Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Having issues? Tips how to report an issue.

Hi, everyone! First, make sure that both Pixelmator and your Mac OS X are up to date. Most issues can be solved just by doing that! Reporting a bug

0 4 years ago
Effects/modifications not appearing

Hi, I just acquired the software and was pretty pleased with it until a bug happened. All the modifications or effects I want to apply on my picture

3 4 hours ago
Text To Shape color changes.

When I covert text to shape, I can select each letter individually and edit their shape but not color.If I select just one letter and try to change co

1 1 week ago
Changing DPI > export as JPG > DPI not changed

I think I found a bug. 100% repro'able recipe: 1. I open a JPG file which is 300x300, at 300dpi. 2. I go to Image Size, and change its resolution to

2 2 weeks ago
Bug in "Affine tile" effect, seems to deform image?

Using "Affine tile" effect (0° angle, 100% scale and strech, 0% skew) on a 48x48 strip pattern png, and somehow it seems that pixelmator is not "just"

11 2 weeks ago
Error: PSD File is damaged, or isn't compatible with...

I'm trying to open 480mb PSD file with lots of layers and groups but getting message "The xxx.psd document is damaged, or isn't compatible with Pixelm

1 4 weeks ago
PDF converted to 72 DPI on opening

It appears Pixelmator doesn't recognize the resolution of PDF files it writes. When opening, it will convert the image to 72 DPI instead of opening it

6 4 weeks ago

2 4 weeks ago
Printing is corrupt.

Hello guys, when I print a colour document (on either of two printers) the foot of the document doesn't complete, it simply prints a repeat line of th

7 5 weeks ago
Scrambled images after switch to external 4k monitor

I´m getting scrambled images once I switch to my external 4K monitor from using my Laptop screen. (Macbook Retina 15") http://dx54ed3r88ipb.cloudfro

3 5 weeks ago
Gradient Color Picker - Bug Report

1 7 weeks ago
pxm image in iCloud becomes 3 folders of work files

My .pxm image(s) (stored in iCloud), overnight, were replaced by and became the parent(s) of three folders... document, layers, and QuickLook. The doc

3 1 month ago
PXM file corrupted or not compatible with 3.3.1

I seem to have lost the ability to open a majority of my design files, when I open them it tells me they are corrupted or incompatible with 3.3.1....h

3 1 month ago
Downloaded font not working correctly..

For whatever reason, this font will not work correctly in Pixelmator. Any ideas?

2 1 month ago
merge layers produces white where selection was?

I have a layer where i cut some stuff out. a layer behind of all black. with both layers turned on it looks correct. merge all layers, and there's whi

1 1 month ago
FxFactory video effects appearing in effect browser

Pixelmator 3.03 Yosemite Final Cut pro Have Final cut pro video effects addoninstalled - FxFactory - With jpg image open, many

5 1 month ago
Cannot drag and drop from Photos app to Pixelmator canvas

OS X 10.10.3, Pixelmator 3.3.1. Attempts to drag and drop photo from the built-in Photos App to Pixelmator do nothing. However, I can drag and drop f

1 1 month ago
Can not type the letter "i", it just switch to italics.

After hearing a lot of buzz about Pixelmator this and Pixelmator that, decided to give it a try, download the trial version, and not even 5 minutes of

1 1 month ago
Unable to Export files

Hi everyone, This is my first post! As a Pixelmator user, I like it's friendly user interface and workability, but I think there's something here to

2 1 month ago
Pixelmator files won't upload to iCloud on OSX Mavericks

Hello there, I've purchased Pixelmator for Mac a couple of days ago. Really like the app. Since I also own the iPad version I'm saving my PXM files to

1 1 month ago
all layer functions running too slow

After upgrading to OSX Yosemite, my pixelmator became a nightmare, I can open iamges but when I change some feature or layer selection is too slow and

20 1 month ago
Every JPG file is asking to be saved

Every JPG file is asking to be saved when I adjust light levels (Command+L), even though "Open documents in Pixelmator format" is disabled (unchecked)

2 1 month ago
MBP 2011 and 3.3.1: not working with large images

Hello, i have a MBP 2011 Yosemite, 4GB,AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB,Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB and Pixelmator 3.3.1. I can't apply any of a filters :(

6 1 month ago
Raw to Jpg 72 dpi

I've noticed when I save or export images from RAW they are all crunched to 72dpi. I can't find a setting that would change this.

1 1 month ago
Quadratic Cropping is one Pixel false

Hi there, I already posted this Bug three years ago, but even my Account has gone away, but the bug is still there: If I want to make a quadratic Cro

2 2 months ago
Magic Eraser tool not working

Help - I have lost the magic eraser functionality in the middle of a project - clicking on a image with it does nothing. I have updated Pixelmator and

1 2 months ago
changing undo levels

hello, it seems that everytime I merge layers, the undo doesn't "work". Meaning, I can only undo up to the merging of layers . is this correct? can

1 2 months ago
Bug gradient

Hello, I have an issue with the window of degrade. I can not add more than 3 lines and it takes my last gradient in the window. Bye http://dx54ed3r

1 2 months ago
I Cannot Save, Export, Or Close

I am using Pix 3.3... Limestone and have edited a few iPhoto exports. When I try to save, duplicate, export, rename or even close the app I receive an

2 2 months ago
Export and Save issues

Hi, I've submitted this via email but thought I'd post here as well. Thanks in advance if anyone can shed some light on it. I'm finding that when I

23 2 months ago
Can't see transform handles.

Hi there, I can't see transform handles when I'm using the free transform tool. I don't know if this is a bug or if I can change the settings on Pix

3 2 months ago
Fill with color leaves corners unfilled.

When I fill a layer with a color, all 4 corners are left un-filled with that color. When I zoom in on the corners, it's as though there's an invisible

3 2 months ago
Can't save when Picasa is installed

I installed Picasa a couple days ago and haven't been able to save or export any images from Pixelmator since. Today I uninstalled Picasa and Pixelmat

3 2 months ago
Performance Slow Down after Trackpad Zoom

Noticed a definite slow down of performance. Seems to occur after zooming using my MacBook Pro's trackpad. Great feature but when I alter a colour, t

1 2 months ago
computer crashes every time pixelmator opens a file

Hi, I can create new files and save them but if I try to open those files or any previously created ones, the system hangs and after about five secon

3 3 months ago
Send Backward Bug

My laptop specs are posted at the bottom of this post. I am running: OS X 10.10.2 Pixelmator 3.3.1 Here is the setup: Group Layer <- can be

1 3 months ago
Pixelmator 3.3.1 and integrated graphics all black image.

Hi! I have an old MBP 15" from 2010 with a bad discrete graphics card. I run gfxCardStatus to prevent my machine to use the discrete card. Just now I

1 3 months ago
Marching Ants disappear

1To reproduce this bug: 1. Launch Pixelmator by double-clicking on a PNG image. 2. Use the magic wand tool to select an area in the image. 3. Note th

2 3 months ago
Not opening JEPEG and PNG files in pixelmator

I am working with some files to merge layers and I try to merge layer like in photoshop after that pixelmator is not opening Jepeg and png files , I h

1 3 months ago
Recent files missing

Opened up Pixelmator today and found that several files I had worked on recently were no longer there. Everything gets stored in iCloud, never had a p

1 3 months ago
Image distortion after connecting a Thunderbolt Display

Running OS X 10.10.2 on an Early 2011 15" MBP Issue: Image becomes distorted when moving window from built in laptop display to the Thunderbolt Displ

1 3 months ago
Fonts substituting 'long s'

This problem just appeared recently: with some fonts, S's are converted to the old 'long s' and can't be fixed. If I type the phrase out in the same f

1 3 months ago
Trim after background removal

OS X Version: 10.10.2 Pixelmator Version: 3.3.1 (Trial) I decided to give Pixelmator a test run today re-doing something rather simple I had to do to

3 3 months ago
Cannot export as JPG

I have just downloaded the trial version to test it out and apparently I cannot export image as JPG. The error pops up The document "filename" could n

4 3 months ago
Various 3.0 bugs

Hi there, Love Pixelmator (3.0), used it in earnest the last few days for some website design. Some various bugs for you: - When switching users in

9 3 months ago
version 3.2.1 Aperture External Editor, can't save directly

when I updated to 3.2.1, I set Pixelmator to be Aperture External Editor, selected one photo, secondary click- use pixelmator to edit when finish edit

3 3 months ago
Automatically replacing missing fonts when opening a PSD

It should be regarded as a bug to automatically replace a font choice with another font (Lucida Grande) when opening a PSD that contains fonts that ar

3 4 months ago
Read only behavior is bad and lack of a writable bit ignored

Pixelmator should not let you modify read only files nor should it silently ignore such read only attributes and overwrite read only files on save. W

1 4 months ago
Download failure release 3.3.1

I am running os.10.10.1 and downloading Pixelmatr release 3.3.1 from the App store. I get the following message. Pixelmator failed to download. Try ag

1 4 months ago
Huge .psd file size

For a long time now I've been experiencing very large file sizes when saving .psd files. When comparing these to saving the files in Photoshop itself

1 4 months ago

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