Camera profile

Hello is it possible to create a camera profile in Pixelmator and apply it to the pictures? I am using X-Rite Color checker passport to create various

1 11 hours ago
Eyedropper to sample color outside of Pixelmator?

Would it be possible and not too difficult to add an eyedropper to the color palettes for the purpose of selecting a color of something not in a Pixel

0 2 days ago
Pinch-to-zoom: why isn't it supported?

To further the ties and benefits of the Mac specific distribution, and to enable faster navigation and image editing, multi-touch support could be add

73 3 days ago
Divide scanned images?

The one Photoshop feature I miss is being able for the app to divide my scanned multiple images. Is there any way to do this in Pixelmator? Thanks B

4 1 week ago
OTF Swashes & Alternates

Hi! I've downloaded several OTF fonts which support alternate characters and swashes. Does Pixelmator support the use of these, and if so, how can I a

1 1 week ago
Export to same folder as original

Hello, it would be really nice if there was an option in Preferences that would set the default folder for the Export/Export to Web chooser to be the

0 1 week ago
Cropping Tool Guide Lines

To enable Photographers to divide their image correctly using the the Rule of Thirds, can you please increase the size and colour of the guide lines i

0 1 week ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

15 2 weeks ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

40 2 weeks ago
Selected Layer switcheroo fix

Can it please be fixed so that when you select a layer then try to move that same selected layer, another layer doesn't become selected just *as* you'

0 2 weeks ago
Crosshairs with Repair Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, all brushes

It would be great if there was an option to show crosshairs when working with the Repair Tool as well as having the option for all brushes, especially

0 3 weeks ago
Import and export of vectors

Well, Ideally, I would love to see Pixelmator become a single Vector Raster solution kind of like Canvas was. But, would t be possible to add suppor

37 3 weeks ago
Actions, Text Styles, Brushes and Patterns from Photoshop

I'm not a really big creative person (I mostly do the programming side of things for my company) but I still like to jump in whenever I can to help cr

2 3 weeks ago
Font Metrics

Haven't seen this anywhere, but I'd love it if Pixelmator would use a font's built-in metrics for determining things like kerning pairs. TextEdit does

0 3 weeks ago
Paste into

I love Pixelmator and I use it 80% of my editing time, together with the amazing Intensify, for post production. There is one thing I have failed to f

3 3 weeks ago
In Fullscreen: allow canvas to be moved beyond boundaries

I hope that I can explain the behaviour that I would like to request. It would be great to be able move the canvas around as far as you like when in f

3 3 weeks ago
Auto-Center/Alignment Horizontal/Alignment Vertical

Hello everyone, sorry for making a new post about this but I think it's good to remind Pixelmator engineers about this simple feature. I like Pixelma

17 3 weeks ago

Pixelmator always forces you to save in it's own format. I'd like to ask you for an option to disable this. I use Pixelmator most of the time for quic

1 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator and BMD ATEM

A few of my co-workers who use both Pixelmator and Black Magic Design ATEM video switchers were wondering if Pixelmatior could be used to send graphic

0 3 weeks ago
Preference to disable shift when duplicating

Could you please provide a preference to disable the shift when duplicating any object? I understand that the shift is a feature, but it's really ann

1 4 weeks ago
Numerical entry for transforms

Photoshop has this small square with anchors you select and that shows you the position of the corresponding layer point. By entering values in the fi

0 4 weeks ago
Simple plugin API

I feel that Pixelmator has a lack of simple API for writing extensions. To state clearly how imho it can decrease time spent senseless I will give you

5 4 weeks ago
Photoshop Layer Comps equivalent

A layer comp allows you to save the state (position, visibility, etc) of the layers. Visibility is the most important one. Thanks!

0 4 weeks ago
About Actual Size ... ize-of-osx It does not make any sense to call "pixel aligned" actual size. The actual size option should

0 4 weeks ago
Keyboard shortcut - Export, Select All Layers

I'd love to have a keyboard shortcut for Exporting (as a JPG or whatever) for when I'm doing rapid edits and saves. Would save me a boat load of time!

1 4 weeks ago
Curve/Warp Text tool

This program really needs a tool so you can curve text, it's a really basic tool that is in most editing programs and I'm really missing it a lot for

7 4 weeks ago
One-key Hide/Show tools and palettes

would it be easy to implement 1-key hide/show the tool palettes? If so, I'd like to see this. I feel that it would enhance workflow for those times wh

11 5 weeks ago
Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad

Hi Pixelmator, Please create Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad, im tired of using un impressive photo editing apps. Thank-you, Shawn

2 5 weeks ago
Keyboard Shortcuts editor, please.

Pixelmator could be my 100% Photoshop replacement if I could edit the keyboard shortcuts. I have my own workflow and every tool I use is there, but I

4 5 weeks ago
Skin Tone / Temperature Adjustment

All, In Photoshop Elements (and virtually every other image editing tool) tools exist specifically for skin tones adjustment and image temperature ad

0 5 weeks ago
Too many shapes

Hi there I have too many shapes. I can't see all shapes, because my MacBook display is not large enough and I can't resize the shapes window. Does any

11 5 weeks ago
Batch processing

Pixelmator is a nice tool - I didn't need Photoshop anymore. ;) Just one thing: I'm missing an Batch processing with actions like Photoshop. Is there

1 5 weeks ago
Skin retouching

Can we Pleeeeease get a frequency separation or wavelet filter (as per Gimp & Ps) ? The repair tool is fantastic ! - but for fine control over ski

0 5 weeks ago
Radial Blur

Can you tell me if there is a way of creating a radial blur, e.g., blurring aircraft propellors?

4 5 weeks ago
IPTC support is a must for serious creators!

Lack of IPTC caption/copyright support is a glaring dealbreaker in Pixelmator. I'm on the verge of buying Photoshop Elements just for that functional

0 6 weeks ago
Clone tool for video clips

It would be great if pixelmator could take the lead with non photoshop tools to support single frame video imaging such as the ability to clone sectio

0 6 weeks ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

117 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator for Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu and I love it, bat in Ubuntu is only GIMP as a better image editor. Please create Pixelmator for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Software center. You

12 6 weeks ago
Please Bring Back Object Rotation Pivot Point

In the previous version of Pixelmator I could select a layer, affix a pivot point and then swing the object around the pivot point. I couldn't believe

2 6 weeks ago
Multiple views with single document

I'm working on some pixel art and would like to have two views of the same canvas I'm working on. One for actually editing the art and the other for a

2 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator icon!

Fantastic product, but the icon? It looks like the old iPhoto icon and is totally out of step with the newer, flatter Apple design of iOS7/8 and OS X

1 6 weeks ago
Lens Distortion correction

Here's a vote for the inclusion of some kind of lens distortion correction - I have an iphone and an olloclip - horrible barrelling - currently having

4 6 weeks ago
Exporting vector drawings to PDF

Dear Pixelmator Team, I just bought Pixelmator yesterday. I was really looking forward to the new vector tools. However, I could wish that vector sha

16 6 weeks ago
Enable Magnifying glass while Crop handles are active

Here's why: when you crop something you are often zoomed out to see the whole area versus what you want to crop. Then, you need to zoom in and adjust

0 1 month ago
Bigger brush icons in Brush-Browser

Many times when I take my pen tablet and want to draw something in Pixelmator I have a hard time to see what pattern the brush have. I need to try the

0 1 month ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

73 1 month ago
Magic (magnetic) Lasso

I really miss the Magic lasso; a simple yet very useful and powerful tool from Adobe

1 1 month ago
Panorama photo stitch

Would be nice to have a photo stitch capability. Something like Autostitch or Adobe Photomerge would be nice.

23 1 month ago
Now that Aperture is dead...

Why don't you surprise us with a replacement app with an amazing design as pixelmator, I really don't want to migrate to Lightroom, and I still wait l

4 1 month ago
ICONS are so small on large monitor

I have a 27" Mac and the icons are so small. If there was a preferences setting for this, it would be great. Thanks

1 1 month ago

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