Panorama photo stitch

Would be nice to have a photo stitch capability. Something like Autostitch or Adobe Photomerge would be nice.

23 17 hours ago
One-key Hide/Show tools and palettes

would it be easy to implement 1-key hide/show the tool palettes? If so, I'd like to see this. I feel that it would enhance workflow for those times wh

9 21 hour ago
Import and export of vectors

Well, Ideally, I would love to see Pixelmator become a single Vector Raster solution kind of like Canvas was. But, would t be possible to add suppor

35 22 hours ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

114 2 days ago
Now that Aperture is dead...

Why don't you surprise us with a replacement app with an amazing design as pixelmator, I really don't want to migrate to Lightroom, and I still wait l

4 2 days ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

14 2 days ago
ICONS are so small on large monitor

I have a 27" Mac and the icons are so small. If there was a preferences setting for this, it would be great. Thanks

1 3 days ago
Effects Sliders at Top instead of Center

When opening the effect "Brightness" (for example), the floating effect sliders pop up directly over the image I am working on, and I have to move the

2 1 week ago
Are more types of "Noise" possible?

If I understand correctly, Pixelmator makes use of OS X features/algorithms, etc which are built-in to the OS. Are there more noise types that Pixelma

1 1 week ago
Add zoom selector

Apple's iWork suite has a zoom drop-down that lets you quickly jump to a specific zoom level. This is the number-one feature I'm missing from Pixelma

0 1 week ago
Create written tutorials

I hate having to watch through videos which might or might not contain relevant information. Thank you for not wasting my time.

0 1 week ago
Guide groups / sets

Would be nice to create sets / groups of guides and toggle between them via hotkeys, since trying to get everything aligned with one set of guides get

1 1 week ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

36 1 week ago
Split/Slice Image Into Tiles

The slice tool is great, but it would be nice if one could ALSO automate the slicing of images into equal pieces, with an automator action for batch p

0 1 week ago
Auto-Center/Alignment Horizontal/Alignment Vertical

Hello everyone, sorry for making a new post about this but I think it's good to remind Pixelmator engineers about this simple feature. I like Pixelma

14 1 week ago
Pixelmator for Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu and I love it, bat in Ubuntu is only GIMP as a better image editor. Please create Pixelmator for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Software center. You

10 1 week ago
Pinch-to-zoom: why isn't it supported?

To further the ties and benefits of the Mac specific distribution, and to enable faster navigation and image editing, multi-touch support could be add

69 1 week ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

41 1 week ago
History palette and stackable palettes

I know these are often requested features from doing a search, however these are the few things that stops me from buying Pixelmator. Undo is great bu

1 2 weeks ago
Pixelmstor for iPhone and iPad

Hi Pixelmator, Please create Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad, im tired of using un impressive photo editing apps. Thank-you, Shawn

0 2 weeks ago
CMYK Please

At least basic CMYK support, please. This is the only thing that still requires photoshop. Here's what I need: open an image in RGB (with color pr

45 2 weeks ago
Request: full ICNS support

Hi, guys - it would be really, really nice if Pixelmator fully supported creating, opening, editing, and saving ICNS files. I like to make folder icon

4 2 weeks ago
Does Pixelmator have "smart object" feature?

Dear Sir/Madam, As a new Pixelmator, I'm not sure that Pixelmator has smart object feature. If it does, pls show a brief tutorial for users. Thanks!

2 3 weeks ago
Batch processing

Pixelmator is a nice tool - I didn't need Photoshop anymore. ;) Just one thing: I'm missing an Batch processing with actions like Photoshop. Is there

0 3 weeks ago
Can we *PLEASE* have a tool palettes toggle??

Please? When a person is in the heat of deadline and needing to get things done, getting tool palettes out of the way should take 0.5 seconds and shou

2 3 weeks ago
lens correction

hi a lens correction for distortion would be amazing, often reviewers of lenses give details on figures to input into photoshop to correct lens disto

2 3 weeks ago
Please add a visual indicator/management for complex shapes.

Currently, you can copy a selection, highlight a shape layer, and paste in your selection, turning a shape layer into a complex layered shape. You can

0 3 weeks ago
Vector Export

Pixelmator has some great shape tools, but without the ability to export vector file formats, I've found that I cannot use these tools for many projec

0 3 weeks ago
New tools

Add a tool that permit to measure angles or distance between two lines

1 3 weeks ago
Can it be made easier to select and edit text?

I find it very difficult to select text in my document. What happens is that Pixelmator will create a new bit of text; seems no way to tell it, "hey..

2 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator icon!

Fantastic product, but the icon? It looks like the old iPhoto icon and is totally out of step with the newer, flatter Apple design of iOS7/8 and OS X

0 4 weeks ago
Copy and past Flexibility improvement

Create a voice of the menu to directly "past to a new image", when you have something in the clipboard

1 4 weeks ago
Resize during Export for Web

Hi. I'd love to see an option to resize an image during an "Export for Web" save. This post from just over a year ago has a few requests for the fea

21 4 weeks ago
Is it possible to set x and y position with Transform Tool?

I can easily adjust the scale or proportions using the Transform Tool but is it currently possible to set the x and y position too?Or is there another

6 4 weeks ago
Retreive IPTC title or else to integrate in the image

Hi, I wonder if we could use automator to retrieve data stored in Exif or IPTC filed and display them in the image? Could this be done with Pixelmato

1 5 weeks ago
Thinner layers in layers panel

Hello Having an option to enable thinner layers in the layers panel would be nice. Currently the layers are way too thick for managing larger project

2 5 weeks ago
Color labeling layers

Like the title says, labeling layers & groups with different colors would be nice. Example: http://…/004.png

0 5 weeks ago
lens flare

hi would love to see a lens flare feature. the light leak feature is great but would love to see that extended a bit more :) thanks

0 5 weeks ago
Curved Text / Text Shapes - An absolute Must-Have

Pixelmator is simply GREAT, but there is one big "turn-off": -It is impossible to create texts that are curved or follow shapes... As this is one of t

0 5 weeks ago
Can text use pixel as an optional unit?

Hi! As an UI designer, the unit is pixel for my work. Unfortunately the text default unit is point for pixelmator. Can the team improve this feature?

2 5 weeks ago
Export To Animated GIF (I had to use GIMP to do this)

I've been a long-time Pixelmator user from the 1.0 days, but last week while working on a school project, I realized that Pixelmator did not have an e

1 5 weeks ago
I need precise brush cursor display by the current pressure.

I just downloaded Pixelmator 30-days demo. I need a simple and nice drawing tool, and I am expecting Pixelmator to fill my needs. The only feature I n

2 6 weeks ago
Keyboard shortcut - collapse all layers

A simple one, but something that would help me immensely. I would like a keyboard shortcut to collapse all layers in the layer palette. When double-cl

0 6 weeks ago
one image at a time workflow

I often have a large number of images that need touchups in Pixelmator and it would be very handy if I could specify a list of images to be worked on (

1 6 weeks ago
Surface related stuff

Hi, you guys did a great job with Pixelmator. It has lots of abilities that I like. And I'd like to use it but I don't. There are two reasons: 1.

0 7 weeks ago
We need a few new features and some quick tools.

I would like to see a liquify function like PS has to slim down some pictures. PicMonkey even has this function called Nip Tuck. Some of the steps to

1 7 weeks ago
Brush Opacity Driven by Pen Pressure

One thing that's holds me to photoshop is Pen Pressure. If I could assign that option to for example brush opacity, pixelmator would be my #1 app.

12 7 weeks ago
new features

I would like to see more features please just a few spring to mind 1) more control over text similar tophoto line, such as curved text etc 2) histo

0 7 weeks ago
Adjustment Layers

I've been playing with Pixelmator for sometime, and have found that it's impossible to make Adjustment layers. It's possible to get around, but really

45 1 month ago
Import shapes limited

I'm working on a large (over 300) shapes project for Pixelmator. In doing so I have run out of space in the shapes panel to add more shapes. Is there

8 1 month ago

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