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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 4 years ago
Trimming lines and arcs?

I used to do a bunch of drawing and drafting in AutoCAD, and one of the things I loved about it was the ability to "trim" lines and arcs. If you have

3 10 months ago
Text size incorrect for resoulation

Hello, I want to add text to a document using 14pt font. The page resolution is 300dpi. The images I insert are sized correctly, but the text appears

1 10 months ago
Unable to call up Tutorial

Have put a tutorial on "Bookmarks: "Colorizing B&W Photos" yesterday. Today I get an error :Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an interna

1 10 months ago
Considering Pixelmator

Hi, I was just wondering one thing. Recently I have stared a small hobby of making iPhone apps and websites and have been on the search for a good pie

1 10 months ago
Lasso Tool (L)

Selecting "Lasso Tool", I have to select; "Lasso", "Polygonal Lasso Tool", Magnetic Selection". This just started, before I just selected the lasso to

4 11 months ago
how to deselect all in move tool

Hi - When I'm using the move tool, one layer or another is always surrounded by the little white boxes that indicate that something is selected. I wou

1 11 months ago
upgrade to 3.5

How can I upgrade for free if I bought PixelMator on the Pixelmator website and not on the app store?

10 11 months ago
Blur tool ... bleeding ... layers?

I've got a portrait still. I want to create a faux shallow depth of field. I bring in the in-focus photo. I duplicate it. I blur the bottom layer phot

1 11 months ago
brush collections

How do you restore brush collections once deleted, and how do you reset them once you have altered them, I thought I had done the later before, but ca

5 11 months ago
black frame around artwork

Is it possible to remove the black line that surrounds my art in the document window? I find it interfering.

1 11 months ago
When resizing still several times am I losing resolution?

Say I bring in a still, make it small, later decide to make it bigger. Am I losing the original resolution of the still? As I seem to remember would h

1 11 months ago
Creating 'selection' to add image to image, issue...

I have two identical colour images stacked. The bottom image has been desaturated to black and white. I want to make a selection on the top image ...

1 11 months ago
Vectormator Pen Tool

once you create a curved point how do you go back to straight line? in illustrator you can simply click on the last point to 'reset' the point. thank

13 11 months ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

17 11 months ago
hide selection?

In photoshop you can hide the "marching ants" of a selection (press h) in order to make adjustments to the selection without distraction. Is there a w

7 11 months ago
Pasting A Shape On A New Layer.

Ever since I realised that I could convert a selection into a shape (lovely feature by the way) I've been using shapes a lot. When I copy and paste a

5 11 months ago
Largest Canvas size

I am trying to make a print layout needed for printing onto material. I need to do this in actual size. the size of the material (banner) is 3000mm x

1 11 months ago
Overlay but keep transparency?

I followed the colorful bokeh tutorial and I'd like to change it to use a white background. I keep hitting dead ends. Here's what I tried: 1. Run "d

4 11 months ago
Issues with Gaussian Blur

I'm creating drop shadowing by duplicating a layer and applying Gaussian blur, like in this tutorial: ... ow-e

4 11 months ago
Indented (or bulleted) text

I'm relatively new to Pixelmator. I am using it to create small posters with photos and text. I would like to use bullet points, but there does't seem

1 11 months ago
Pixelmator as a genuine pencil-on-paper drawing program

I know Pixelmator is a full-blast image editing program, but I'd like to also be able to use it as a drawing program for my quest to replace my engine

0 11 months ago
Copy and paste????

When I select an area and copy it, I expect to place the paste where I want it, not have it appear at the center of my artwork, where it might not eve

25 11 months ago
Creating a label for a coffee mug

Looking for directions on the bet methods to use in Pixelmator to take a flat label graphic and put it on a flat image of a coffee mug to male it look

0 11 months ago
How do you pronounce Pixelmator?

We've been discussing this at work. How do you pronounce Pixelmator? I say "pixel may turr"

4 11 months ago
Why is my Image-menu missing many tools?

In many tutorials on this site they refer to this Image-menu, and are using tools like: Levels, Auto Enhance, Curves, Color Balance, Brightness and Co

1 11 months ago
Making snow white

I'm looking to just the white balance in some ' Snow Photographs'. On '' I see something tha

3 11 months ago
Color removal

3 1 year ago
transparent background

Would you please help me out with this action. I want to apply atransparent background to an image I want to place on my website. Thanks David

1 1 year ago
How to use color wheel to replace colors

Hi, thanks in advance. I have a task which I suppose is rather simple for someone who knows exactly what to do but I'll benefit a lot from learning it

3 1 year ago
Giving a layer an hourglass shape

I’m doing a book cover that’s basically a layer of text (3 words, big letters, from edge to edge). I want to compress this layer into a hourglass

0 1 year ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

9 1 year ago

Everytime I use a large brush and have an opacity on both my layer and the brush Pixelmator hangs and I have to force quit.

2 1 year ago
How to remove background pixel by pixel?

Hello, I can see there are tools (Eraser and Magic Eraser) that help to make things transparent, but even when I set the Brush to size 1, it's still

1 1 year ago
Is there a function like a LivePaint of the Illustrator?

I heard that there is a function of the LivePaint on the Illustrator. Has the Pixelmator same function? If this answer is YES, let me know how to use

1 1 year ago
Hue/Saturation Problem

Hello All! Hoping someone can help me with this problem. This feature of Pixelmator does not seem to be working correctly anymore, and I can't suss ou

4 7 months ago
How do you disable Snapping?

How do you disable objects snapping to each other in Pixelmator 2.1? In previous versions there were checkbox's in Preferences. I had to restart into

20 1 year ago
Pen keyboard shortcut

Can't find the pen shortcut. Should be P to me. Thanks,

1 1 year ago
Change color of a shape to a graphic design?

I have a black pineapple shape design that I would like to change from black to a print design. The print design is in a Jpeg file. How do I attempt t

0 1 year ago
Make text searchable

When I export a file with text in it as a PDF the text is not searchable but rather saved as an image. Is it possible to export to PDF and make the te

1 1 year ago
Duplicating shapes without moving.

When I duplicate a standard layer the duplicate retains the exact same position as the original. When I duplicate a shape layer, the duplicate is offs

3 1 year ago
Pixelmator Lasso Tool - one second it worked and then not!

So guys! I have just been using the Lasso Tool on the Pixelmator program to cut an image into a hexagon shape and I used it with one photo and worked

1 1 year ago
Shifting or scrolling the canvas when zoomed in

I could have sworn with muscle memory that the space bar allows you to shift the canvas around when you are zoomed in and now it isn't the case. How

4 1 year ago
Rotations do not line up?

Quick question -- I have a triangle. Using a pivot point, I rotate said triangle 45 degrees. I then repeat until I have a full "circle". However, the

1 1 year ago
Default print scale?

How do I get the Print dialog to stop reverting to "Scale to Fit"? Having to manually change it to 100% scale every single time is maddening. Thanks!

1 1 year ago
GoPro - Newbie

Hello, Is there a way to use Pixelmator to remove the GoPro fisheye distortion? I would hate to buy another tool just for that one feature set? Thank

1 1 year ago
Changing skin tones / color

I just purchased this product and I am still very much in the learning stages. I have been able to remove facial blemishes very easily. However I am h

0 1 year ago
Vectormator - saving artwork as a vector or pdf

I created an image which I then save as a pdf which is emailed to a printer company for printing. However they cannot print my image as they are sayin

2 1 year ago
Creative text adjustments

I'm trying to create a text much like "Connecticut" pictured below. Ive figured out how to make the lettering deep. However I cannot figure out if the

2 1 year ago
PNG export for web

Hey guys, I am surprised that when "exporting for web" in the share menu, there is no possibility to change the size nor the quality when dealing with

2 1 year ago
Clone Stamp Tool does not work

I am having issues with the clone stamp tool. I have tried changing many items regarding the file and how I use the tool. After carefully studying the

12 1 year ago

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