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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 5 years ago
Pixelmator Pro

Am I missing something? I don't see Pixelmator Pro in the App Store. How do you purchase it?

1 4 hours ago
RAW support? Pro upgrade?

So what's the story with RAW support? Is it Lightroom-like or do you just render the RAW file and that's that, no altering of exposure/white-balance/e

1 3 days ago
pixelmator retouch problem

The pixelmator retouch is not working properly.... very slow & at first it appears to not change anything at all....then suddenly it just pops up

1 3 days ago
Repair tool

Has anyone else noticed the change in the repair tool in version 3.7? It doesn't seem to have the advanced setting any more.

1 1 week ago
Opening photo files

After updating to iOS 11.03 I can not open my image files in your program ... anything you want to look into -Is there anyone in here that has the sam

0 1 week ago
Disable Resize Confirmation in Pixelmator for Mac?

Every time I resize an object, I get a “Cancel” or “OK” prompt. Is there a way to do disable this prompt?

0 2 weeks ago
iPad Air 2 | reduction in quality when exporting

Hi, when I edit a large megapixel file it will be massively reduced when exporting. Is this a limitation to the iPad app? If I was to upgrade to an iP

0 2 weeks ago
Nikon D850 RAW Support

Pixelmator doesn’t recognize my D850 RAW files. When will support be added for this camera?

1 2 weeks ago
how to update to 3.7 if I didn't buy on the App Store?

I bought Pixelmator directly, years and years ago, not via the App Store. right now I have 3.6. I do not see the option to update anywhere. prior to

10 3 weeks ago
Photos App will not open Pixelmator image

I am using an iMac (macOS 10.12.6) with Safari OS 11.0, and Pixelmator Mount Whitney but cannot open a Pixelmator image with Photos. The dropdown IMAG

1 3 weeks ago
Export as print-ready PDF/X-1a?

I designed a flyer in Pixelmator and now the printer is asking for it in press-readyPDF (probablyPDF/X-1a), with bleed, and in CMYK. How can I export

2 4 weeks ago
Trying to use a brush and have it make sense - no luck

I have a circle for the brush, say 1" across on a high res monitor. I select a brush, pretty much ANY brush, and I click to draw. The stupid thing dra

0 5 weeks ago

I have a dark looking stained glass window image. Can I apply backlighting to brighten up the colors?

0 5 weeks ago
problem with exporting PXM files to PNG and TIFF

when I tried exporting a with multiple layers to PNG and then to TIFF, I had the same problem: all the layers, including the partially transparent one

2 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator and color space

Hello. Been awhile since I had any time to process any of my archived images (film scans) but now back a bit and finding some things I don't like. F

0 6 weeks ago
Brushes stopped working!

Suddenly the paint brush has ceased to work. No matter what I select in the brush options, nothing happens. What did I do wrong?

1 1 month ago
Crop to selection doesn't work (sometimes)

I can't figure out how to crop to a selection. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn't. What am I doing wrong? I made a video: https://www.yout

1 1 month ago
name change ?

Hi, looking forward for the new pixelmator pro app (and the vectormator one) Just a thought : pi-xel-ma-tor vec-tor-ma-tor just sound so robotic,

1 1 month ago
Best way to create a grid collage

I would like to create a large 120cm x 80cm photo collage with about 480 photos on. Is there a good way of creating collages like this in Pixelmator o

0 1 month ago
Should I buy Pixelmator or wait for Pixelmator Pro ?

I'm switching from Adobe Fireworks CS3. I do not work with Photoshop because I use very little features just for exporting images for websites and Fir

1 1 month ago
Pixelmator Pro RAW Support

I am looking at the new Pixelmator Pro page and am considering as a replacement for Adobe Lightroom. I understand they are different in terms of style

1 1 month ago
How do you pronounce Pixelmator?

We've been discussing this at work. How do you pronounce Pixelmator? I say "pixel may turr"

5 1 month ago
Stretch a slice (layer?) without the whole thing resizing

Sorry that's a bad description. Basically, I'm trying to extend a band of color horizontally (think a red band in the middle of a white image) but not

1 1 month ago
use pixelmator as editor in stead of Photos app

I use the Apple Photos app and would just like to use Pixelmator to edit photos and save them on the fly as a new version. No copying to and from the

1 1 month ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

10 1 month ago
Licensing Pixelmator for multiple Macs

I’d like to install Pixelmator on two machines (a MBP and a Mini). Do I have to purchase two licenses? I thought that all software purchased through

2 1 month ago
How do you rotate the crop rectangle?

I mean make it portrait or landscape? Pixelmator for iPad v2.3.1. Thank you.

0 1 month ago
New Gradient

Hi, I'm pretty new to Pixelmator and am having a good time finding out what it can do. Now, I have a question. Is it possible to create a new gradie

1 2 months ago
How to create a black background for my BW image?

I have not been using Pixelmator long and would really like to create a black background for some of my BW images. Any idea how to do this. Thanks

1 2 months ago
Make Images for Retina Screens?

I have a retina screen. When I made an image in Pixelmator it looks sharp and lovely. When saving and viewing on the web the image doubles in size and

1 2 months ago
May I choose image size when creating new file with Pixelmat

May I choose image size when creating new file with Pixelmator? Let's say, can I choose to create image with size of 4000X4000 pixel?

1 2 months ago
I can't edit text from a PSD file

I have a very simple PSD file with just a few layers. The only layer I need to edit is the text. When I click on the layer, I'm unable to edit the tex

1 3 months ago
How do you disable Snapping?

How do you disable objects snapping to each other in Pixelmator 2.1? In previous versions there were checkbox's in Preferences. I had to restart into

21 3 months ago
zoom level? Command + to zoom?

I want to zoom in using the command + keyboard shortcut but when I do this I get only 100%. Is there a way to get the exact zoom level that I want?Som

1 3 months ago
How to change grid color of transparency checkerboard

Hi, I would like to change the grid color of the transparency checkerboard background to a darker color. I saw in an old Pixelmator manual that there

3 3 months ago
How do I apply this Greek vase portrait effect?

Hi, For example, see three photos of Greek vase paintings: Compare to the results: 1) Spiderman:

1 3 months ago
Fill shape with an image?

Hello - I've been through all the menus and tried various things; perhaps this is obvious but I'm trying to select an image as the "fill" for a shape.

1 3 months ago
Is there any way to separate info bar?

I'm just wondering, is there any way to detach info bar? I want to use the info bar as separate and independent view.

1 3 months ago
High resolution font

Hi I'm currently making a simple productdesign including some text. I set Pixelmator to 300 dpi and this works for the pictures, that are also in 300

0 3 months ago
Red eyes

Where can i find red eye correction?

2 3 months ago
Curved line?

I want to make a header image with the bottom curved, like this: How do I crop an image so the bottom is curved? Thank

1 3 months ago
Gradient transparency.

I am trying to fade a picture to being transparent. How can I do this? The picture is a union jack and I would like to fade it out to nothing so only

5 3 months ago
HEIF (.heic) Support

Hey Guys, No doubt you're aware Apple dropped a promising new image and video format on us for iOS 11. I know it's VERY new, but any idea when you mi

0 4 months ago
Clone Stamp Tool does not work

I am having issues with the clone stamp tool. I have tried changing many items regarding the file and how I use the tool. After carefully studying the

13 4 months ago
Create Custom Edge

What is the easiest way to create a custom edge in Pixelmator similar to this image?

0 4 months ago
Should I Buy

I just got an iPad Pro and I'm looking for a powerful photo editor to replace my desktop workflow. I would just like to know if Pixelmator for iOS sup

3 4 months ago
Simple Layer Composit

I have a client that want to create a bunch of 5x7 inch print masters. They will have a 5x7 inch white background jpg and would like to place a smalle

1 4 months ago
how can i get this effect?

I got my first design client and he wants me to do something like this. I don't see a way to upload images so here is a link to the desired affect via

2 4 months ago
TIFF compression

If you export an image in TIFF format with "compression", what type of compression does it use, and is it lossless? Also is there any way to batch co

2 4 months ago
How to count all pixels of a certain color?

I'm a pixel artist and need to be able to count how many pixels there are of each color. Ex: 954 Black, 345 Red...etc Can't seem to figure out how to

1 4 months ago

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