Remember transform settings

Hi there, as a veteran of Photoshop who recently downloaded your trial, I'd like to applaud you for doing so much to make me feel at home. Everything

6 15 hours ago
Polish localization for Pixelmator 3.6

Is it planned to add the PolishPixelmator because I created Polish localization for Pixelmator 3.6? Could You add my translation to official relase? I

0 2 weeks ago
Black UI

I have found the black background very hard to see,I know its been like this since the introduction of Pixelmator but have always hoped to have an opt

4 3 weeks ago
No more black interface in Pixelmator

Since Pixelmator 2.0, I have a hard time seeing what I’m doing in the GUI. The black interface completely kills the user experience for two reasons

151 4 weeks ago
Please add "Save as" and "Export to PXM"

Please consider adding a "Save as" option. I've been able to work around not having a "Save as" option by going to the Finder, renaming the original f

10 4 weeks ago
Allow choosing size when exporting

It would be nice to select the pixel size of the end result as a part of the export process, instead of having to resize the image in advance before e

2 5 weeks ago
Magic wand for scattered areas with same color in 1 operatio

Pixelmator now is still unable to select scattered areas with the same color. It is crucial in some situation, for example, selecting a molecule struc

0 6 weeks ago
Option to double tool icon size

I just bought a Retina iMac, partly because my vision isn't 100%. I always found the tool icons in Pixelmator small. On the Retina iMac, they are crys

7 1 month ago
Resize during Export for Web

Hi. I'd love to see an option to resize an image during an "Export for Web" save. This post from just over a year ago has a few requests for the fea

33 1 month ago
Everything is too small

Everything in PIxelmator is too small to use. I cannot see the tools to use them. All this hype about the program and I cannot use it because it is to

34 1 month ago
Strip Metadata on Export

Could you add an option to strip all metadata from a file when exporting to a non-native PXM format.Many thanks for a great app. And while we're talk

0 1 month ago
The UI is too small for an 27" iMac retina

Please ad an option to magnify the symbols and the font of the UI. I cannot use Pixelmator because of its much too small tools and system fonts.

5 1 month ago
Screen colors and font size

I am impressed with Pixelmatr and would like to use it but I have great deal of trouble seeing the text and icons against a black background. I would

2 1 month ago
iCloud sync shapes

Shapes should be added to iCloud automatically to sync between devices.

0 1 month ago
Vignette tool on Mac

I was surprised to see there is no Vignette tool on the Mac version even though we have one in the iOS version. Are there any plans to bring this to t

0 1 month ago

Need the ability to change the stroke edge. It is always rounded! (no squared) Same goes with the line shape.

2 1 month ago
Save as SVG

Please add the ability to save as an .svg file.

115 1 month ago
Single-window mode with toolbox docking

A single-window mode with toolbox docking, similar to the one available in GIMP, would be a nice addition. Using the app in full screen mode virtually

1 1 month ago
Single Window mode (like GIMP 2.8)

Pixelmator is a great app and v2.0 it's a great advance. In the future i think a single window mode will be great. Have a window for the image, anothe

80 1 month ago
Panorama photo stitch

Would be nice to have a photo stitch capability. Something like Autostitch or Adobe Photomerge would be nice.

27 1 month ago
Want support for Windows metafile .WMF

Yes, that would nice: Pixelmator could open and display a Windows metafile, completely edit it (size, shapes, layers, colors) using the vector tools,

0 1 month ago
Help - how to set opacity of brush tool to tablet pressure?

Hello, Pixelmator's brushes seem to only allow mapping pen pressure to parameter called "flow" - which is totally useless. In the end it makes all

38 1 month ago
Import Photoshop Pattern and Shape Files

I'm really enjoying Pixelmator a lot, but its hard to find a lot of shape files and also there are often pattern files in Photoshop format that would

0 1 month ago
Export Hotkey

Would be handy if the Export option could be triggered with a hotkey. Mousing over to the File menu every time is probably my biggest bottle neck when

1 1 month ago
Cluttered and too fussy.... but good potential.

As you can see there is a lot of background clutter which makes using this complicated. I tried using MAC's different desktops but I have three monito

0 1 month ago
Photo Merge pro tools: Panorama, HDR, auto-object removal

Hello Pixelmator team, I really wish for doing some advanced photo processing using the Pixelmator's ease of use and kick-ass UI. Once a super robu

3 1 month ago
Support for large format files

It would be nice, if Pixelmator would support psb or maybe files such as kro. I'm doing a lot of panoramas in Gigapano that are too big for tiff.

0 1 month ago
Batch workflows

One of my favourite feature of photoshop is batch actions, it can record many actions in a row and do them in batch. it would be pretty useful if you

1 1 month ago
Lens Distortion correction

Here's a vote for the inclusion of some kind of lens distortion correction - I have an iphone and an olloclip - horrible barrelling - currently having

15 1 month ago
Arrange text along a path

A very useful tool would be to be able to arrange text along a path be it a Circle, the edges of a star, or following the edges of flower petals etc.

1 2 months ago
Perspective Control

Perspective control would be an amazing feature for Pixelmator on iOS. I'm not sure if Pixelmator for Mac already has this.

0 2 months ago
Warp Tool Needed to create Arced Rectangle!

New to Pixelmator and very disappointed that there is no warp tool, like in Photoshop, to create an arc effect from a rectangular shape around another

0 2 months ago
Keyboard shortcuts in dialogs, especially Cmd+D for Delete

My most common scenario is to open an image, make some edits, then Export it to a flat PNG or JPG. Then I want to close the working image, but I rarel

0 2 months ago
Paint Bucket for iOS

I feel like I'm missing something here. Is there an option to use paint bucket to fill an area?

1 2 months ago
Scroll past edges of the image canvas

I've seen this posted elsewhere (e.g. under the fullscreen mode), but this problem really plagues both fullscreen and regular display modes. If I have

62 2 months ago
Hide all Palettes

I'm not sure if this is intended or if my tab button is broken, but I can't toggle the visibility of the floating palettes anymore in v2.

40 2 months ago
Crop from selection

It would be nice if there was a menu entry and shortcut key to crop from a selection.

6 2 months ago
Interpolation options on resize

It would be beyond fantastic to have a choice of interpolation methods when running "image size" and "free transform" operations. In particular I oft

21 3 months ago
How to count all pixels of a certain color?

I'm a pixel artist and need to be able to count how many pixels there are of each color. Ex: 954 Black, 345 Red...etc Can't seem to figure out how to

1 3 months ago
Water ripple effect

Would be good we have an out of the box Water Ripple effect in the Effects Panel. Currently to achieve the same you need to use a combination of tool

0 3 months ago
Any plans for Windows 10?

I have a MacBook Air and iMac that I do a lot of photo editing on, but I also have a powerful Windows 10 desktop that I would love to use Pixelmator.

0 3 months ago
layer’s history

It would great if whenever you add an effect from the effects browser such as CURVES for instance, There is dropdown arrow next to the layer that show

2 3 months ago
How to keep Vectormator from switching back to the move tool

Hi all. I'll give you my use case. I am using Vectormator with a Wacom tablet. I want to keep the freeform pen tool selected so that I can sketch out

2 3 months ago
Frequency separation

Hi, I have quickly browsed the feature requests board but could not find anything about frequency separation. It would be great if this feature can b

0 3 months ago
Transform/Warp addition

In Photoshop I use transform/warp quite a bit and would love to see it in Pixelmator. Thanks much! t

20 3 months ago
Channels feature as you can see in Photoshop is needed.

Pixelmator's very useful tool for me, and this is the primary graphics editing tool I use. However, I still miss Photoshop just because of CHANNELS f

13 3 months ago
Shadow Effects

It'd be nice to have basic shadow effects such as outer and inner shadow effects.

1 3 months ago
Proper Alpha Channel support!

Hi, Every year or so, I get fed up with not having a good alternative to Photoshop on Mac. So I come back, check out Pixelmator to see if you've adde

4 3 months ago
More preinstalled Filters/Effects and iMessage Integration

Hello guys, i really love your effects. But more preinstalled Filters would be so great. I know pixelmator is more for professionals or semi-professi

0 4 months ago
Auto-Center/Alignment Horizontal/Alignment Vertical

Hello everyone, sorry for making a new post about this but I think it's good to remind Pixelmator engineers about this simple feature. I like Pixelma

23 4 months ago

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