Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 3 years ago
Prevent "rounded" corners when using Refine Selection?

Please see the below image - when you make a selection in Pixelmator, I cant determine how to turn off these rounded corners when using Refine Selecti

1 5 hours ago
How to best reduce sensor noise?

Hi guys, what's the best way to reduce sensor noise (color noise and/or luminance noise) with Pixelmator? It looks like there's no specialized filter

5 2 days ago
resize canvas crop image

Hi, When I crop a photo it automatically resizes the canvas size to the photo size, when I change the canvas size back to what I want it automatically

0 2 days ago
Reducing size of image using transform leaves a ghost

Hi, I'm not sure whether or not the problem I am having is a bug, or just a stupid setting that I have on for some reason. Whenever I make an image

3 2 days ago
Changing resolution on photos

I am an amateur and only do basic editing for my website and fun. However, sometimes I like to have my work printed by APPLE. However, when I go to or

1 2 days ago
Batch editing 360° photography for white background

I finally got my 360° system up and running and will now need a swift method to edit all of the imagery spat out! Please could somebody point me to

0 3 days ago
unable to export images using 3.2.1 and Yosemite

recently, when ever I try to export an image, such as a PXM to PNG or JPG, I get the following error: The document “the-file-being-editied.pxm” c

31 1 week ago
Wacom vs Pixelmator

Can anyone explain the difference between Wacom and PXM? What can One do that other cannot?If I can accomplish the same effects with PXM I can save su

2 1 week ago

Hello to all. I'm new to Pixelmator. I have looked and researched to see if there is a way to make the tool area bigger. I can barely see the tiny ico

1 1 week ago
Pixelmator purchase

since I couldn't find any licensing FAQ on the site, I'm posting my question here: In 2012 I purchased Pixelmatorv2.0.4 through the itunes store. I w

4 1 week ago
Import photoshop styles?

I read where you can import photoshop brushes into Pixelmator, but can you also import styles? If so, then how? Thanks.

2 1 week ago
Effects only half applied

I made a selection in an image. I then created a new layer with this selection. Then I tried to apply the exposure correction. It will only apply it

1 1 week ago
Cropping Layer

I am trying to crop something on one layer (there are around 8 layers total). Whenever I try it ends up cropping everything. Is there a way to crop j

2 2 weeks ago
Tool Panel Locations

New user here. How can you pin down the locations of the tool panels so that they start up in the same place each time?

0 2 weeks ago
Live Text Preview

Hello, Great software, but I had a question and was perhaps wondering if I am missing something. In using the text type tool, I have been unable to

1 3 weeks ago
How do you disable Snapping?

How do you disable objects snapping to each other in Pixelmator 2.1? In previous versions there were checkbox's in Preferences. I had to restart into

19 3 weeks ago
Fill the background with an image

Sorry for the dumb question but being a graphic creative is really out of my reach... Simple question: I have a small image which I would like to use

6 4 weeks ago
Image Hose?

Sorry if the answer is somewhere in the Forums, I tried searching for "image hose" but had no luck. I've got some mountains that I've sketched that I'

0 4 weeks ago
COpy and paste Hello, As can be seen in the above figure, i wante

2 4 weeks ago
Strange Shadow

The problem is, when I try to change the size of a layer, there comes its shadow. even i reinstalled the APP, the problem still exists. To make it cle

1 4 weeks ago
Gradient tool with Font as Shape

Ok, i'm following the tutorial to a T on changing the color of my texts. In the image you can see that the letter is supposed to be filled with a grad

1 4 weeks ago
using .eps files

Hello: After looking through the specs and also the forums I can't find any way to do one thing I need to do. When finishing my editing, I need to pu

1 4 weeks ago
Reduce Color for T-shirt Printing

Im trying to upload an image to TeeSpring and it says it has too many colors. It says Max ten colors. There was a way in Photoshop years ago where y

0 4 weeks ago
Adjusting the radius of the Rounded Rectangle Shape tool

I couldn't find the option for setting the size of the radius.

1 4 weeks ago

Hi I would like to save PNG files with transparent backgrounds conserved. Not sure how to do that. Thanks

2 5 weeks ago
Yellow Background with no image on screen

Hi All! Any idea what I've done here? Every new or old image I open up just displays this hashed yellow background. If I draw on it then I can see th

5 5 weeks ago
Sill question...images not showing checkerboard instead?

I seem to be having an issue and everytime I open any image in pixelmator all I get is a yellow checkerboard instead?

3 5 weeks ago
Problem With "Crop"

Selecting "Crop", the curser will not move the selected spot. This just happened without any downloads that could cause such a function. Also I have c

4 5 weeks ago
How to edit previous effect settings

Hi, I can't find the way to modify an existing applied effect to a layer image. I can see settings only when I add it but after how to do changes to

1 5 weeks ago
Cartoon Effect!?

Hi i'm StevieE I'm using pixelmator 3.2 I have a question im looking to make a cartoonish effect on a photo like in the photo below (Left side with o

1 5 weeks ago
Font Issues Font Issuesss

Hi I'm Stevie when I'm working in pixelmator 3.2 for some reason when I use the text function the font/text always shows up transparent just an outlin

3 6 weeks ago
Is it possible to Export with one click or button press?

My workflow would be speedier if I could re-export a PNG I've got open to the same file with one keyboard shortcut. Is this possible?

2 6 weeks ago
How to print large canvas over multiple pages?

I wanted to print a large "poster", and intended to tape together many pages printed from my laser printer. I set up the image with a large Canvas of

1 6 weeks ago
Is it possible to resize shapes by using the keyboard?

Hi, I have some shapes that were drawn in Vectormator. I'd like to resize them (lengthen a line, for example) but clicking and dragging is imprecise f

1 6 weeks ago
Ios Pixelmator's Brushes with osx Pixelmator ?

hi, Lovind iOS brushes set. inking brushes are better than Procreate's one (but some lags at 600 dpi A4). I'm looking to import similar brushes set

0 7 weeks ago
How can I subtract text from a shape?

I know you can subtract shapes from other shapes, but can you subtract text from a shape? My project is just a background image and a white circle sha

3 1 month ago
I don't know how to add sellection

If i select at first , and more select or erase little bit. how to do? I use ipad air2 i can't speak english well;;; i will write korean same thing 처음에 선택을 하고 거기서 빼거나 더하려면 어떻게 해야하나요

0 1 month ago
checkered board

HI, I am new to pixelmator and have watched some of the tutorials, but they do not seem to be consistent to my software. When I open a new photo in pi

1 1 month ago
Measurement Tool

Is there a way to measure between two points in my image? I need to scale a portrait using a measurement card or ruler. i do this in PS by measuring t

0 1 month ago
Dutch language

Is it planned to add the Dutchlanguagein Pixelmator?

3 1 month ago
Select, copy, paste or edit a single pixel

Apologies if this is silly basic question but I, nonetheless, have been struggling with this for a while now and would really appreciate some straight

1 1 month ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

8 1 month ago
Making sharp squared off pixels

I'm a retired newbie who enjoys book folding as a hobby. I can make designs in black and white using the vertical bars feature and the clipping mask.

1 1 month ago
Crop or Trim to Selection?

Is it possible to make a selection (with selection tool, magic wand, etc.) then crop or trim to that selection? The Crop tool is separate from the sel

1 1 month ago
Apple's Photos Extensions and More

I do luv using Pixelmator, it's been fast, easy/simple to use, and has done the work it's been tasked to perform, so I'm leery of upgrading my OS--sti

2 1 month ago
Trying to use PNG file for SD video and it's not high res...

I am producing a movie in iMovie and using a PNG file with type so I can do a picture in picture in iMovie (need type/copy over video) so just the wor

1 1 month ago
Quality export

Hi, Can you explain me why each time I export to png the quality is bad like this example please?

3 1 month ago
Beginner needs help !

Hi everyone .. I'm hope one of you amazing people can help me ! Im hoping to design a DL flyer for my business so i can get it printed it out in the

1 1 month ago
External effects

Is it now possible to view the names/functions of the FX Factory effects that appeared after installing that software for FCPX? Thanks - Ronald

1 1 month ago
What happened to the Smudge tool?

I needed to smudge the edges of a photo that's part of a collage, but I can no longer find the Smudge tool. How do I go about achieving that effect no

2 1 month ago

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