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Hello all! We have a very sweet announcement today! Pixelmator Newsletter is on its way. You can subscribe now to be the first to learn all the ins a

2 8 months ago
Adding images to your posts

Hello, everyone! Sometimes, little things make you really proud of what you do. Well, this Pixelmator Discussions update is one of those things for u

12 7 months ago
Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon – Video Overview of New Features

Hi everyone, So, Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon is out and the response to it has been fantastic! We're enjoying our spot in the limelight (featured in the Ma

1 3 months ago
User created Quartz Filters. Post your compositions here.

I have created this thread for anyone who has created any filters to post them here. (Makes it easier for users to find them). I have just delved i

60 8 months ago
Wrap an image around an object

Hi I have an object, an umbrella. I have a flag that I want to wrap around the umbrella such that umbrella is made out of the flag. Is that possible

0 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator Extension for Photos

Now that Photos supports extensions, are we going to see Pixelmator provide one? When is the desktop app going to get an update?

9 1 month ago
The Future of the Pixelmator

Hi Team, I'm sure anyone, who use Pixelmator on a regular basis worry about the its future. It is not only about the updates, but also about a new can

2 1 month ago
Trying Pixelmator on iMAC with large 4K Retina Screen

When I open Pixelmator, all the windows and menus are very small. I can not find a way to resize the menus. There must be a way... http://dx54ed3r

2 1 month ago
starting up

Hi I have just purchased this app and don't know how to get started please help thank you Jeanette

1 1 month ago
Extension Tools

New to Pixelmator and general amateur. Posted this on the Forum - and no one is interested in answering. I will try you guys.... When using Extension

1 2 months ago
Touching files

I seem to have a series of not-destructiveoperation that, at least sometimes, alter open, but unchanged files. I have a long list of jpg files in the

1 3 months ago
Paste location

Can someone explain the paste location of an image? It seems to move around. I have a series of images which are the same height as a target image, t

0 3 months ago
Water Colour Update ?

Hey Pixelmator Team! I was just curious to see if theres an ETA on when the water colour engine, and all those awesome brushes on the iPad, are on th

7 3 months ago
Third party plugins in 3.5

Since upgrading to 3.5, the FxFactory don’t load for me. Has anyone else had this come up?

0 4 months ago
Hyperlinks in images

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to image layers?

1 5 months ago
transparent background

Would you please help me out with this action. I want to apply atransparent background to an image I want to place on my website. Thanks David

1 5 months ago
Say goodbye to Pixelmator

With channel feature in Affinity Photo, now I can remove Pixelmator from my Mac. I've been asked this feature for years and Pixelmator team just ignor

12 6 months ago

Can I copy and paste curve settings from one image to another, jjb

1 6 months ago
Is Pixelmator dead?

It seems to me that Pixelmator is dead. No new updates, no announcements, the latest blog post is months old... Is there anything new coming up soon,

3 6 months ago
Just an idea... Use the Apple Stylus

just an idea... It would be nice to have an app that lets you paint on the MAC by using the ipad and stylus on the ipad screen... so you don't need t

1 6 months ago
Stylize freezes up all the time.

I am new to Pixelmatr but whenever I use some of the Stylize effects, such as rain or snow icons, it freezes up and I have to force quit. Any suggesti

1 7 months ago
Color Theme

The black color theme of pixelmator looks very sophisticated. However, it's very confusing with my usual dark desktop and makes working with the progr

5 7 months ago
Removing a shadow from a photo

Hi can someone help? I'm trying to edit a photo i want to remove a shadow in the picture can this be done & how? Steve.

1 7 months ago
unwanted grouping of pasted objects

I am adding a layer on an image multiple times. When I copy and paste (then move) eventually the pasted objects become grouped. I can't move individua

2 8 months ago
How to view the coordinates of selected portion of an image

I am new to pixelmator. Iam building a tile-set from a collection of images by placing them in a single canvas. I noticed that it displays the W/H of

1 8 months ago
Export > PNG > Transparency checkbox

I love Pixelmator,, but I must admit one ongoing annoyance... the Transparency checkbox is always hidden on smaller windows, and I must increase the w

1 8 months ago
Opening Pixelmator

In recent past at the start up of Pixelmator the welcome screen appears. At the moment Finder appears instead. Is it possible to change this? The vers

1 8 months ago
Issues with making linework for art on Pixelmator

OK, do I put this? Right... I've been making digital art for years. In the last couple of years, I've switched to a couple of art programmes

0 10 months ago
Creating a custom size

How do I create a 14 x 20 print from a photo that took ? I have a canon printer Pixma 490. Can I get step by step direction. I know this is simple but

0 11 months ago
Pixelmator distort problems

Good Afternoon, Please could some one advise why Pixelmator distort won't let me edit my RAW files in photos. When i open the extension the image ju

1 11 months ago
Pixelmatr not updating

Hi, I've got a copy of Pixelmator that's currently at v3.3.1. I've seen that I need v3.4 to use it in Photos on the Mac, however the App Store isn't g

2 11 months ago
Letter shape

Is it possible to create a letter template on pixelmator so that photographs can be layered into that shape?

1 11 months ago
Full screen mode. Still useless.

BTW, Full screen mode is still utterly, utterly useless. I was going to say 'just saying' and leave it at that, but I'm not 'just saying' actually. It

0 1 year ago
Would love to see Pixelmator acquire the rights to Aperture

I Would love to see Pixelmator acquire the rights to Aperture. The Pixelmator team could work their magic on Aperture and have a LR/PS killer on their

11 1 year ago
Photo Montage

Hi, Can anyone guide me in the right direction to creating a photo montage; similar to things like this: An

1 1 year ago

I received an e-mail from apple offering a limited time deal On Macphun creative kit 2016:"quick lesson 3rd party extensions in photos. My question he

1 1 year ago
help merging pictures

How can I take 3 or 4 pictures and combine them into one picture

0 1 year ago
Image doubled

I don't know what setting to change but when I drag an icon or shape I get it doubled with a gradient. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Thanks. ht

1 1 year ago

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