choose how you want to open

15 6 months ago
How can I get my layers tab back?

Hello pixelmator team! The newest 2013 product of Pixelmator has come out. I accidently deleted my layerstab and I don't know how to get it back. Plea

2 6 months ago
Broken tutorial (Export for web)

The video here isn't playing. http://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/export-for-web/ I tried in Chrome, Chromium, and Safari.

3 6 months ago
Pixelmator's development pathway

As a longtime professional photographer who, like many others in the past week, is looking for viable options to the Adobe juggernaut. I have just dow

3 6 months ago
Editing PDF Document

New to mac and to Pixelmator, so excuse the dumb question. Pixelmator can open a pdf but all I see is the first page. How do you select subsequent pag

3 7 months ago
Zoom suggestions

Hi, it would be great if it were possible to zoom in while using the crop tool or the lasso tool. If I first start using the crop tool and then want t

4 7 months ago
File>Import... does not see my scanner

I have a Canon CanoScan LIDE 50 scanner that PS recognizes, but Pixelmator does not seem to. There are no downloadable drivers fron Canon's website, a

5 7 months ago
How do I view the Pixelmator workspace and nothing else?

How do I view the Pixelmator workspace and nothing else? Whenever I open Pixelmator I just need to see the work area and not the desktop or other

10 7 months ago
Freebie – Shapes – Devices v2.0

Hey Ninja Community, a few more freebie device shapes for your PXS pleasure. http://www.pixelmatortemplates.com/temp ... ices-v2-0/ Enjoy!! http://

0 7 months ago
Giveaway - 15 x 50 Modern Social Media Icon Shapes For Free.

Hey Fellow Ninjas, As we are now on Facebook and Pintrest, we wanted to celebrate with our glorious community and giveaway some templates. Check out

1 8 months ago
Freebie - Media Device Shapes

Hey Everyone, here is a freebie of media device shapes for the community. http://www.pixelmatortemplates.com/temp ... ices-v1-0/ We hope you like t

2 8 months ago

I assume it's already being worked on? I have a good feeling about this…

25 8 months ago
Edited photo, saved it, edited version not found

I edited a jpg photo in Pixelmator for 30 long minutes, saved the file, and when I go back to it, there are no changes. I cannot find the edited file.

5 8 months ago
Mavericks compatibility?

Have you tested Pixelmator compatibility with OS 10.9? I noticed there is lot of issues: copy/paste, add layer, etc won't work when running Pixelmator

5 9 months ago

I purchased Pixelmator but it will not finish installing.

10 9 months ago
Copy and Paste

Hi The process to copy and Paste doesn't work, when I copy some piece of image the pixelmator create a new layer and I can't combine with my main lay

1 9 months ago

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