Lens Distortion correction

Here's a vote for the inclusion of some kind of lens distortion correction - I have an iphone and an olloclip - horrible barrelling - currently having

17 1 day ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

116 1 week ago
Pixelmator iOS - Only draw with apple pencil when connected

When Apple Pencil is connected, only the pencil will draw. Your fingers will be used for scrolling instead. This is available for the iOS Notes app.

0 2 weeks ago
Scalable UI and Content Erase

Hey guys I am new here, but I've used Pixelmator for a long time! I know Pixelmator Pro is coming out, but it would be nice to have: 1. Scalable UI,

0 3 weeks ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

156 3 weeks ago
Arrange text along a path

A very useful tool would be to be able to arrange text along a path be it a Circle, the edges of a star, or following the edges of flower petals etc.

9 3 weeks ago
Add feet to rulers

Hi there. Really love Pixelmator. I use it a lot to plan out layouts and art design ideas. Would love to see foot measurement added to the rulers. Tha

1 3 weeks ago
IPTC Metadata fields

Hi Guys, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to expand the amount of editable IPTC Metadata fields available. I am a full-time professiona

0 7 weeks ago
Default format rises from the dead!

My searches of this forum show me that there has been plenty of discussion about Pixelmator opening and saving in Pixelmator format. I'm sure that thi

0 7 weeks ago

I'm very surprised to find there is no way to a histogram permanently on screen. I have found that I can see a luminosity curve when using the curves

0 1 month ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

67 1 month ago
HDR, Panorama and Graduated Neutral Density

All that I want, separate apps or not no matter. Why? I think Pixelmator team can do better than any. But Graduated Neutral Density I want it non-de

2 1 month ago
Export as SVG

Export as SVG this is only feature which I need. Now I'm exporting using online tools which is annoying because in moste cases it's just not working p

2 1 month ago
pixemator pro features

I know it's not ready yet, but I really need a "batch processing" feature in new Pixelmator Pro

0 1 month ago
Importing .tpl-files

I have a huge selection of brushes for PS in the tpl-file format (tool presets). Almost all of these brushes are made by Kyle T. Webster. They work li

0 1 month ago
Shape library

I would like to see a Shape Library.....i.e. I could select Tree shapes from a drop down menu or some other type of shape. What you have now is all in

0 1 month ago
Open or edit a photo directly from the iOS photo app!

This would make work flow so much easier! Nearly every other app has this ability please I doesn't see like it would be that hard!

1 1 month ago
Rotate view tool

The only rotate options for the canvas are 90 º and 180.º I think it is necessary to have a tool that allows you to rotate the canvas freely to get

22 1 month ago
Pixelmator and color space

Hello. Been awhile since I had any time to process any of my archived images (film scans) but now back a bit and finding some things I don't like. F

0 1 month ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

25 2 months ago
Layer shadow more than 100px

Hello, I am working with pixelmator files at a resolution of 2190x2190 and I like to use the layer styles (Cmd+7 on Mac) panel often. In that panel t

0 2 months ago
Batch Convert to PSD

I’d really like to be able to batch convert pxm files to psd. I have tried using automator to set up a batch convertor and although the pixelmator

0 3 months ago
Interface, windows, paths

Switched from PS a few months ago and generally find Pixelmator to be an excellent replacement. After pounding on it for a while, I have these request

2 3 months ago
Vertical writing

When writing in most languages, usually people will write horizontally, either LTR or RTL. However, in some Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese,

0 3 months ago
Ability to change grid color of transparency checkerboard

Hi. I noticed that the background option of white in new images, paints the background white. Since I sometimes just plan on leaving the background wh

0 4 months ago
Print at 100% by default unless image is bigger than paper

When printing, Pixelmator always scales the image to fit the paper, even when the Presets popup is set to use "Last Used Settings." Ideally, the "Scal

0 4 months ago
Red eye tool for iPad

Missing red eyes tool in IOS version for iPad

0 4 months ago
Help - how to set opacity of brush tool to tablet pressure?

Hello, Pixelmator's brushes seem to only allow mapping pen pressure to parameter called "flow" - which is totally useless. In the end it makes all

40 5 months ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

84 5 months ago
Change tools brush size while painting

It's really annoying when you start painting with a big brush size and there's a little detail that you can't paint because the brush is too big. It w

1 5 months ago
Clean resize option in iOS?

There doesn't seem to be a way to increase the size of an image without resampling on the iOS version of the app. I'd love a 'nearest-neighbor'' style

0 5 months ago
Error messages when one of the tools can't be used

Today I had an issue, that I've run into about once a year. I was trying to use an effect on a particular image, and kept on getting an error beep. I

0 5 months ago
Transform/Warp addition

In Photoshop I use transform/warp quite a bit and would love to see it in Pixelmator. Thanks much! t

21 5 months ago
Remember transform settings

Hi there, as a veteran of Photoshop who recently downloaded your trial, I'd like to applaud you for doing so much to make me feel at home. Everything

7 6 months ago
Free rotation effect

I wish you would put a total wish there was a rotation too to rotate the picture to a custom rotation more than 0 degrees and less than 360 .

1 6 months ago
Add HDR and more effects

I love Pixelmator but I think that something is missing to it, some essential features for photo editing app.. For example I would like a function to

1 6 months ago
Screen colors and font size

I am impressed with Pixelmatr and would like to use it but I have great deal of trouble seeing the text and icons against a black background. I would

3 6 months ago
Add/Import custom font filles in iOS app

I love all of the fonts in the iOS system, but It's missing the ability to import add custom fonts from your Mac/Windows (via/file sharing) into the i

1 7 months ago
Everything is too small

Everything in PIxelmator is too small to use. I cannot see the tools to use them. All this hype about the program and I cannot use it because it is to

35 7 months ago
Black UI

I have found the black background very hard to see,I know its been like this since the introduction of Pixelmator but have always hoped to have an opt

5 7 months ago
iOS RAW support

Still amazed I cannot edit RAW photos on my iPad. Works great in Snapseed but I always considered Pixelmator as the premier editing app on iOS. Disapp

2 7 months ago
KEYBOARD IN LAYERS PANE ~ keyboard only workflow enhancement

CURRENT METHOD: double-click MOUSE to SELECT TILE TITLE, then KEYBOARD to EDIT TILE TITLE. MENU: there is no menu command to edit LAYER/GROUP TITLE. S

0 7 months ago
Frequency separation

Hi, I have quickly browsed the feature requests board but could not find anything about frequency separation. It would be great if this feature can b

1 7 months ago
Want support for Windows metafile .WMF

Yes, that would nice: Pixelmator could open and display a Windows metafile, completely edit it (size, shapes, layers, colors) using the vector tools,

1 7 months ago
Main window toolbars

Most of my work is on a MBP. It would be helpful if I could scale the main window toolbars and rulers larger to make them easier to see and work with.

0 7 months ago
Vignette tool on Mac

I was surprised to see there is no Vignette tool on the Mac version even though we have one in the iOS version. Are there any plans to bring this to t

1 7 months ago
A few tools that are sorely missing in Pixelmator

Hello, Like many others, I come from a background of heavy GIMP/Photoshop/Photoshop Elements use and I do a lot with photos especially with correctio

0 7 months ago

Hi guys, I've just discovered Pixelmator for iOS and I love it. It pretty much gives me everything I need for the images I create - Bar one small feat

2 8 months ago
Curved letters

Hi pixelmator . It would be great if there was an arc feature to curve/arc letter around a circle. A good example of this is adding words to a DVD. Al

0 8 months ago
Workspaces or a way to save/nest palettes!

Pixelmator needs a way to save a workspace which would remember what palettes are open and where they reside on your display. I am now using a MacBook

0 8 months ago

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