Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Having issues? Tips how to report an issue.

Hi, everyone! First, make sure that both Pixelmator and your Mac OS X are up to date. Most issues can be solved just by doing that! Reporting a bug

0 3 years ago
MBP 2011 and 3.3.1: not working with large images

Hello, i have a MBP 2011 Yosemite, 4GB,AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB,Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB and Pixelmator 3.3.1. I can't apply any of a filters :(

0 1 day ago
version 3.2.1 Aperture External Editor, can't save directly

when I updated to 3.2.1, I set Pixelmator to be Aperture External Editor, selected one photo, secondary click- use pixelmator to edit when finish edit

2 1 week ago
Export and Save issues

Hi, I've submitted this via email but thought I'd post here as well. Thanks in advance if anyone can shed some light on it. I'm finding that when I

21 2 weeks ago
Automatically replacing missing fonts when opening a PSD

It should be regarded as a bug to automatically replace a font choice with another font (Lucida Grande) when opening a PSD that contains fonts that ar

3 2 weeks ago
all layer functions running too slow

After upgrading to OSX Yosemite, my pixelmator became a nightmare, I can open iamges but when I change some feature or layer selection is too slow and

8 4 weeks ago
Read only behavior is bad and lack of a writable bit ignored

Pixelmator should not let you modify read only files nor should it silently ignore such read only attributes and overwrite read only files on save. W

1 4 weeks ago
Download failure release 3.3.1

I am running os.10.10.1 and downloading Pixelmatr release 3.3.1 from the App store. I get the following message. Pixelmator failed to download. Try ag

1 4 weeks ago
Huge .psd file size

For a long time now I've been experiencing very large file sizes when saving .psd files. When comparing these to saving the files in Photoshop itself

1 4 weeks ago
Can't scroll all the way down..

When I have an image open, any image, and there's no blank space between the bottom of the canvas and the bottom of the preview window, I can't scroll

1 5 weeks ago
Pixelmator Desktop: Undo function performance

When you do a CTRL-Z on something in Pixelmator it's slow to the point of being absurd - sometimes 25/30 seconds of delay. I've seen this on two relat

1 5 weeks ago
Error when exporting: The file .pxm couldn’t be opened

Hi, using Pixelmator 3.3.1 with Yosemite, a workflow which used to work fine is now broken. The following workflow USED TO WORK: 1. Take picture wit

3 6 weeks ago
Hard to grab shape resize handle when using guides

Mac OS X 10.10 on Macbook Pro with Retina , Pixelmator 3.3 (build41105) To reproduce: 1. Create a guide 2. Create a shape with edge aligned to create

3 7 weeks ago
Icons cut off on some palettes

Portions of some palettes are cut off on the right side. Shapes and Gradients have this problem. Layers and Effects do not. This might be related to

1 7 weeks ago
Brush edges are pixelated, not soft

When I use the brush tool, it is super pixelated. There are no soft edges any more. Thanks for fixing.

2 1 month ago
Where is the rest of my tool bar?

I have Yosemite 10.10.1 and am running pixelmator 3.3.1 (Limestone) on my mac. I am missing features on my tool bar and would really like them back. h

2 1 month ago
OSX 10.10.2 - Empty Canvas,Tools,Effects

Hi there ! A few days ago , Apple had a update to Yosemite 10.10.2 , but since then, i have just a empty canvas (black), the Tools palette is also emp

5 1 month ago
Pixelmator 3.0 creates pixelated havoc that spills to the Fi

Hi, Just updated to Pixelmator 3.0 . After having created a new file, I loaded a png image into it and started working. Several operations later - no

88 1 month ago
Bug in "Affine tile" effect, seems to deform image?

Using "Affine tile" effect (0° angle, 100% scale and strech, 0% skew) on a 48x48 strip pattern png, and somehow it seems that pixelmator is not "just"

10 1 month ago
Weird lines in canvas (see image)

I often get this lines in my canvas, they are really annoying. i am no expert but i think this cualifys as a BIG problem i am using the new mac pro,

4 1 month ago
Brush size previews are too small on Retina iMac

Pixelmator chooses to display images at native 5K resolution, which is fine, but brush size previews (when dragging size slider) are non-retina-sized,

0 1 month ago
Zoom To Fit going a little too far.

If you open a picture (I have 'open documents in Pixelmator format' checked) Zoom'ing Out once makes a little border of black canvas all of the way ar

3 1 month ago
Various selection and copy/paste bugs

Hello, I'm having a couple of serious issues with Pixelmator 3.3 that are affecting me on a daily basis. MacBook Pro, 10.10.1. - Repeatable: If I 's

0 1 month ago
Shape and line issues.

Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug or if i'm just missing something, but basically when I make a shape with the pen tool, and have lines going throu

2 1 month ago
Exports to PNG as empty

1. Open PSD with size about 115MB. 2. Save as Pixelmator document and close the app. 3. Open saved document with Pixelmator. 4. Make visible one of te

1 1 month ago
Painting Layer Issues

When painting, the brush will only paint BELOW the previous brushstroke and I can't for the life of me figure out why it suddenly began doing this or

3 1 month ago
FxFactory video effects appearing in effect browser

Pixelmator 3.03 Yosemite Final Cut pro Have Final cut pro video effects addoninstalled - FxFactory - With jpg image open, many

3 1 month ago
Effects create pixel chaos

Many of the effects bug out and create a pixelated mess! This has happened at random and on several files, on a regular basis. I am up-to-date on Pixe

4 1 month ago
Wacom creative stylus pressure

Hello, I'm using the pixelmator iPad app with wacom creative stylus 2. Your site says that the app supports the pen but while the pen's buttons are wo

2 1 month ago
No Scroll left/right on 3.3 Limestone?

I can't scroll left or right, but I can scroll up and down. Why?

1 1 month ago
Version 3.0 FX problems

Hi, I am seeing quite a few problems with this version on my iMac (running OS X - 10.9): - If I apply any special effect such as: sharpen, auto enhanc

8 1 month ago
Pixelmator opened twice?

While my computer was finishing up getting my desktop ready to use after I signed in, I opened a pixelmator file and this happened: http://dx54ed3r88i

1 1 month ago
Automator actions in Yosemite not working

Hello guys, it seems that Automator actions on Yosemite (10.10.1) aren't working at all. Fitting the image to certain proportions results in the dist

4 1 month ago
Save bug

I seem to have a bug with at least Pixelmator, if not OS X in general, with saving new documents. In short, if I create a new document and make some a

2 2 months ago
Can't scroll to bottom

When I update to 3.3 Limestone (41105), I can't scroll it to the bottom, here's the screencast. My OS X is 10.10.1

1 2 months ago
Window close widget is misaligned when using Graphite theme

When OS X's appearance theme is set to Graphite (System Preferences > General > Graphite), the window close widget is misaligned when an open wi

1 2 months ago
Pixelmator will keep opening up a old photo

Pixelmator will continue to open the same picture even time I open up the application. I have uninstalled the program and reinstall it and it keep loa

1 2 months ago
Crashes after upgrade to 3.3

I recently upgraded to 3.3 and am finding that using the repair tool will just log me out! I select the tool, select an area, I'm logged out. Also I

1 2 months ago
Can't see transform handles.

Hi there, I can't see transform handles when I'm using the free transform tool. I don't know if this is a bug or if I can change the settings on Pix

1 2 months ago
I can't bring up the context menu with the keyboard (3.3)

I've upgraded to 3.3, but haven't moved to Yosemite yet (it's a work machine). First thing I noticed was that I could no longer bring up the context

1 2 months ago
Invalid X Y coordinates

This is old bug but I don't see it fixed. Basically all coordinates reported in PixelMator are shifted up by 1 pixel. Here's example image 10x10 pixe

2 2 months ago
Show Hide Guides Shortcut Not Functioning

Hello PM Team, I wanted to point out that the shortcut for Showing/Hiding guide lines is not functioning (Command, Option, ;) Just as you might expec

4 2 months ago
No (or not easy to find) Menuentry to switch on/off Vectorm

As far as i know, the only possible way to switch from/to vectormode is via the shortcut. This is pity if one wants to switch into vector mode but a r

1 2 months ago
Can't insert text

After the latest update I am unable to insert text onto my images. I click the text tool (T) and when I click the on the image all I get is 2 very sma

1 2 months ago
Can't zoom with zoom slider As you can see I cannot use the slider to zoom. This is on the latest version of pixelmator

6 2 months ago
Painting and colour problems on Mavericks

To be honest I'm running a Hackintosh (legally purchased Pixelmator) so it may be something to do with that. My graphics card is an NVidia GTX 560Ti.

36 2 months ago
Using pixelmator 3.2.1 on Yosemite Levels filter wont work

Hi, I was following the simple tutorial "Easy space scene" and when I went to apply the levels filter on my image, the image reverts back to normal af

7 2 months ago
Shapes - Scroll Through Them

So I downloaded a Pixelmator Shapes package with over 200+ shapes. What I find is that I can't scroll through them. I don't know about the rest of th

2 2 months ago
trim canvas not working in many many instances (eliminating

usually coming from pdf, but not only

3 2 months ago
Pixelmator can't interface with Finder

Guys, I searched through the forums but it looks there's nothing about it. Honestly, I don't even know if it's a bug since a while ago everything work

1 2 months ago

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