Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 4 years ago
Having issues? Check this first.

Hi everyone! Let’s face it. No one has ever built an app without any bugs in it. We thought we should update you guys on what hasn’t been working

1 5 months ago
Further improvements on 2011 Mac computers (Intel HD 3000)

We've just released Pixelmator 3.4.3. This update includes some improvements for stability issues with Pixelmator on certain 2011 Macs that have Intel

0 8 months ago
Tips on how to report an issue

Hi, everyone! First, make sure that both Pixelmator and your Mac OS X are up to date. Most issues can be solved just by doing that! Reporting a bug

1 9 months ago
Unable to edit - Pixelmator Retouch Extension

I cannot edit with the extension in Photos. I get this error: Any suggestions?

2 1 week ago
Ruler with custom origin > info bar x/y coord incorrect

Bug: If you adjust the ruler's origin point on the screen, the X / Y values on the Info Bar do not reflect this custom origin. Feature Request: On th

2 4 weeks ago
open jpg, add layers, save will make it be a jpg =(

Quite often I open a jpg file directly in Pixelmator and add layers. When I File > Save the file, the layers are gone. The problem is, it remains

1 5 weeks ago
Open jpeg - image displays as empty checkerboard

Since I upgraded to MacOs Sierra many of my Jpeg images are failing to display in Pixelmator. You can open the file, but all you see is an empty check

12 6 weeks ago
How do I show all photos in Photo Browser?

I have an ongoing problem where not all of my photos that are in iPhoto (now Photos) show up in the Photo Browser. It loves giving me my photos taken

7 1 month ago
Shape gradient bug

I'm unable to apply a gradient on a shape. It always look "empty". If I click on the shadow checkbox, it fills the shape with a gray backdrop. When

2 1 month ago
The document could not be exported... the file doesn't exist

Today I have got this message: The document "filename.xm" could not be exported as "filename.pdf". The file doesn't exist. Can anyone help me with

1 1 month ago
Alt+Image_Resize Isn't Pixel-Perfect Anymore

The original solution: I was using this, and I need it for my work, but after the last upda

1 1 month ago
Change color doesn't work for black or white pixels

I have an image with only black and white pixels. It will remain that way forever, because Replace Colour doesn't work for pixels of either of those c

3 1 month ago

Erasure is not working.

1 2 months ago
Stroke is broken

Stroke in ios (atleast on iphone) is broken. The right side leave few pixels out if you change the size of the image after adding Stroke-tool.

1 2 months ago
Won't track the tablet pen

Ive just downloaded the app and restarted my mac, but when i went to draw with my tablet, the brushstrokes don't follow my pen, it just makes a dot. I

2 2 months ago
Saving PNGs in (wrong) format

So I am making a game and my game was rendering images in sligthly the wrong color. Now after 3 hours I found out that saving via Share -> Export s

3 2 months ago
i cant go to regular text, with filling, why is that?

5 2 months ago
Hue/Saturation Problem

Hello All! Hoping someone can help me with this problem. This feature of Pixelmator does not seem to be working correctly anymore, and I can't suss ou

4 3 months ago

So I use a tablet with Pixelmator and it is no longer picking up the pressure in my pen. Im on the newest updates. The brushes don't work at all when

13 3 months ago
Style "Fill" does not work with very small image

Hi, When I apply "Fill" to very small image, it applies(partially) please let me know how to avoi

0 3 months ago
Cannot click out of selection

Suddenly I am unable to click out of a selection. Normally, when one click out side an image the handles disappear. Now they don't. Therefore, when ad

2 3 months ago
Drop shadow lost on text edit (iOS)

I have pixelmator 2.3 (60714) on iOS 9.3.4 iPad Air2. When I paste a text layer with a drop shadow and a stroke from my clipboard into an image, I los

1 3 months ago
Transparent/Alpha pixels set to black when saving a PNG

Occasionally when saving a PNG with transparency/alpha pixels, the pixels that have less than 1.0f alpha will be set to black when saving. It happen

5 3 months ago
Trim Canvas Doesn't Work

I have used this feature many times, but it stopped working. I tested it with one layer only. I selected a section on the top, deleted it and used tri

3 4 months ago
save as psd

I would like Pixelmator to "Save" (not export) in different image types, it would be great if it could save in the type that you first saved it in. So

22 4 months ago
Nef files

Hi I'm trying to open a Nikon raw file .nef ( taken direct from the camera using the camera connection kit) but when I import the image this is all pi

3 4 months ago
Saving to PNG in OS El Capitan

Hello Guys, I recently updated my mac to use El Capitan OS. I have been using Pixelmator for years with no problem, but I recently experienced a prob

5 4 months ago
Paint bucket into new layer with active mask crashes app

I’ve tried this about a dozen times and I can get the app to crash every time: 1. In any document, create a new layer separate from the Background

2 5 months ago
Automator "Crop Images" action adding spurious BG color

OS X 10.11.1 MacBookAir6,2 with Intel HD Graphics 5000 Pixelmator 3.4 I have this Automator app:

1 5 months ago
3.5 update keeps crashing on macOS Sierra beta 1

Hi guys not really sure where to post this but I've just started testing 10.12 Sierra Beta 1 & noticed that 3.5 keeps crashing whenever I try to

1 5 months ago
Info Labels are not visible for most tools

In the help file ( it says that Info labels appear next to the pointer and show the following useful informati

1 6 months ago
picture width over 270cm

Hi there, I have a really urgent issue, because I need to upload a file for printing. I need a picture in 300x50cm at 300dpi, but the maximum I get

1 6 months ago
Can not select objects with pointer...

Am using 3.4.4 on OS X 10.11.4 and MacBook Pro Retina 15" Mid 2015 I can not select objects with my pointer. The only way to select objects is by usi

2 6 months ago
Tool selection not working.

Hi, What ever tool i select doesn't get active. Please advice.

3 6 months ago
Generated clouds have lines?

Hi, I'm generating clouds and they have lines in them. The layer is 100% opacity, normal blend mode, so nothing is showing through. Nothing behind it

1 6 months ago
Layer destination indicator disappears after a period of use

When I move a layer I get a blue line with a circle at the left hand end to indicate where the layer will be inserted. After using Pixelmator for a wh

1 7 months ago
PROBLEM with the new version 3.4.4 UPDATED

I Just Updated My Pixelmatore ,And i Can't See My Tool Stuff And Effects Browser its all black Its Not Working ,And I Did Delete And And Tried Downloa

4 7 months ago
Pixelmatr 3.4.2 on Mac 10.11.2 creates missing image areas

Hi , I am using Pixelmatr 3.4.2 on Macbook Pro 2011 with Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2. I installed the latest updates on 20th Dec, 2015. Since then ,

5 7 months ago
Printing image problem

I've been having a problem when printing out an edited image. The image prints fine until the very bottom few pixels which appear as a pixellated blur

1 7 months ago
Automatically replacing missing fonts when opening a PSD

It should be regarded as a bug to automatically replace a font choice with another font (Lucida Grande) when opening a PSD that contains fonts that ar

4 8 months ago
Bug in "Affine tile" effect, seems to deform image?

Using "Affine tile" effect (0° angle, 100% scale and strech, 0% skew) on a 48x48 strip pattern png, and somehow it seems that pixelmator is not "just"

18 8 months ago
What I see ain't what I get (WISAWIG)

Well, I'm pretty new at this program, so maybe there's a simple explanation ... BUT ... I'm getting a bizarre printing error I haven't seen in my 30 y

1 8 months ago
Can't open Pixelmator document after OS reinstall

I fresh reinstalled my OSX to the latest version and also reinstalled Pixelmator from App Store. However I can't open my old pixelmatordocuments. Her

2 9 months ago
Pixelmator and MacOSX 10.11 El Capitan

Pixelmator and MacOSX 10.11 El Capitan not really usable :-( here are tons of fails :-( This is NOT your fault ! This thread here is just an informati

44 9 months ago
Improved performance on 2011 Mac computers (Intel HD 3000)

Pixelmator 3.4.1 has just been released through the Mac App Store and includes some significant performance improvements for Mac computers from 2011 t

4 9 months ago
Stylize freezes up all the time.

I am new to Pixelmatr but whenever I use some of the Stylize effects, such as rain or snow icons, it freezes up and I have to force quit. Any suggesti

1 9 months ago
Blurring my image before a feature is completed .

I don't know if this is a bug, but every time I attempt to use the curve tool, or any tool for that matter, before I even click anything to make any a

1 9 months ago
Error when exporting: The file .pxm couldn’t be opened

Hi, using Pixelmator 3.3.1 with Yosemite, a workflow which used to work fine is now broken. The following workflow USED TO WORK: 1. Take picture wit

4 9 months ago
Transform Bug

I'm having an issue using the transform tool. When trying to transform an image or shape, the image become blurred and warped. When I then confirm the

2 9 months ago
Selection and pixelating

When I make a selection and click to pixelate, the entire image is pixelated. How can I just apply the filter to the selection or is this a bug? thank

0 9 months ago

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