Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Clone Stamp Tool does not work

I am having issues with the clone stamp tool. I have tried changing many items regarding the file and how I use the tool. After carefully studying the

9 3 hours ago
Convert Layers to Sprite Sheet?

Hi - I'm new to the forum, so please feel free to guide me if this question should be asked elsewhere. I'm trying to take an animation stack of 145 l

0 3 hours ago
Im A new Here Welcome :)

وظائف الاهرام اليوم الاحد 1-2-2015 وظائف الوسيط اليوم الاحد 1-2-2015 وظائف الاتحاد اليوم الاحد

0 12 hours ago
Photo Browser-Not showing recently added photos (ver 3.3.1)

The photo browser doesn't show some photos that were just added to one of my folders. Is there a way to refresh/update the photo browser so I can see

0 13 hours ago
clone stamp

What am I doing wrong? I select a source with clone stamp. When I start to paint with it, it starts with my selected source, but then as I move the br

1 17 hours ago
unable to export images using 3.2.1 and Yosemite

recently, when ever I try to export an image, such as a PXM to PNG or JPG, I get the following error: The document “the-file-being-editied.pxm” c

26 1 day ago

Anyone knows?

11 2 days ago
Is there a way to scan canvas view

I am pretty new to Pixelmator, but I love it already. I have a question. On photoshop there is a way to view your canvas and the work on your canvas w

1 3 days ago
Question about image size when dragged into existing project

Hi! I'm pretty new to Pixelmator and trying to get the hang of things and I have been having an issue that's really been bothering me, and I'd love to

1 3 days ago
How can I trace over poor quality scanned lines?

I work with floorplans and often need to produce a clear version of a poor quality scan. For example, the lines of the floorplan might be grainy and a

0 1 week ago
I can't get into vectormator mode

I want to get into vectormator mode by shortcut key cmd+shift+v, but it doesn't work. The pixelmator remains still and there is no change. I tried it

1 1 week ago
brush collections

How do you restore brush collections once deleted, and how do you reset them once you have altered them, I thought I had done the later before, but ca

3 1 week ago
FIle Size

Hi, I'm wondering why Pixelmator files are so big. I just created a file that consists of three layers that I created by dragging Canon EOS 70D RAW F

1 1 week ago
Changing Filename

I go to file, open. How do I change the names of the image files in the window that pops up? Thanks, Jon

1 1 week ago
Dispersion Effect

What is the least time consuming method of creating a dispersion effect in Pixelmator?

0 1 week ago
Hide all Pixelmator Insprevtor Windows

Hey! Since some versions I miss a very useful shortcut and the corresponding feature. Back in den days I was able to hide every window of Pixelmator (

2 2 weeks ago
Edit/Pasting to, and Making a Selection from a Mask

Goal: being able to make selection from a grayscale image or a mask so that the selection is a range of 0% to 100% opacity. This would allow one to fi

3 2 weeks ago
Can Pixelmator create favicons?

If so, how? thank you! w

4 2 weeks ago

Hello My image is 105mm x 148mm. WIth the rules I've placed 4 lines at each edge of this image, but now I need a 2mm bleed at every side. I've tried

1 2 weeks ago
Create pencil brush...pencil side not pencil point?

Trying to create a brush that has the look of drawing with a pencil on the "side" ie with the entire lead on paper as opposed to just the point... an

1 2 weeks ago
Levels Preview

Is there a way to preview and compare "levels" changes?

3 2 weeks ago
Large file size after save

Currently running Pixelmator 3.3.1 under OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and I'm wondering why file size grows exponentially after doing a save? I am opening a

1 2 weeks ago
Any pre-made templates available... maybe for mobile dev?

hi everyone, I'm new around here and currently evaluating PIXELMATOR vs SKETCH3 and noticed they offer several pre-made templates that makes it really

1 2 weeks ago
Keyboard shortcut to change brush size on a german keyboard

I know you can change the brush size with but on a german keyboard we don't have keys for that (we have to use Alt + 5/6 so get ) But in this way I c

3 3 weeks ago
"crop selected layer" not working?

Hi! I'm trying to crop just one image layer in a pxm file and even though I select only the layer to be cropped and deselect all others, all other lay

2 3 weeks ago
Possible to create custom color from a jpg image?

I would like to create a custom color from a picture of a granite slab and then use that color to fill in a picture of my kitchen countertop. Is it po

4 3 weeks ago
Automator > Change Type of Images: set JPEG quality?

I find that Pixelmator is the best .CR2 -> .JPG software I can find. But I need to automate it to get my job done (I have lots of raw images all ov

2 3 weeks ago
New layer via cut?

Photoshop has Ctrl-Shift-J for a new layer via cut. Is this possible in Pixelmator?

3 4 weeks ago
Brush settings for painting

Iv watched many speed paintings and would like to know the settings they use for painting with?

1 4 weeks ago
Duplicate a layer without the duplicate layer being offset?

Is it possible to duplicate a layer without the new layer being offset from the original layer? I need the duplicate layer to be in the exact same spo

1 4 weeks ago
Can Pixelmator "vectorize" a pixel image?

See title – looking to turn a pixel image into a vector (svg) image Thanks! :)

1 4 weeks ago

Cropping tool can only be grabbed by the corners, can't grab the sides to fit the subject.

1 4 weeks ago
sizing issues

Hi, I am very new to this and at first sight this app is great. I have lots of questions but the first two questions are: 1. eventually i will be prin

2 5 weeks ago
how to change the units of ruler from pixels to cm

Hi, Is there a possibility where I can change the units of the ruler from pixels to cm. Or is there any measuring unit ? Please help.

2 5 weeks ago
Editing previously added effects

Does anyone know if it is possible to edit effects that were added previously. I find it frustrating that my only option(as far as i can tell) is to u

3 5 weeks ago
Dutch language

Is it planned to add the Dutchlanguagein Pixelmator?

1 5 weeks ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

14 5 weeks ago
How to Disable Layers when Using Shapes?

Could someone please help me? You know when you're using the shape tool and it automatically creates a new layer when you put the shape in? Is there

1 5 weeks ago
Is there a stepped undo feature?

Want to undo a filter 3 steps back on a photo I am working on, but keep the changes before and after that step. Anyway to do it in Version 3.3 Limesto

2 6 weeks ago

Is there a way to have the modules connected like other apps ? What I mean is the Tools, Layers, Browser, etc.

1 6 weeks ago
Prevent defaulting to the "Move" tool

I am using a Wacom graphics tablet with Pixelmator and it works great. However, one frustration that I have involves the use of the "freeform pen tool"

3 7 weeks ago
Is 3.3.0 still available somehow?

I'm keen to try (and hopefully then buy) Pixelmator, but I don't want to update to 10.10 due to issues with other software I'm using. Is an OS update

1 7 weeks ago
Icon for custom brush?

I made a brush, but in the brushes palette there's just a blank square where the brush is. How do you get an icon to sit in that square for the brush

3 1 month ago
Specifically select only white areas in an image

Hi all! Often I use the select tool and the "Magic Wand Tool" to select the areas that I want. Now I am in a situation where I have a black and whit

1 1 month ago
does Pixelmator make helpd to connect to

I have been getting connection requests in Little Snitch that say that helpd wants to connect to, and thereafter to

3 1 month ago
Where is the rest of my tool bar?

I got on Pixelmator the other day and noticed that I do not have access to many features usually listed on the tool bar. I cannot find out how to brin

1 1 month ago

just installed the update to 3.3.1 Can't get pinch-zoom to work. Mavericks 10.9.5. What am I doing wrong ?

1 1 month ago
Magic Wand

Hello, I have bought recent Pixelmator. I don't know very about Pixelmator. I have a question about a magic wand. I want choose one object of genera

1 1 month ago
Clone Stamp Help

Hello I am trying to follow and appropriate a Photoshop tutorial designing a fight poster, and there a section where I need to copy and paste a secti

0 1 month ago
iPad: How to fill a layer?

For the life of me I can't figure out how to fill a layer with a color or gradient. The Fill setting in Tools>Format seems to be for shapes only, n

2 1 month ago

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