Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
changing undo levels

hello, it seems that everytime I merge layers, the undo doesn't "work". Meaning, I can only undo up to the merging of layers . is this correct? can

0 2 hours ago
The file is folder with name of the file and .pxm

Long ago I use pixelmator. 1 years ago I edited the image. Remembering that everything is now stored in icloud, go in there and file no. I go through

2 2 days ago
Snap to grid

How do I do this? There doesn't seem to be an option to do so...

3 3 days ago
Copy Merged?

Hi, is there a possibility to copy selected area to clipboard accross all layers in the selection (to copy what I see in the selection,simply said)?

17 3 days ago
Shadow effect on a circle Hi, Im trying to duplicate the effect in this picture - how d

2 3 days ago
Pixelmator is NOT Retina aware

Pixelmator does not recognize the settings of Retina displays correct. Simple proof: 1. Check in system settings/monitors, that you are using a reso

1 3 days ago
Fill with color leaves corners unfilled.

When I fill a layer with a color, all 4 corners are left un-filled with that color. When I zoom in on the corners, it's as though there's an invisible

3 1 week ago
Pixelmator images smaller in video

Hi, Just wondering why my 1980 X 1080 images from PXM are smaller once imported into FCX. Is it because of the pixel aspect ratio ? How do you export

2 1 week ago
Images appear smaller than they actually are

Just wondering about this quirk I've experienced in Pixelmator. Images in app (whether opened with Pixelmator, created as a new image, whatever) appea

6 2 weeks ago
Can this be solved using Pixelmator?

Hi, Can these (PS) instructions be 'translated' into a Pixelmator version/language? "To insert your product screen in the blank screen area, double-

0 2 weeks ago
hide selection?

In photoshop you can hide the "marching ants" of a selection (press h) in order to make adjustments to the selection without distraction. Is there a w

6 3 weeks ago
Create a brush from layer not working

I'm attempting to create a brush from a layer. I've followed the instructions found in the Help documentation, but it still does not work. I also foun

4 3 weeks ago
Editing previously added effects

Does anyone know if it is possible to edit effects that were added previously. I find it frustrating that my only option(as far as i can tell) is to u

4 3 weeks ago
Back Screen

"Create New Image" screen is black. How do I get it to a default White ?

2 3 weeks ago
Whitepoint controls or eye-dropper?

I'm running v2.1.2. I see in the forums and online searches claims that whitepoint controls are not offered but those posts are pretty old. I'm hoping

6 3 weeks ago
Is there a shortcut to show all layers?

I have an image with many layers. Most are hidden, but a few are visible. Is there a way to make all the hidden ones visible again, in one go? Thanks.

1 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator 3.3.1 and integrated graphics all black image.

Hi! I have an old MBP 15" from 2010 with a bad discrete graphics card. I run gfxCardStatus to prevent my machine to use the discrete card. Just now I

1 3 weeks ago
changing background layer ; how to

I am new to pixelmatr and am trying to change background of image. What are the steps to be taken

1 4 weeks ago
Pixelmator OS X Icon

Can you please update the OS X icon for Pixelmator? It would be helpful if it matched the iOS icon.

3 4 weeks ago
Mulitple Images at irregular canvas size

Hi, I have several images that need to merge into one large picture. The canvas size is a long skinny rectangle (original artwork is 3 11x14 sheets of

1 4 weeks ago
exiting a tool

I feel silly asking this because it should be obvious, but when I use a tool, for instance paint selection, after having created the effect, I cannot

1 4 weeks ago
Add whitespace around images

All, I'm looking at Pixelmator to avoid a photoshop purchase. I do most of my image editing / processing in lightroom, with a need for an external im

1 4 weeks ago
Vectormator - saving artwork as a vector or pdf

I created an image which I then save as a pdf which is emailed to a printer company for printing. However they cannot print my image as they are sayin

1 4 weeks ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

16 4 weeks ago
Copy and paste????

When I select an area and copy it, I expect to place the paste where I want it, not have it appear at the center of my artwork, where it might not eve

23 4 weeks ago
Mac — Wacom Intuos Pro

Hi there, today i bought Intuos Pro. The support for default Wacom setup behaves weird in Pixelmator. I was also trying Autodesk Sketchbook and almost

4 4 weeks ago
Jumbled text

Whenever I open text tool all the letters are jumbled on top of each other and refuse to add any spaces between them - sort of like Extreme Kerning 10

2 4 weeks ago

Hi - can anyone please tell me if it is possible to remove the colours from client logos - I often need to put them on coloured backgrounds, so just n

1 5 weeks ago
Eraser issue

My eraser is square I want round, I had round but now its gone. Where do I go to get it back? Is brush pallet my answer?

5 5 weeks ago
How to edit and save 1 bit color depth images?

Is there a way to edit and save 1 bit black and white images? I'm looking to do some quick cleanup edits of black and white scans of text. Since I'm

3 6 weeks ago
The language about Pixelmatr for Mac

I'm a guy who like to edit pictures, Pixelmator is a fantastic photo editing app. Since you did demo at the WWDC 2014, lots of my friends turn to like

1 6 weeks ago
Photo Browser-Not showing recently added photos (ver 3.3.1)

The photo browser doesn't show some photos that were just added to one of my folders. Is there a way to refresh/update the photo browser so I can see

2 6 weeks ago
printing photos

how would i place two 5x7 photos on 1 8.5x11 sheet for printing?

1 6 weeks ago
Cropping multiple images so they are identical: How???

I have a sequence of time lapse images shot from a fixed camera position. They are almost exactly the same, but due to slight differences in slide reg

0 6 weeks ago
Change color for gradient

Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I´m very new to pixelmator and i´m getting in trouble with the gradient tool. I simply want to cha

1 7 weeks ago
How to convert into CYMK

Hi, the printers shop requests a PDF/X1:2001 PDF 1.3 file with CYMK color profile. Does anybody know how to get it with Pixelmator ? Thanks in advan

0 1 month ago
clone stamp

What am I doing wrong? I select a source with clone stamp. When I start to paint with it, it starts with my selected source, but then as I move the br

2 1 month ago
unable to export images using 3.2.1 and Yosemite

recently, when ever I try to export an image, such as a PXM to PNG or JPG, I get the following error: The document “the-file-being-editied.pxm” c

27 1 month ago
Clone Stamp Tool does not work

I am having issues with the clone stamp tool. I have tried changing many items regarding the file and how I use the tool. After carefully studying the

9 1 month ago
Convert Layers to Sprite Sheet?

Hi - I'm new to the forum, so please feel free to guide me if this question should be asked elsewhere. I'm trying to take an animation stack of 145 l

0 1 month ago

Anyone knows?

11 1 month ago
Is there a way to scan canvas view

I am pretty new to Pixelmator, but I love it already. I have a question. On photoshop there is a way to view your canvas and the work on your canvas w

1 1 month ago
Question about image size when dragged into existing project

Hi! I'm pretty new to Pixelmator and trying to get the hang of things and I have been having an issue that's really been bothering me, and I'd love to

1 1 month ago
How can I trace over poor quality scanned lines?

I work with floorplans and often need to produce a clear version of a poor quality scan. For example, the lines of the floorplan might be grainy and a

0 1 month ago
I can't get into vectormator mode

I want to get into vectormator mode by shortcut key cmd+shift+v, but it doesn't work. The pixelmator remains still and there is no change. I tried it

1 1 month ago
brush collections

How do you restore brush collections once deleted, and how do you reset them once you have altered them, I thought I had done the later before, but ca

3 1 month ago
FIle Size

Hi, I'm wondering why Pixelmator files are so big. I just created a file that consists of three layers that I created by dragging Canon EOS 70D RAW F

1 1 month ago
Changing Filename

I go to file, open. How do I change the names of the image files in the window that pops up? Thanks, Jon

1 1 month ago
Dispersion Effect

What is the least time consuming method of creating a dispersion effect in Pixelmator?

0 1 month ago
Hide all Pixelmator Insprevtor Windows

Hey! Since some versions I miss a very useful shortcut and the corresponding feature. Back in den days I was able to hide every window of Pixelmator (

2 1 month ago

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