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Hello all! We have a very sweet announcement today! Pixelmator Newsletter is on its way. You can subscribe now to be the first to learn all the ins a

1 1 month ago
Adding images to your posts

Hello, everyone! Sometimes, little things make you really proud of what you do. Well, this Pixelmator Discussions update is one of those things for u

10 10 months ago
User created Quartz Filters. Post your compositions here.

I have created this thread for anyone who has created any filters to post them here. (Makes it easier for users to find them). I have just delved i

58 1 year ago
lost Pixelmator folder in iCloud folder after 10.10.3 update

My Pixelmator files are still on iCloud but the folder is not appearing in the iCloud folder in the Finder. Since this also happened to my Scanner by

0 1 day ago
Accidents Happen

I was a victim of having my Pixelmator xpm graphics files corrupted recently. I never heard whether it was an Apple iCloud issue or some change made i

1 1 week ago
iPad Shmypad... What about the Mac version?

Seems like a lot of energy is being put into the iPad version. I feel like the Mac version has been a step child lately, especially since they are pro

1 4 weeks ago
colors wont open in new iMac

I have tranferred my Pixelmator files from one iMac 10.9.5 to a new iMac 10.9.5, using a USB flash drive to transfer the files. The color libraries I

1 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator Pro

I purchased the first version of Pixelmator back in 2007 and just gave a quick look to the latest free trial. Although many thing have been bettered a

4 6 weeks ago
Would love to see Pixelmator acquire the rights to Aperture

I Would love to see Pixelmator acquire the rights to Aperture. The Pixelmator team could work their magic on Aperture and have a LR/PS killer on their

8 6 weeks ago
Large Shapes Pack

Updated a shapes pack for Pixelmator, called Icon Awesome. It's based on the Front Awesome v4.3 Icon set. If you interested you can snag the download

2 1 month ago
Where can I download pixelmator without paying for it again?

Hi, First of all I want to thank you for a great product! The thing is that I bought pixelmator in december 2011 (version v2.0.1). Now after I have

5 1 month ago
Pixelmator account on two computers?

I have Pixelmator 3.3.1 on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.10.1. I am considering purchasing an iMac desktop on which I will want to add Pixelmator. Do I n

4 2 months ago
Pixelmator for iPhone

It would be great to have Pixelmator for iPhone and having it become a universal iOS application. There aren't any strong photo editing solutions to t

3 2 months ago
Question about multiple users on Mac

I'm relatively new to Mac, and am struggling to decide which photo editing software to use, with the loss of support for iPhoto and Aperture, I'm loat

1 2 months ago
Pixelmator portrait make up/tune up - as good as Photoshop

My first portrait with Pixelmator... and it toke me just 10 mins. Well, it toke me a bit more to realise how to split fine luminance and fine dark det

4 2 months ago
Pixelmator for iPad is amazing!

Hey Pixelmator team! I just wanted to share this with you guys as your work is impacting myself and others in such a positive way! I've been followi

1 2 months ago
Pixelmator files and graphics have disappeared!?

First off, Pixelmator is without question THE coolest app I've found in a LONG time, thanks so much! My problem is, I had to backdate my OS from Yos

2 2 months ago
Pixelmator manual ???

Where can i find the manual for PXM ? I had it on my mac but can not find it now that i have Yosemite. What happened? I found something in documents (

1 3 months ago
Pixelmator works with NVIDIA Maxwel cards and OS X 10.10.x

No GPU render problems/ artifacts anymore. You have to use the NVIDIA web drivers!

1 3 months ago
Thank you very, very much.

This is going to be long and probably rambling so I’m going to apologize at the beginning, but I feel it is important to tell the entire story. I’

1 5 months ago
free trial

Mac is not letting me open the free trial stating that the identity of the developer cannot be determined. What do I do?

1 7 months ago
editing text boxes

Ok, this is really silly! I can't seem to rotate my text boxes. I am following the instructions of the tutorial but it isn't working. Can anyone help

3 7 months ago
Delightful Interface

I have been hearing about Pixelmator and Acorn as great image editing programs for the mac but have not paid much attention until a few days back. I h

1 8 months ago
OS X Yosemite Icon

Hi! I used some shapes and created a OS X Yosemite-styled icon because icons. ^.^ anyways, here ya go iconupdate.pxm newicon.pxm

3 9 months ago
Thank you for this wonderful app!

I have spent the last 13 years using Linux as my sole operating system. During that time I had used Inkscape and gimp with gimp being my primary artwo

1 9 months ago
Floor plan dimensions

Hi. I'm trying to create a realistic floor plan of our house and garden using Pixelmator but I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure the dime

1 1 month ago
I feel tricked into buying this. Useless for drawing.

I am sorry to say, but this app is completely useless for drawing. There are two reasons for this: 1. Drawing multiple time on the same spot should l

5 9 months ago
Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone Out Now!

Hey everyone! The entire team is happy to bring you a new Pixelmator 3.2 Sandstone update. It comes with several cool new features, like the all-new

5 10 months ago
locally cache third

Please locally cache (and cron) third party interweb toolkits/resources instead of endangering my privacy directly loading third party content such as

0 10 months ago
Licence key when changing laptops

Hello, I bought this (not via app store), and my laptop was damaged, the insurance company has replaced it but I'm not sure where my licence key is.

2 10 months ago


5 11 months ago
I can't download Pixelmator

I bought pixelmator about a year ago and my mac had to get restored, now it won't let me download the app either though I am still connected to the sa

2 11 months ago
How to turn photo into a coloring page?

How do I turn a photo into a coloring page. I need to turn my daughter's photo into a coloring page for her to give to her dad for Father's Day. Help

1 11 months ago
Apple ID has changed since I purchased Pixelmator. I can't apply latest update because it's under an old Apple ID. I no

3 11 months ago

I got PixelMator years ago, at version 1.6.7 as part of a bundle. I've been trying to update it ever since, but all I ever get when I run the updater

1 11 months ago
PIxelmator on Lion (10.7.5)

Hello, I already purchase pixelmator earlier and everything works fine, but not I can install it, because apple store tell me that I need mac os x 10

7 11 months ago
iCloud Nastiness Arises From Nowhere

I have iCloud auto-save disabled in the OS. I want nothing to do with that nastiness. Suddenly, in the middle of a session, Pixelmator starts the auto

2 11 months ago
Cutting elements out of PSD file

Hello, Can you suggest the easiest way to cut design elements out of a PSD file? Each object in the file is in a discrete layer. Using Photoshop I c

1 1 year ago

I currently use Pixelmator for prototyping user interfaces. Pixelmator's UX and features are fantastic but it would be great to have your team apply t

1 1 year ago

I am extremely upset right now! I can't believe that I spent my hard earned money to purchase Pixelmator and I can't even get the updates because it o

6 1 year ago
I'm ditching Pixelmator

I've been silent this whole time but I've finally had it. Pixelmator used to be one of the coolest apps on my Mac. It used to be buggy but I put up wi

15 1 year ago
Help with printing?

Perhaps somebody could help me with a technical problem using Pixelmator. I’ve spent the last 2 years slowly and meticulously coloring a comic book/

2 1 year ago
Old Faded colour picture - how to refresh

I have a forty year old colour photo of my wife which has been on display for several years but the colours have faded almost out. Is there a way of u

1 1 year ago
Pixelmator for iOS - iPad

Seems that Adobe has abandoned their Photoshop Touch ( or are asleep at the wheel). Really could use Pixelmator on my iPad! Ed

1 1 year ago
Cropping in Pixelmator

I have a number of scanned photos with white or yellow framing around them. I want to crop that so that it doesn't show up in the scanner images. I ca

4 1 year ago
Pixelmator for older Macs.

Hi, Im using an iMac from 2006. I recently picked up a copy of iCreate magazine which came with Pixelmator 2.2 and Im really liking what its capable o

1 1 year ago
new photos not showing up in browser since upgrading to marb

Since upgrading to marble, any new photos stored in aperture won't show up in pixelmator's photo browser. All of the photos/projects that were in aper

3 1 year ago
HELP (printing) needs serious improvement

I'm only on maybe day 5 of my trial and if the past 24 hours is any indication of what my future is going to be like with this program, then I will no

2 1 year ago
Not Able to View Layers Pallete

Hello, After the update im not able to see the layer pallete, I have gone to the view finder select it and still is does not show. How can i get my la

1 1 year ago
Pixelmator 3.1 Marble out now!

Hi everyone! Our latest Pixelmator update is mainly focused on the Mac Pro support. And, OK I get it. Not all of you have or will ever have the new M

21 1 year ago
Thank You :)

Instead of posting another app related question here, I'd just like to say "hello" to the team and tell y'all you've already done a great job! There'

1 1 year ago
Small annoyances by themselves, but put them back to back ..

As a whole I think this is a great app, and other then adjusting photo images, I use it for all my other graphic tasks. I am currently editing/adjusti

1 1 year ago

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