Pixel Brush (single pixel brush for pixel art) on iPad

I know this is an easy one to implement, but it's very important for my work. It would allow me to use JUST Pixelmator for all my pixel art needs.

2 10 hours ago
Noise Reduction - Need of the hour

Heyya, Thanks for Pixelmator. Am impressed with the app on the iPad. Brilliant, easy to handle app with loads of functions, which could once was only

1 15 hours ago
History palette is missing...

I just bought Pixelmator and to my dismay I see that there is no history palette. Yes, I know about undo and layers, but I like to check history in va

6 19 hours ago
Help - how to set opacity of brush tool to tablet pressure?

Hello, Pixelmator's brushes seem to only allow mapping pen pressure to parameter called "flow" - which is totally useless. In the end it makes all

33 19 hours ago
Curved Text / Text Shapes - An absolute Must-Have

Pixelmator is simply GREAT, but there is one big "turn-off": -It is impossible to create texts that are curved or follow shapes... As this is one of t

9 19 hours ago
Pixelmator for iPad and 53's Pencil

The new iPad Pixelmator is great. I see it supports the Wacom stylus, how about adding support for the Pencil from Fifty Three (http://www.fiftythree

16 2 days ago
timeline/animation tools

I think pixelmator has great potential for pixel/game artists. But right now it lacks one huge feature/tool. A timeline/animation system. Something

0 1 week ago
Resize during Export for Web

Hi. I'd love to see an option to resize an image during an "Export for Web" save. This post from just over a year ago has a few requests for the fea

27 1 week ago
Non-destructive Effects

I want to be able to change an effect after I've applied it and see which effects have been applied to which layers.

0 1 week ago
Hide all Palettes

I'm not sure if this is intended or if my tab button is broken, but I can't toggle the visibility of the floating palettes anymore in v2.

36 1 week ago
Option to double tool icon size

I just bought a Retina iMac, partly because my vision isn't 100%. I always found the tool icons in Pixelmator small. On the Retina iMac, they are crys

3 2 weeks ago
Kerning with pixel precision and keyboard control

The current implementation of the kerning is extremely hard to use and its results are very limited. - there is no pixel-by-pixel control which is cr

7 2 weeks ago
lens flare

hello i really like pixelmator for mac but i think it is missing one great feature is that lens flare presets i think they can give the app nice test

1 2 weeks ago
Please add Slice tool feature also in the iPad version

That would be an impuls for me to buy Pixelmator

0 2 weeks ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

57 2 weeks ago
A Better App Icon

Hardly an earth-shattering "feature" request, but the current application icon for Pixelmator looks "generic" (at best), and like a lift of the Apple

0 2 weeks ago
Import and export of vectors

Well, Ideally, I would love to see Pixelmator become a single Vector Raster solution kind of like Canvas was. But, would t be possible to add suppor

46 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator extension in Photos for Mac

Hi Pixelmator Team, Apple have released the developer preview for Photos App for Mac.. reading different articles of this new app, I can see that man

4 3 weeks ago
Dock Pallets

Please, please add the ability to dock pallets. It drives me crazy having to move them around and out the way all of the time.

2 3 weeks ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

88 3 weeks ago
User’s language setting

Hi Excuse my French, it turns out Pixelmator is using NSLocale, the toll free bridging for CFLocale, and as a consequence doesn't consider AppleLangu

0 3 weeks ago
Larger UI-buttons layout

Hi it´s the same feature request as i did for your soon new -app named "Affinity Photo -beta" that with my 5K resolution on my iMac... the tools in

0 3 weeks ago
Please Bring Back Object Rotation Pivot Point

In the previous version of Pixelmator I could select a layer, affix a pivot point and then swing the object around the pivot point. I couldn't believe

3 3 weeks ago
Color Edits to Selected (Multiple) Layers Within Group(s)

I have a Group I'll call X that has 3 layers in it called X.1, X.2 and X.3. I simply want to be able to highlight X.1, X.2, and X.3 (or the Group X) a

1 3 weeks ago

I define a "verb" in software design as any action that the user can take. Verbs are composed of mouse clicks, double-clicks, triple-clicks, prefix-ke

0 3 weeks ago
Could the crop tool *please* get some attention?

THis has been mentioned before. with crop tool active you can't marquee/zoom. this is *needed.* Also, I managed to have a crop handle outside of the

0 4 weeks ago
Transform/Warp addition

In Photoshop I use transform/warp quite a bit and would love to see it in Pixelmator. Thanks much! t

18 4 weeks ago
Brush Setting: Pen-Pressure Controlled Transfer

I would love to see the ability to dynamically vary the opacity within a single stroke, based on pen-pressure, as this is critical for photo-retouchin

2 4 weeks ago
Shape Management

After I managed to import the same shape set several times, and had to remove the duplicates one by one, I realised it'd be great if Pixelmator had be

2 4 weeks ago
Need auto alignment of images and focus stacking.

Please consider adding these as they would make the difference between using Pixelmator (which I love) and Adobe Photoshop (which I'd rather not pay f

7 4 weeks ago
Tile entire layer from current selection.

I would like to be able to "fill" or "tile" the entire area of a layer - with a small photo or graphic - or from the current "selection" - and have it

1 4 weeks ago
Live Tile Layers

One of the features I've been looking for in an image editor is tiled texture editing. (Krita is one of the few editors that has this feature: http://

3 5 weeks ago
Sketch along only certain parts of a path

Path in Pixelmator work like in Photoshop like - you can only draw a path and fully fill it. Nice like in the 90th. Today what I would need as a sket

0 5 weeks ago
Ellipse French Curve Ruler

Would be nice to have similar hard edge drawing aids I could draw along like in SketchBookPro or ArtRage Making a selection and then stroking it is o

0 5 weeks ago
Steady Stroke while sketching

some people have shaky hands, some tables jitter a little, thus a steady stroke tool would be perfect meaning it filters out most of the movement nois

0 5 weeks ago
Rotate page while painting (SketchBookPro PSD)

For sketches it is important to be able to rotate the page quickly so I can draw more comfortable. This would be a fantastic addition.

0 5 weeks ago
Adjustment Layers

I've been playing with Pixelmator for sometime, and have found that it's impossible to make Adjustment layers. It's possible to get around, but really

50 5 weeks ago
Numeric X / Y positioning

Currently the width and height is displayed and for selections/objects those values can be entered, but missing is displaying and entering the X / Y p

4 5 weeks ago
Gamma-correct blurring?

Hi, As this Youtube video explains,Pixelmator and many other image editing programs perform blurring without taking the Gamma curve into account - ht

1 5 weeks ago
Multiple layer copy on iPad

Hello, A way to copy multiple layers would be a fantastic time saver for the iPad version. Also, an automatic scale down option if the maximum amount

0 6 weeks ago
DDS Plugin?

I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions for supporting a .dds plugin with Pixelmator? I have become most...tired...of attempting to do the things i

0 6 weeks ago
Zoom Window when Cropping

I would love to see something like a pop up window next to the mouse cursor that shows a zoomed view of the image below where the cursor is that only

0 6 weeks ago
Flickr integration

Thanks for a fabulous tool. I have one request - it would be really great if it was possible to directly download photos directly from your flickr acc

1 6 weeks ago
"Scoot" art with hand tool?

you can do this when art is bigger than the viewport, hold Option and cursor becomes a hand and you can move the art as though on a sheet of paper acr

1 1 month ago
Indicate what colour item currently is in palette + customs

This is something I take for granted when using Google docs... When I select and item and then click the palette, I expect to have the current colour

0 1 month ago
Actions, Text Styles, Brushes and Patterns from Photoshop

I'm not a really big creative person (I mostly do the programming side of things for my company) but I still like to jump in whenever I can to help cr

4 1 month ago
Pixelmator want to support Chinese, many features do not und

Pixelmator want to support Chinese, many features do not understand English!

0 1 month ago


0 1 month ago
A proper white balance drop tool

Hello, Many times i just wants to get an image decent to upload to Facebook or something. And many times i have a yellow tint to the image and just n

6 1 month ago
Locking layer

I would love to be able to lock layers so I don't accidentally make changes to layers that I'm done with.

111 1 month ago

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