No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what Iā€™m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

124 2 hours ago
Export a Single Layer or Group as Image

I bought some icons off of a stock image site. Some of the icons came as a single picture with all of the icons on it. I was obviously able to view th

0 3 hours ago
Windows Icon support

I was wondering is there are any plugins or possibility to add window ico (icon) support when exporting?

1 12 hours ago
Channels pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Channels feature is the only reason why I'm using Photoshop and absence of the feature makes Pixelmator useless. A few days ago, I worked on an assign

0 22 hours ago
Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad

Hi Pixelmator, Please create Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad, im tired of using un impressive photo editing apps. Thank-you, Shawn

3 1 day ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

44 3 days ago
Menus and Toolbars, just right when you need them

I'm thinking of toolbars and layer-menus that can collapse/go away and come up when you come close to them with your mouse. In fullscreen-mode you ca

1 3 days ago
Save JPGs in progressive format

That would be nice for images meant for the web.

0 1 week ago
Photo Manager - Organizer / Browser

I might have missed this being new to Pixelmator (jumping ship from Adobe) but one feature request I would like to see evolve is, to have a photo brow

1 1 week ago
Tool Palette Configs?

Would it be possible ā€” without causing bloat ā€” to enable pixelmator to have User-configurable tool palette arrangements? What I mean would be, one

0 1 week ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

46 1 week ago
Multiple suggestions that are required...

I have a couple of suggestions that i think are necessary for this product, some have been mentioned, some havent.... 1) GESTURE CONTROLS - zoom in/o

0 1 week ago
Support for arrow shapes

I'm heavily missing support for arrow shapes. Also the there should be more ways to influence shapes. E. g. support for rounded edges on shapes like r

21 1 week ago
scroll through units

Simple, I wish I could scroll through units like, font size, shadow offset etc, just like i can slide the angle from the little icon thank you, aweso

0 3 weeks ago
Image hosting and cataloging

With Aperture going away, Pixelmator should write image hosting and cataloging into a future version. I don't want to use Lightroom and Photoshop.

1 3 weeks ago
Simple plugin API

I feel that Pixelmator has a lack of simple API for writing extensions. To state clearly how imho it can decrease time spent senseless I will give you

6 3 weeks ago
Enable tabbing from one custom crop size field to the next?

Hope this is a small item to achieve; would help greatly to enable User to tab from one field to the next when setting custom crop size. Thank you!

0 3 weeks ago
Import and export of vectors

Well, Ideally, I would love to see Pixelmator become a single Vector Raster solution kind of like Canvas was. But, would t be possible to add suppor

39 3 weeks ago
features for web developers.

im a web developer who keeps eyeing this website in hopes that he won't have to pay adobe an arm and a leg. web developing doesn't need all the fancy

1 4 weeks ago
Image frame expanding with zoom?

I would like the option of having the image window expand when I zoom the image. It seems such a simple thing to me yet it just isn't there. The class

0 4 weeks ago
Shape deleted from palette

I accidentally deleted the heart shape from my shape palette. Is there a place I can just import or download a shape again or do you have to send it t

0 6 weeks ago
Hide all Palettes

I'm not sure if this is intended or if my tab button is broken, but I can't toggle the visibility of the floating palettes anymore in v2.

29 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator Templates

To the entire Pixelmator Team: Hello! My name is Brian. First and foremost, BRAVO for all of your hard work, because Pixelmator has become my go-to a

4 6 weeks ago
Transform/Warp addition

In Photoshop I use transform/warp quite a bit and would love to see it in Pixelmator. Thanks much! t

16 6 weeks ago
Paste as plain text

Can you add a feature to paste as plain text to remove formatting.

0 1 month ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

74 1 month ago
Pinch-to-zoom: why isn't it supported?

To further the ties and benefits of the Mac specific distribution, and to enable faster navigation and image editing, multi-touch support could be add

76 1 month ago
Magic (magnetic) Lasso

I really miss the Magic lasso; a simple yet very useful and powerful tool from Adobe

2 1 month ago
Adjustment Layers

I've been playing with Pixelmator for sometime, and have found that it's impossible to make Adjustment layers. It's possible to get around, but really

47 1 month ago
I desperately need Cmd+Click for selecting layers!

I was working too long with Photoshop and want switch to the Pixelmator, but one thing doesn't allows me to do that. I have too much strong habit abou

5 1 month ago
Split/Slice Image Into Tiles

The slice tool is great, but it would be nice if one could ALSO automate the slicing of images into equal pieces, with an automator action for batch p

2 1 month ago
Too many shapes

Hi there I have too many shapes. I can't see all shapes, because my MacBook display is not large enough and I can't resize the shapes window. Does any

12 1 month ago
Make Export Easier

I have been using Pixelmator for years, registered just to say this. Export needs to be easier. Often I just want to edit a PNG. If I open a PNG, mak

1 1 month ago
Export to the Web

hi everybody I discovered Pixelmator few months ago and I love it already . I would like to suggest a "Cut" tool improvment. Would it be possible t

0 1 month ago
Pixelmator for Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu and I love it, bat in Ubuntu is only GIMP as a better image editor. Please create Pixelmator for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Software center. You

13 1 month ago
How do I view and/or possible delete effects on a layer?

I have an image and have added several effects to it but I would like to go in a remove the first in the series of effects I added without having to "

2 1 month ago
Eyedropper to sample color outside of Pixelmator?

Would it be possible and not too difficult to add an eyedropper to the color palettes for the purpose of selecting a color of something not in a Pixel

1 1 month ago
Multiple views with single document

I'm working on some pixel art and would like to have two views of the same canvas I'm working on. One for actually editing the art and the other for a

3 1 month ago
Camera profile

Hello is it possible to create a camera profile in Pixelmator and apply it to the pictures? I am using X-Rite Color checker passport to create various

2 1 month ago
Divide scanned images?

The one Photoshop feature I miss is being able for the app to divide my scanned multiple images. Is there any way to do this in Pixelmator? Thanks B

4 1 month ago
OTF Swashes & Alternates

Hi! I've downloaded several OTF fonts which support alternate characters and swashes. Does Pixelmator support the use of these, and if so, how can I a

1 1 month ago
Export to same folder as original

Hello, it would be really nice if there was an option in Preferences that would set the default folder for the Export/Export to Web chooser to be the

0 1 month ago
Cropping Tool Guide Lines

To enable Photographers to divide their image correctly using the the Rule of Thirds, can you please increase the size and colour of the guide lines i

0 1 month ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

15 1 month ago
Selected Layer switcheroo fix

Can it please be fixed so that when you select a layer then try to move that same selected layer, another layer doesn't become selected just *as* you'

0 2 months ago
Crosshairs with Repair Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, all brushes

It would be great if there was an option to show crosshairs when working with the Repair Tool as well as having the option for all brushes, especially

0 2 months ago
Actions, Text Styles, Brushes and Patterns from Photoshop

I'm not a really big creative person (I mostly do the programming side of things for my company) but I still like to jump in whenever I can to help cr

2 2 months ago
Font Metrics

Haven't seen this anywhere, but I'd love it if Pixelmator would use a font's built-in metrics for determining things like kerning pairs. TextEdit does

0 2 months ago
Paste into

I love Pixelmator and I use it 80% of my editing time, together with the amazing Intensify, for post production. There is one thing I have failed to f

3 2 months ago
In Fullscreen: allow canvas to be moved beyond boundaries

I hope that I can explain the behaviour that I would like to request. It would be great to be able move the canvas around as far as you like when in f

3 2 months ago

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