Pixelmator for iPad and 53's Pencil

The new iPad Pixelmator is great. I see it supports the Wacom stylus, how about adding support for the Pencil from Fifty Three (http://www.fiftythree

7 4 hours ago
White Balance Adjustment in iOS 8 Photos Extension

Hi guys - The White Balance Adjustment tool within the iPad app is fantastic and easy to use. I use it all the time. Can you please add it to the i

0 8 hours ago
Save metadata when exporting image to iOS Photos

Since we can't use the advanced editing tools within the extension, I've been importing and exporting to and from the iOS Photos app. The trouble is w

2 8 hours ago
Duotone feature?

Hello, Can you please add a duotone feature to Pixelmator? I can do a work around by making two layers of the image and colorizing each one to the spe

2 21 hour ago
Need auto alignment of images and focus stacking.

Please consider adding these as they would make the difference between using Pixelmator (which I love) and Adobe Photoshop (which I'd rather not pay f

4 3 days ago
Crop marks when printing

I'm trying to proof some work I've created in Pixelmator, and was surprised and disappointed there's no way of printing or producing PDFs with printer

0 1 week ago
Lens Distortion correction

Here's a vote for the inclusion of some kind of lens distortion correction - I have an iphone and an olloclip - horrible barrelling - currently having

5 1 week ago
Open dialogue to be able to see into iPhoto library

Trying the app at the moment and very impressed but as it's an app native to mac i expected it to be able to see into the iPhoto library to allow me t

1 1 week ago
iPen 2 support

Please add support for iPen 2. I don't know if you've heard of it or not but it's amazing. It lets the iPad act almost like a Wacom tablet. I realize

1 1 week ago
Fixing Vectormator

Greetings Pixelmator team :) Firstly, sorry for such a broad topic. Secondly, Pixelmator's vector support is great considering it's part and parcel o

3 1 week ago
White Balance please.

Since Aperture is going....... we really need a simple White balance control for photographs.

1 1 week ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

48 1 week ago
Pixelmator for iPad and Adonit Jot Touch 4

I'd really appreciate the addition of the Adonit Jot Touch 4 driver in the iPad version of Pixelmator Sentry1

2 1 week ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

131 2 weeks ago
Adjustment Layers

I've been playing with Pixelmator for sometime, and have found that it's impossible to make Adjustment layers. It's possible to get around, but really

48 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator iPad Import Images

It would be nice to be able to import images from somewhere other than the clipboard and the built in photo library. iCloud Drive maybe? I have hundre

0 2 weeks ago
Transform/Warp addition

In Photoshop I use transform/warp quite a bit and would love to see it in Pixelmator. Thanks much! t

17 2 weeks ago
What happend to the color fields in the toolbar

Actually I can't find the place where to change the fore- and background color, so that I can fill a selection etc. Did I miss something? Please h

28 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad

Hi Pixelmator, Please create Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad, im tired of using un impressive photo editing apps. Thank-you, Shawn

4 2 weeks ago
Alignment via coordinates

I believe that Pixelmator would become a far more powerful program with one simple addition: the ability to align objects by manually typing in {x,y}

0 2 weeks ago
History Palette

does Pixelmator got a "history" palette? zx

45 2 weeks ago
Native Resolution Support Please

You aim to be the king of professional photo editing apps on the iPad. This will not happen until you have full native resolution support. Other apps

3 3 weeks ago
Copyright Notice

Allow user to insert Copyright Notice –– ©2014 by A. User. All Rights Reserved. –– into EXIF data. Thanks. - Fabini

0 3 weeks ago
Import and export of vectors

Well, Ideally, I would love to see Pixelmator become a single Vector Raster solution kind of like Canvas was. But, would t be possible to add suppor

41 3 weeks ago
Simple plugin API

I feel that Pixelmator has a lack of simple API for writing extensions. To state clearly how imho it can decrease time spent senseless I will give you

7 3 weeks ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

77 3 weeks ago
Pinch-to-zoom: why isn't it supported?

To further the ties and benefits of the Mac specific distribution, and to enable faster navigation and image editing, multi-touch support could be add

80 3 weeks ago
Ipad selections need threshold options

When selecting with magic wand or paint selection, the selection is too unpredictable. It needs as threshold option so you can select how much of a ra

0 3 weeks ago
One-key Hide/Show tools and palettes

would it be easy to implement 1-key hide/show the tool palettes? If so, I'd like to see this. I feel that it would enhance workflow for those times wh

12 3 weeks ago
Add Auto Enhance color adjustment extension to Mail

The repair tool extension is great. One more tool that would be great as an extension is "Auto Enhance" color adjustment. It has a huge benefit when y

0 3 weeks ago
Please, add Russian translation!

Please, add Russian translation! If you need help in translation, contact me by mail.

0 3 weeks ago
Hide all Palettes

I'm not sure if this is intended or if my tab button is broken, but I can't toggle the visibility of the floating palettes anymore in v2.

30 3 weeks ago
Help - how to set opacity of brush tool to tablet pressure?

Hello, Pixelmator's brushes seem to only allow mapping pen pressure to parameter called "flow" - which is totally useless. In the end it makes all

31 3 weeks ago
Bring iPad Vignette Effect to the Mac

I love your vignette effect on the iPad and was sad to see it not on the mac version of Pixelmator. I figured that you might include that in the 3.3 u

0 3 weeks ago
Application Frame

Personally, I find Pixelmator unusable when all the panels are floating around and I can see all my other apps underneath it.I know that Pixelmator ha

22 3 weeks ago
Commas in pixel amounts

In e.g. the start up 'New' image dialog, if you choose custom dimensions, I sometimes like to paste in pixel amounts I've just calculated using Spotli

1 3 weeks ago
Resize during Export for Web

Hi. I'd love to see an option to resize an image during an "Export for Web" save. This post from just over a year ago has a few requests for the fea

24 4 weeks ago
direct authoring mode - no need to export png, jpg, etc

hi, could u make it so that when i edit a jpg, i dont need to export, nor save in pixelmator, unless i have this option checked on my prefs? so basica

2 4 weeks ago
Change Font Size & More Using Keyboard Shortcuts

I would love to be able to adjust the font size of a selected text object using keyboard shortcuts. Either enable custom keyboard shortcuts menu or

0 4 weeks ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

16 4 weeks ago
Pixelmator icon!

Fantastic product, but the icon? It looks like the old iPhoto icon and is totally out of step with the newer, flatter Apple design of iOS7/8 and OS X

2 4 weeks ago
iPad - Choose a new name for the exported file

Hi, It could be great if we could choose a new name when exporting image. Here's my workflow: Crop an image in different parts and export them int

0 5 weeks ago
iPad features

Could be things I haven't figured out yet, but... 1. Ability to crop individual images as well as the whole canvas 2. Alter colour of selected text r

0 5 weeks ago
iPad feedback and suggestions

I've been playing around with this the last few days and it's an excellent app but it does have its issues that hopefully will get addressed soon but

1 5 weeks ago
All things "guides"

It would be wonderful to have some additional features for guides. Things like: a. Export guides to file b. Load guides from file c. Show all guides

0 5 weeks ago
Add spellcheck to the text areas as an option.

Add spellcheck to the text areas as an option.

0 5 weeks ago
Adjust Handlebars as You Use Pen Tool / Vectors

Perhaps I just haven't figured it out yet, but it seems you can only adjust the handlebars when creating vector images (or using the pen tool in gener

0 5 weeks ago
Shortcut Keys are Important!

I love Pixelmator, it's a great no-nonsense tool.But you guys need to sprinkle some more shortcuts! For instance, there's only a shortcut for "Save",

14 5 weeks ago
Advanced editing in addition to filters in iPad extension

When opening a photo from within the iOS photos app, I'd like to be able to do more advanced editing. Pixelmator's color correction and repair tool ar

0 6 weeks ago
Please add "Color to Transparency" feature

I really miss a "Color to Transparency" feature, such as in GIMP (Menu > Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha... I think there is a convolu

0 6 weeks ago

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