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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Mask to Alpha

Forgive me for my ignorance. I'm relativity new to Pixelmator or for that matter image editing in general. There is one tool available in The Effects

2 1 day ago
Switching colors using keyboard

How can I easily switch between multiple colors using the keyboard? My intention is to use Pixelmator to make "Khan Academy"-style videos (black boar

1 3 days ago
Hot and Cold (clipped) areas and live histograms

I purchased Pixelmatr yesterday, and also have Aperture. All good so far but I need a lot more time using it to form a solid option on it's suitabilit

1 3 days ago
Circular/Tiny planets/Panorama Spheres/Polar Coordinates in

Is this possible in Pixelmator? I have not been able to find any references. In case you are wondering what i am talking about ;-) Here is a link -ht

0 1 week ago
Text shadow controls not displayed in fonts panel

Just downloaded Pixelmator 3.3.2, and I have discovered that I cannot add drop shadows via the font panel. After looking around to try and find out ho

1 1 week ago
Red Eye repair is green not grey or black.

Wether I do red eye fix auto or manual it changes the red to a greenish color and not black or grey. Ive searched all over for a color option and noth

1 2 weeks ago
Resize The Original Layer

I'm creating a business card for print and I need to increase the original size I set it at for print bleed. Is there any way to do this without havin

1 2 weeks ago
Editing bitmaps at the pixel level

Im editing bitmaps and need to edit at the pixel level but there are no square brushes and I have been unable to set up the painting tools the way I n

1 2 weeks ago
How do I make it so that what I click on is what is selected

So whenever I've used Pixelmator, if I clicked on something using the move tool, that's what I was editing. Recently, however, clicking anywhere else

2 2 weeks ago
unable to export images using 3.2.1 and Yosemite

recently, when ever I try to export an image, such as a PXM to PNG or JPG, I get the following error: The document “the-file-being-editied.pxm” c

28 2 weeks ago
Nik Filters

Will Pixelmator ever run The Google Nik Collection filters?

2 2 weeks ago
Shape Text or Things to same shape of background image

Hi, I wanna design Decals for Bicycles. I want to write something on the bike & also put some shapes from internet & custom made shapes on the

1 3 weeks ago
Remove background from a transparent object

Is there a way to remove the background behind (and around of course) a transparent object? Like a glass or a plastic object?

1 3 weeks ago
iPhone GUI Template PSD File of Teehan+Lax not compatible?

Hello folks! I don't know why and couldn't get any more information on when Pixelmator supports which PSDs. One of the most useful GUI Templates is n

2 3 weeks ago
Apply effects with batch?

Hello, I want to apply specific effect with specific settings for more than 500 images. Is there any way to do that? Thanks

2 4 weeks ago
Pixelmator 3.3, Yosemite 10.10.3 and Photos 1.0

I purchased Pixelmator with the intention of editing photos on my MBP, late 2013. When I try to open an image from the menu the Photos affiliated fo

2 4 weeks ago
Adjustments of regions, spots, or objects using gradients.

Hi all, I would like feedback from any user on ways to adjust light and color of a region or a spot in a photo. I prefer effects to be applied with gr

3 4 weeks ago
How to resize a layer?

Please bear with me... I am a programmer trying to improve my web design skills.... I bought a WordPress template so that I could start a site not fr

1 4 weeks ago
Resizing projects after-the-fact?

If I have created a project at 1920x1080 ... and then discover that we need a 1280x720 image on the back end ... is there a way to resize the project

1 4 weeks ago
Editing Merged Layers

I used the Merge Layers command to combine 3 shapes into one. Now I can't find the "Make Editable" command. How can i get the red handles to edit this

3 4 weeks ago
Controlling the frame size of an image within Pixelmatr?

Is there a panel, or drop-down, that lets me change the frame size of an image by clicking in a box and actually typing in the number I want? Rather t

0 4 weeks ago
How do I specify an objects dimensions manually?

I really love Pixelmator, however, there's one thing that's driving me insane! I use Pixelmator for website designs and as one would expect, the desig

2 5 weeks ago
how to move this selection from left to right ?

In image , i have selected a portion. I want to transfer it towards right side by having the background as it is. Please tell me how to do that ? ht

0 5 weeks ago
how to pick and fill color in background ?

I'm new to image editing work and just bought Pixelmator v 3.3.2 for Macbook Pro. i want to create 1170 x 450 i created new file and paste my

1 5 weeks ago
shadows and bleed

What has happened to the ad shadow to text option. It seems to have disappeared?? Also, how do I ad a bleed or crop to artwork in order to make print

1 5 weeks ago
How can I crop an image within a collage?

Hi, When I am making a collage consisting of several photos/layers, I often find myself in the situation that I want to crop an individual photo, but

2 6 weeks ago
How to create several shapes in one layer?

I use the pen tool very often to draw my comics. When I use a pen to draw several shapes, I want to put all them in the same layer, but I don't know h

3 6 weeks ago
Pen tool doesn,t work properly

I'm trying to use the pen tool but I can't reselect a shape to add more points. I followed the instructions in the help file. To close or add more po

1 6 weeks ago
Why is it difficult to use? It's a noobs nightmare.

I'm sorry, but not all of us are familiar with some of the concepts thrown at us noobs in these tutorials. Epic fail.

1 6 weeks ago
gradient to transparency

i am searching for an easy way to apply a gradient transparency to an image. i am finding some steps online but there are many steps and it seems uncl

2 6 weeks ago
Curved Lines

How do you make just a plain and simple curved line? There are options to make straight lines and I'm not able to be precise enough to draw my own eve

1 6 weeks ago
The brush tool is not visible in my tools pallete

I don't see the brush tool in my tools palette. What do I need to do to get this to show up? Thanks!

1 7 weeks ago
Adobe Illustrator to Pixelmator

I have my logo in an Adobe Illustrator file and need to scale it up quite considerably and put it into a Pixelmator file, but Pixelmator does not acce

1 1 month ago
Opening Photos or iPhoto libraries

I am running OS X 10.10.3 and PixelMator does not open my Photos or iPhoto libraries, they are greyed out. In order to get the app to use a photo, I h

1 1 month ago
font size

Hello, The font size in Pixelmator is not the same scale as the font size in Word, is it true? In particular, here is my situation: I have created a d

0 1 month ago
Pen & Touch Tablet

Good Morning, I'm interested in purchasing a touch tablet to use with my MAC Book Pro and with Pixelmator. Any suggestions? I have been doing some sho

0 1 month ago
I want to move from Aperture to Pixelmator

I bought & have had Pixelmator sitting on my mac for a couple of years but never got around to investigating it. Now I think is the moment. I am

1 1 month ago
Dragging picture onto PM icon opens a file open window

Before when I dragged a picture from my browser (Safari) on the Pixelmator icon, the picture opened in Pixelmator. Nowadays the picture does not open

1 1 month ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

6 1 month ago
An easy way to select layer contents?

To restrict the layer so that I can't paint outside of what I've already painted on that layer? Is there a keyboard command, or is it even possible to

2 1 month ago
Export with Transparency

Hello, can you please help me? I am trying to export a .webP image with a transparent background, seems simple right? Well, I spent my hole afternoon

1 1 month ago
Move Individual Transform Handle?

I am trying to move individual handles when doing a transform, but cannot figure out how to do it. For example... If I want to start with a square t

1 1 month ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

5 1 month ago
Please help clarify. it return me to Finder when I click the yellow button in Pixelmator?

1 1 month ago
How to get rid of the iCloud storage nearly full message?

Why do I keep seeing this repeat pop-up message about there not being enough space on iCloud to save my image, I never use it and wasn't aware that I

2 1 month ago

Is there a way of editing parallax on a photo in pixelmator.

5 1 month ago
Is there a way to scroll/arrow through fonts quickly?

Hi, It's hard to just guess what font is going to look good in context; kind of like throwing darts (at least for me it is). For example, for a logo

3 1 month ago
Resizing a lauyer

Just started using Pixelmator. I've got two layers and need to resize one of them. No mater what I do I can only size both images together. I've selec

1 1 month ago
I can't get into vectormator mode

I want to get into vectormator mode by shortcut key cmd+shift+v, but it doesn't work. The pixelmator remains still and there is no change. I tried it

2 1 month ago
Text To Shape color changes.

When I covert text to shape, I can select each letter individually and edit their shape but not color.If I select just one letter and try to change co

1 1 month ago

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