Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Having issues? Check this first.

Hi everyone! Let’s face it. No one has ever built an app without any bugs in it. We thought we should update you guys on what hasn’t been working

1 1 month ago
Tips how to report an issue.

Hi, everyone! First, make sure that both Pixelmator and your Mac OS X are up to date. Most issues can be solved just by doing that! Reporting a bug

0 4 years ago
Pixelmator Hue Silhouette

For the past week, I've been experiencing problems with the hue color adjustment. I'll change the hue, and it'll look fine, but then when I press OK,

1 41 minute ago
Pixelmator and MacOSX 10.11 El Capitan

Pixelmator and MacOSX 10.11 El Capitan not really usable :-( here are tons of fails :-( This is NOT your fault ! This thread here is just an informati

38 1 hour ago
3 Finger Drag

The 3 finger drag is not working on my MacBook (the cursor moves but it does not paint) - I have to use the mouse :(

0 1 day ago
Blocks of image being deleted

I'm running Pixelmatr 3.3.3 on OS X 10.11 on a MacBook Air (A1466) and, since doing a clean install of El Capitan, Pixelmator tools seem to be randoml

0 1 week ago
Characters over 10001 not saved in text field.

When using the Type Tool to create a field with an enormous number of characters, only the first 10001 are saved. In my case, I had the first 127801

1 2 weeks ago
3.3.2 can't open its own files :-(

1) Create a file 2) Fight to save the file (see screenshot: 3) Eventually manage 4) Trying to open it tells me it's corrupted o

1 3 weeks ago
Change color doesn't work for black or white pixels

I have an image with only black and white pixels. It will remain that way forever, because Replace Colour doesn't work for pixels of either of those c

1 3 weeks ago
Bug in "Affine tile" effect, seems to deform image?

Using "Affine tile" effect (0° angle, 100% scale and strech, 0% skew) on a 48x48 strip pattern png, and somehow it seems that pixelmator is not "just"

12 4 weeks ago
Marching Ants Disappear (Yosemite)

Three months ago I posted a bug report that the marching ants around a selection had disappeared. I was directed to the procedure described at this UR

2 6 weeks ago
When I open PSD files my Pixelmator crashes

When I open PSD files my Pixelmator keeps crashing. This is very frustrating since this is the is how most people send me files (in PSD). I hope there

5 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator 3.0 creates pixelated havoc that spills to the Fi

Hi, Just updated to Pixelmator 3.0 . After having created a new file, I loaded a png image into it and started working. Several operations later - no

90 7 weeks ago
Duplication of text in groups change the offset of text

Your description text allowed is too short for the field. I have a group with text in a specific location; when I duplicate that group the text locat

1 1 month ago
Be aware of the following before buying Pixelmator

After trying to open a previously created file before 3.3.2 update, I was greeted with an error. After contacting support, I received the following me

1 1 month ago
Transform Bug

I'm having an issue using the transform tool. When trying to transform an image or shape, the image become blurred and warped. When I then confirm the

1 1 month ago
save as psd

I would like Pixelmator to "Save" (not export) in different image types, it would be great if it could save in the type that you first saved it in. So

20 1 month ago
When I paint it becomes transparent.

when I try to paint this becomes transparent, the selected color of the brush does not match the painted color.

1 1 month ago
Can't see transform handles.

Hi there, I can't see transform handles when I'm using the free transform tool. I don't know if this is a bug or if I can change the settings on Pix

4 1 month ago
Cursor disapears when selecting eyedropper tool in color pal

Hello, Repeatable. Everytime I selaect the eyedropper tool when in the color window (palette). My cursor will disappear. I get it back after quitting

2 1 month ago
Error: PSD File is damaged, or isn't compatible with...

I'm trying to open 480mb PSD file with lots of layers and groups but getting message "The xxx.psd document is damaged, or isn't compatible with Pixelm

3 2 months ago
Effects/modifications not appearing

Hi, I just acquired the software and was pretty pleased with it until a bug happened. All the modifications or effects I want to apply on my picture

6 2 months ago
(Mac) Freezing and crash when moving between fullscreen spac

I’ve had two similar freezes/crashes in less than an hour when moving between 3 Pixelmator spaces (editing 3 documents). The first time Pixelmator f

1 2 months ago
FxFactory video effects appearing in effect browser

Pixelmator 3.03 Yosemite Final Cut pro Have Final cut pro video effects addoninstalled - FxFactory - With jpg image open, many

7 2 months ago
App crashes when painting on iOS9b1

Pixelmator Version: 2.0.2 iOS Version: 9b1 Hardware: iPhone 6 App crashes when using the paintbrush or erase tools. App will freeze for a few seconds

1 2 months ago
Paint Bucket is too slow in first time after start My hardware: Macbook Air 2014, iMac 27 2010 and iMac 21 2014 Thanks.

2 2 months ago
Dragging photos from Apple Photos App stopped working

Hi, I used to be able to drag photos directly from iPhoto into the Pixelmator App. But ever since Apple upgraded iPhoto to the new Photos App, that d

6 3 months ago
Layer FX gradient does not fill image entirely

Hello, I am trying to create a new image with a width of 1 and height of 200. With layer effects I apply a gradient. This seems to work fine with ima

1 3 months ago
Text options menu missing..

I see that in the very latest release, 3.3.2, a bug has returned (reported 8 months ago or so, that I did not see in the previous release) that the te

1 3 months ago
Text shadow controls not displayed in fonts panel

Just downloaded Pixelmator 3.3.2, and I have discovered that I cannot add drop shadows via the font panel. After looking around to try and find out ho

1 3 months ago
Pizelmator 4 Mac phoning home - but no love found...

I've noticed that the helpd daemon with PixelmatorVersion 3.3.2 Limestone (50417) attempts to call home roughly every 24 hours but it does not find wh

1 3 months ago
Slightly blurry images when exporting

Pixelmator is a great piece of software and I continue to be amazed by how many quality features you get for such a good price. My current version is

1 3 months ago
Export for Web Sucks

I want to switch fully to Pixelmator because Adobe CC is blowing my Visa bill and all I need is a better save for web so I can do my web dev asset exp

1 3 months ago
Opacity slider not working in styles menu

I am creating a new image shape from a similar image. Placing one on top of the other I am trying to reduce the opacity so I can see the bottom image.

1 3 months ago
Dragging picture onto PM icon opens a file open window

Before when I dragged a picture from my browser (Safari) on the Pixelmator icon, the picture opened in Pixelmator. Nowadays the picture does not open

1 4 months ago
Russian fonts stoped working.

OS X 10.10.3 (14D136) Pixelmator Version 3.3.2 Limestone (50417) i tested some russian fonts created in 1990s. They work in Pages, Open Office and us

1 4 months ago
Text To Shape color changes.

When I covert text to shape, I can select each letter individually and edit their shape but not color.If I select just one letter and try to change co

2 3 months ago
Changing DPI > export as JPG > DPI not changed

I think I found a bug. 100% repro'able recipe: 1. I open a JPG file which is 300x300, at 300dpi. 2. I go to Image Size, and change its resolution to

2 5 months ago
PDF converted to 72 DPI on opening

It appears Pixelmator doesn't recognize the resolution of PDF files it writes. When opening, it will convert the image to 72 DPI instead of opening it

6 5 months ago

2 5 months ago
Printing is corrupt.

Hello guys, when I print a colour document (on either of two printers) the foot of the document doesn't complete, it simply prints a repeat line of th

7 5 months ago
Gradient Color Picker - Bug Report

1 5 months ago
pxm image in iCloud becomes 3 folders of work files

My .pxm image(s) (stored in iCloud), overnight, were replaced by and became the parent(s) of three folders... document, layers, and QuickLook. The doc

3 5 months ago
Downloaded font not working correctly..

For whatever reason, this font will not work correctly in Pixelmator. Any ideas?

2 5 months ago
merge layers produces white where selection was?

I have a layer where i cut some stuff out. a layer behind of all black. with both layers turned on it looks correct. merge all layers, and there's whi

1 6 months ago
Cannot drag and drop from Photos app to Pixelmator canvas

OS X 10.10.3, Pixelmator 3.3.1. Attempts to drag and drop photo from the built-in Photos App to Pixelmator do nothing. However, I can drag and drop f

1 6 months ago
Can not type the letter "i", it just switch to italics.

After hearing a lot of buzz about Pixelmator this and Pixelmator that, decided to give it a try, download the trial version, and not even 5 minutes of

1 6 months ago
Unable to Export files

Hi everyone, This is my first post! As a Pixelmator user, I like it's friendly user interface and workability, but I think there's something here to

2 6 months ago
Pixelmator files won't upload to iCloud on OSX Mavericks

Hello there, I've purchased Pixelmator for Mac a couple of days ago. Really like the app. Since I also own the iPad version I'm saving my PXM files to

1 6 months ago
all layer functions running too slow

After upgrading to OSX Yosemite, my pixelmator became a nightmare, I can open iamges but when I change some feature or layer selection is too slow and

20 6 months ago

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