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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 4 years ago
Recent file list length

How do I increase pixelmator recent file list length?

1 4 months ago
Unable to move layers

I have two layers, the 2nd layer I inserted I want to be in back of the 1st layer I inserted. I tried "Option + CMD + { & Cmd + { each case, the 2

1 5 months ago
How do I create an imag with two or more photos of the same

I need to make some composite images for my business. As you can see in the sample images they consist of two or more images superimposed over a gradi

1 5 months ago
Curve Text

I have tried everything but I just cannot find the option to curve text I am trying to create a seal with my company name and logo but I am not able t

1 5 months ago
Photo Management With Pixelmator

Does anyone have a recommendation of software that works well as a photo manager/organizer with Pixelmator? I like Pixelmator, but find using Photos t

0 5 months ago
Measurement Tool

Is there a way to measure between two points in my image? I need to scale a portrait using a measurement card or ruler. i do this in PS by measuring t

2 5 months ago
Copy and paste visible only

Thanks in advance for help. Moving to Pixelmator from Photoshop. A key part of my workflow in PS was Shift Cmd Copy (Mac) which copies visible and the

2 5 months ago
Restoring old photo with mildew

I have on hold picture that I would like to restore (a small copy below). The big spots are done well with the repair tool but I am having trouble wit

2 5 months ago
How would I create a vector grid?

Is it possible to create a grid of an arbitrary size as a vector? If so, how would I do this? I'm trying to make a grid 151 x 33 squares. Thanks

1 5 months ago
Create Double Sided Documents

Does anyone know how to create a double sided document to send to print? I am creating a bi-folded,full page brochure (picture a full page real estate

1 6 months ago
I want cmd+s to save my .jpeg file

This is what I want: I open a .jpeg file in Pixelmator from my harddisk. I resize the picture and now I want to hit cmd-s so that the picture is saved

2 6 months ago
adding a layer using an already created pixelmator image

When i open an image and want to add a layer by inserting from pixelmator, it will show my image thumbnails in faded (muted) color, and tapping on the

1 6 months ago
Color change when export to PDF (Grey --> Yellow-tone grey)

Hello, for a customer i create cards, but when i export the image to an PDF, it looks yellow in stead of grey, how is this possible, can i fix this? I

3 6 months ago
Increase layer size for a collage - resampling conundrum

Hello, I am building a large panorama collage out of many panoramas. As you can imagine, there is a lot of resizing of each image in order to fit wit

0 6 months ago
How to superimpose 2 layers perfectly?

In a composition, I want to replace the screen of an iphone with a new image. The original screen is already a layer in a psd file. My image is a flat

0 7 months ago
.psd exports to Final Cut X.3.2

I can export a psd layered image to Final Cut and edit it, but when Final Cut is closed and re-opened the image is lacking a 'plug-in', something that

1 7 months ago
How i can get this tools Clone,Light,Color,Soften and Sharpe

How i can get this tools Clone,Light,Color,Soften and Sharpen ? i got only Repairer ? http://…/1111.png

4 7 months ago
How to make a 3D Book cover using Pixelmator

Please is it possible to use Pixelmator to make a 3D book cover? Can you use mock ups with smart objects to do this? The ones I see are designed for P

1 7 months ago
Prevent from text rasterization

Hello, is there any way to prevent Pixelmator from text rasterization? I'd like to have texts in PDF as vector like files exported from Photoshop or

1 7 months ago
Merge several different Pixelmator projects into one series?

Is it possible to merge several different Pixelmator projects into one series? I am creating a portfolio right now and having to open each page is ver

1 7 months ago
PSD Layer Comps

I have PSD files with Layer Comps in addition to the the normal layers that I'm trying to import. Appears this is not supported in Pixelmator. Does an

1 7 months ago
How to create rays of light?

I need your help, I have to create a light effect, rays of light from an object (source) which pass through the transparency of another object. For ex

1 7 months ago
Resolution when resizing

Hi everyone! I 've been trying some new things out, mainly resizing. When I resize an image to 270 Pixel Width x 360 Pixel Height it makes the origina

1 7 months ago

Hi one Question how I have to press the keys to use option + shortcuts sounds stupid but I can't get it to work for may Wacom intuos pro Thanks for

0 7 months ago
Correcting Skin Imperfections like wrinkles

I have had Pixelmator on Mac for quite a while, but never really learned everything it could do. I have now decided to try using Apple's Photos (inste

1 7 months ago
converting photoshop to pixelmator?

Is it possible to use a file such as this photoshop monopoly template in pixelmator? ... -template/ Can it be

1 7 months ago
Work Space Colors?

I find the dark workspace color, tool windows..ect (not the canvas) very hard on my eyes and was wondering if there is a way to change it from the dar

1 7 months ago
Paintbucket question

When using the Paintbucket tool to fill in a selected area (for instance inside an area that I've drawn with the Brush tool using the same color), a l

3 7 months ago
Create a custom brush from a layer - it doesn't work

Hi everyone, I have seen some tutorials and online guide the possibility to create a new brush by dragging the image created from the layers panel to

2 7 months ago
blurry when rescaling images

Hi, I've set my dpi to 300. But, when trying to make an image smaller, the letters in the image become more blurry. What am I doing wrong? regards,

0 8 months ago
When opening Pixelmator several past photos open

When ever I open Pixelamtor to edit a new photo several other photos open behind that one were recently edited even though in System Preferences Recen

0 8 months ago
How to reduce weight of lines in an illustration?

I have a simple illustration of of a cassette tape. It is a simple two color illustration--black lines on a white background--no shading, shadows, or

1 8 months ago
Pixelmatror Photoshop Download

When a photo is saved as "Photoshop" in pixelmatror, does it have the same qualities as it it came from Photoshop ? Using Anime Studio for animation i

1 8 months ago
Export multiple layers as separate images

I created a drawing which contains 15 layers. Each layer contains a separate image. I would like to export all 15 layers simultaneously yet on their s

3 8 months ago
Help needed resizing maps for printing

I need assistance getting something done using Pixelmator. I am a complete and abject beginner with graphics software of any kind. I play D&D. A

0 8 months ago
can't replace colour

Hi, I have had a logo designed by someone using Photoshop I believe. it's black. I can't seem to change the colour in pixelmator, I'm following the tu

12 8 months ago
Polish Pixelmator 3.6

Is it planned to add the PolishPixelmator because Icreated Polish localization for Pixelmator 3.6 Could You add my translation to official relase? It

0 8 months ago
Crop Tool

The crop tool comes with several pre-set width/height ratios. But I can't find a way to set another ratio. For example, suppose I want to crop to a wi

3 8 months ago
Rules for adding shapes

I am learning Pixelmator and it seems to be my best option for my task. I need to be able to make my own shapes and I have been successful to a degree

2 8 months ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

8 9 months ago
Issue with pasted features on clipboard

Hello, I have a 300 dpi psd document, I copy a part of it and when I create another document with the clipboard information it dumps 72 dpi. Why is t

1 9 months ago
Polygonal Lasso Tool

After Restoring my MacBook Pro & downloading Pixelmator I have Version 3.6 Coroillera. it has no "Polygonal Lasso Tool" How do I get back my Pixel

1 9 months ago
Remove white background

Hello, I'm new to Pixelmator and I would like to learn how to remove a solid white background from a logo.This is something quite easy to do in Photo

2 9 months ago
grow selection

Hello, how let grow a selection for example 4 px ? greetings perry

4 9 months ago
How to invert a scanned film negative?

sorry but i couldn't find this with google or the forum search... i scanned a color film negative to my computer and now need to invert it. when i us

1 9 months ago
Tiff file doesn't preserve layers

Hello, I have an issue exporting to tiff format. When I edit a tiff file with layers and I export it to the same format, the new file doesn't preserv

1 10 months ago
Saving selection marquee

Looked through the forums but no answer. I am currently using a marquee that I need to use again. Is it possible to save a selection so I can use it a

4 10 months ago
Split image 3 equal part to make a tile poster

Hello all, I'm a new basic user of Pixelmator and I would like to divide a pano picture in 3 or 4 equal parts to make a tiled print on 3 or 4 sheets.

4 10 months ago
Workflow Question

I am not currently interested in editing with pixelmator but would like to import photos via an SD card into my iPad pro, tag and rate the JPEGS with

0 10 months ago
Can Pixelmator open movie for exporting as Animated Gif?

Possible now? In the future? I use Pixelmator, except when PS has a feature which it lacks. Thank you for any info!

1 10 months ago

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