Chromatic aberration correction tool

Can you please add a tool that can correct chromatic aberration?

7 32 minutes ago
Proper Alpha Channel support!

Hi, Every year or so, I get fed up with not having a good alternative to Photoshop on Mac. So I come back, check out Pixelmator to see if you've adde

3 1 day ago
Channels feature as you can see in Photoshop is needed.

Pixelmator's very useful tool for me, and this is the primary graphics editing tool I use. However, I still miss Photoshop just because of CHANNELS f

12 3 days ago
Recolour Tool needed

I am new to Apple, having recently bought an iPad Pro 12.7" tablet. After much searching and expense, I've settled on Graphic & Pixelmator as a go

0 1 week ago
Remember transform settings

Hi there, as a veteran of Photoshop who recently downloaded your trial, I'd like to applaud you for doing so much to make me feel at home. Everything

5 2 weeks ago
Shortcut to export as png...

What would make Pixelmator much more useful and efficient would be to have a way to drag or copy the rendered PNG of the image you are editing without

1 2 weeks ago
Screen colors and font size

I am impressed with Pixelmatr and would like to use it but I have great deal of trouble seeing the text and icons against a black background. I would

0 2 weeks ago
Puppet Warp

Definitely a cool feature to tweak photos or fix a drawing. Check it out at

0 4 weeks ago
Stroke Profiles and Pressure for Pen Tool

It would be great if the stroke profile could be edited when using the Pen Tool. Even greater would be to have the Freeform Pen Tool to record pressur

0 4 weeks ago
Better apple pencil support

It would be nice if, while using the apple pencil, a distinction was made between fingers and pencil so that fingers could be used as smudge tool/eras

0 4 weeks ago
Gradient filter fill to include from centre

Please could you add to the existing feature: filer "Gradient" to include "centre" under the "direction" option. I remember this feature in good old

0 5 weeks ago
Brush Options Inspired from Lazy Nezumi

Lazy Nezumi is a Windows plugin that takes brush strokes to the next level. Having similar options on board of Pixelmator would be amazing and far bey

1 5 weeks ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

114 6 weeks ago
RAW Support & Unflattened Edits on RAW Export

As a photographer who's come from the now-deprecated Aperture, through the horror show that is Adobe CC, and finally settled on Capture One for photog

0 7 weeks ago
Needed Features in Pixelmator

The following list of features really need to be added to Pixelmator to make it usable to a pro/power user. If anybody knows of some sort of workaroun

2 7 weeks ago
Please please please....

Bring back the ability to make multiple selections at once in iOS. The latest update has lost this ability and you've made my work 100 times harder! I

0 1 month ago
Simple Border tool

really would be nice to add a simple border to images without jumping through the hoops - unless I've missed something?

0 1 month ago
Pet Eye Removal Tool

Adobe Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Photoshop Express all have a good pet eye removal tool...and it would be great if Pixelmator did too!

0 1 month ago
Opacity and Blending on Board of Brush Settings

It seems to me that the opacity and blending properties of the brush tool would be more convenient if stored on the brush settings instead. If you loo

0 1 month ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

150 1 month ago
Everything is too small

Everything in PIxelmator is too small to use. I cannot see the tools to use them. All this hype about the program and I cannot use it because it is to

33 1 month ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

61 1 month ago
Pan canvas with 1:1 or less zoom

It would be great to have the ability to pan the canvas even when the zoom level is 1:1 or less. This way we can have Pixelmator in fullscreen or with

1 1 month ago
Fix the Tool menus please

one of the problem that i got stopp to works with Pixelmator is the unfixed tools menus , bars ! i remember Gimp has this issue for long time a go unt

1 1 month ago
Magic Eraser Shortcut Conflicts with Regular Eraser

Magic and regular erasers both have "E" assigned. Therefore, when they are both showing in the tools panel, pressing the shortcut will always go for t

0 1 month ago
Sample All or Selected Layer with Warp Tools

Would it be possible to have the warp tools work on multiple layers at once? It is a great tool to tweak proportions of a drawing and it is alway sad

0 1 month ago
infinite smudge

After playing with the smudge tool for a while, I find that it has finite limits. For example after making a smudge in a straight line with multiple p

1 1 month ago
Be aware of the following before buying Pixelmator

After trying to open a previously created file before 3.3.2 update, I was greeted with an error. After contacting support, I received the following me

3 1 month ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

78 1 month ago
Full OpenType support

It seems that Pixelmator does not presently have full OpenType support, as I was unable to find any way to access the alternate letterforms in a font

1 1 month ago
Padding at edges when zoomed in

Whenever you're zoomed in to a point where the image fills the entire display, there is no padding around the edge of an image - which makes selecting

1 2 months ago

Need the ability to change the stroke edge. It is always rounded! (no squared) Same goes with the line shape.

1 2 months ago
Trimming lines and arcs?

I used to do a bunch of drawing and drafting in AutoCAD, and one of the things I loved about it was the ability to "trim" lines and arcs. If you have

3 2 months ago
Non-destructive Effects

I want to be able to change an effect after I've applied it and see which effects have been applied to which layers.

12 2 months ago
mask and clipping paths idea

I would like to be able to define an image as a Mask in the Layer pallet, then drag a picture layer to it, where it becomes a subset of the Mask Layer

0 2 months ago
Raw editing

Hi. My I just ask if you plan to add a real raw conversion module on both Mac and iOS? I think would be amazing to have this feature so we can develop

0 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the new extensions! Great work. Could you make one for adding text? I have a nice app for that on iOS but no-one has an extensi

0 2 months ago
Rotate view tool

The only rotate options for the canvas are 90 º and 180.º I think it is necessary to have a tool that allows you to rotate the canvas freely to get

21 2 months ago
Access to all Pixelmator tools in photos extension

What I'd really like to see is access to the full power of Pixelmator in the Photos extension. Filters are nice, but I usually want to use things like

2 2 months ago
Good user interface design

Pixelmator is a great success, largely because it's such a good program. But there's one aspect of it that deserves some consideration: the proliferat

2 2 months ago
The UI is too small for an 27" iMac retina

Please ad an option to magnify the symbols and the font of the UI. I cannot use Pixelmator because of its much too small tools and system fonts.

2 2 months ago
@Pixelmator developers - our Macs have keyboards too!

This has been asked before, years ago, I mean many times. Pixelmator is still an easy to use, fast and solid go to Mac app but the developers should

0 2 months ago
Actionable Info Bar, Dockable Palettes, and Color

I wish that I could type into the info bar to make adjustments to things. I also wish I could type to edit guide positions and get them JUST RIGHT. I

0 2 months ago
Edit > Copy Merged

A common operation is to take a snapshot of the currently working image. Please add a Copy Merged item under Edit that would replace this tedious work

0 2 months ago
Eyedropper should report and pick up alpha channel value

The Eyedropper tool should: - Optionally report the alpha channel value, both inline and Info Bar - Pick up the alpha channel value (in addition to th

0 2 months ago
What happend to the color fields in the toolbar

Actually I can't find the place where to change the fore- and background color, so that I can fill a selection etc. Did I miss something? Please h

32 3 months ago
iOS Effects on Mac OS

There are several effects available on iOS that aren't yet available on the Mac OS version. Specifically I'm talking about the bokeh, which is a fanta

1 3 months ago
Pixelmator iOS list of requests for Collage Art

Hi, I wrote a nice tutorial on how i'm using pixelmator on my iPad Pro for collage. And at the end is a list with some requests for pixelmator: https

0 3 months ago
'Last Tool Used' keyboard shortcut

Let's say I'm drawing with the pen tool (or other tool without a keyboard shortcut). Every time I finish drawing a shape, I'm switched back to the Mov

0 3 months ago
Convert image to 1 bit black and white

Hello, Looking for a way to convert an image to 1 bit black and white. Would be nice if a threshold can be defined so that an image with some gray can

1 3 months ago

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