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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago

Hi, I am trying to extract the outline of an image,a dog.I have tried tracer in effects browser which will give me the outline but can't figure out h

7 1 day ago
Cleaning up unwanted parts of an image with eraser(s)

Okay, I've got the diameter happening with the Orange Eraser and have got rid of most of the background with the Purple Eraser (best tool ever!). But.

3 1 day ago
Fill text with a color

Hello, I just got Pixelmator and I stumbled upon a problem after a few minutes. I installed myself a font from the interwebz, which is a 3D font with

2 1 day ago
Automator > Change Type of Images: set JPEG quality?

I find that Pixelmator is the best .CR2 -> .JPG software I can find. But I need to automate it to get my job done (I have lots of raw images all ov

3 2 days ago
Change background colour of the canvas

Hi, i tried searching for this but *everything* I search for is "too general". How can I change the background colour of the canvas? thanks,

2 2 days ago
Mac 10.6.8

I would really like to "try" Pixelmator before buying by using the "free trial" but when I try to download it won't work. I understand that having the

8 3 days ago
Pixelmator 3.3, Yosemite 10.10.3 and Photos 1.0

I purchased Pixelmator with the intention of editing photos on my MBP, late 2013. When I try to open an image from the menu the Photos affiliated fo

1 3 days ago
Advice: how to select border areas between 2 colors

What I mean is that the magic wand does a pretty good job, yet there are times when two areas' colors share some tonality, or hue such that if you go

1 3 days ago
Increasing the width of the eraser tool

Sorry, I know this is a basic question, but I can't find the control to increase the width (or the shape?) of the eraser tool. Any help would be appre

2 3 days ago
Plugin to draw line and distance (in pixel) between layers

I need to draw lines between all the layer of on .pxm file. Is there any plugin or shortcut method for that as I am fed-up drawing lines between compo

1 1 week ago
How to change the sky in a blue sky with clouds

Is it possible to change the sky of an existing image into a blues sky with clouds. he Pisxelmator I use is version 3.3.1 on a Macbook with Yosemite.

3 1 week ago
Brush Tool Hardness

Using the "Brush Tool" & selecting a color with the "Hardness" @ 100% I have to continuously click on the area to get the whole color to cover the

2 1 week ago
merge layers produces white where selection was?

I have a layer where i cut some stuff out. a layer behind of all black. with both layers turned on it looks correct. merge all layers, and there's whi

1 1 week ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

4 1 week ago
Dimension lines like Draftsman or architect dimension line

Hi all, I usually import a plan (model aircraft) in the Pixelmator, lots of times i need to measure parts that will be fabricated, is there a quick ea

2 2 weeks ago

Having a image i.e. such as a face, how do I distort one of the eye's ?

1 2 weeks ago
Pixelated image on using the burn tool

For a quick illustration, been using a colour brush to create a silhouette and then use the dodge and burn tools to create some volume. In pixelmator,

1 2 weeks ago
Copy and Paste remembers old selections

Hi there, I'm relatively new to Pixelmator (and to graphics software in general), so my apologies if this is a silly question. I'm trying to extract

1 2 weeks ago
Is it really a "vector" app?

I'm trying to trace a photo with the pen tool. Drawing the path works beautifully, but the stroke is always rasterized. It's impossible to finish a de

4 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator for OSX 10.8.5

Hello, I'm using MacBookAir with OSX 10.8.5, and I dont want to upgrade to Maverick although its free, because I have to use a new modem and meaby inc

5 3 weeks ago
Brand new to Pixelmator

When I open Pixelmator I get a white Finders window that says Done or Open at the bottom.It does not open into the program itself including when I try

0 3 weeks ago
Transparent Text

I would like to create a white or colored background with transparent text to add in iMovie so a video can been see through the text. I have converted

2 3 weeks ago
Rotate a shape on an axis

I'm looking to rotate a 3D shape on a horizontal axis. I've created a simple example to show what I'm looking to do. Basically created a box and want

4 3 weeks ago
How to cancel out of modifying existing selection?

Hi - I am new to pixelmator. I am now familiar with making selections - adding, subtracting and intersecting them. However - I seem to be missing some

2 3 weeks ago
Can't open picture

I just tried out a drawing in Pixelmator for iPad and before I saved it, i ,merged all the layers. Now I am unable to open it. When I click on it to o

0 3 weeks ago
Blue sky

how can I make a blue sky of an existing picture. in version 3.2. If it is possible, please answer me in dutch.

2 4 weeks ago
Outline remains when moving text converted to pixels.

I am somewhat new to Pixelmator. When I create a text layer - then convert the text to pixels - then perform a Load Selection (either via cmd-opt-L or

5 4 weeks ago
How to fill color selection with gradient

I've selected a pixel of color(white) for color selection from an image and adjusted the radius for full selection of white and greys. When I try to f

5 4 weeks ago
How to know which layer an object is on?

When working with a file has many layers, is there a way to quickly determine which layer an object is on?

1 4 weeks ago
Repair Tool "painted" area changes colors. Why?

Most of the time, when you paint the area to be repaired, you see an orange color. Sometimes, I'll get white or yellow, purple..gray... Is this chang

1 4 weeks ago
Never used Automator (I'm new to Mac) -- have a sec to help?

Hi all, I have a folder of images, all with the same dimensions. I'm hoping to automate something like this: 1) Start a new black document at a part

2 4 weeks ago
Fill the background with an image

Sorry for the dumb question but being a graphic creative is really out of my reach... Simple question: I have a small image which I would like to use

5 4 weeks ago
Pixelated Text

I am trying to create an image with txt only. I am using 300 DPI and when I send to the printer it's not saving as a high res image. What is going on?

2 5 weeks ago
Line caps and joins

Is there a way to modify the round end of a line (or pen shape) from rounded corner to sharp end? I will be interested in changing the curved corners

1 5 weeks ago
Marquee Tool

Is there a way to select part of an image irregularly to emulate a torn document?

2 5 weeks ago
Decrease in IQ when exporting back into LR

I just downloaded Pixelmator yesterday as a supplement to LR. I felt LR had some restrictions so as a PS alternative I decided to give Pixelmator a tr

7 5 weeks ago
gradient to transparency

i am searching for an easy way to apply a gradient transparency to an image. i am finding some steps online but there are many steps and it seems uncl

1 5 weeks ago
How to best reduce sensor noise?

Hi guys, what's the best way to reduce sensor noise (color noise and/or luminance noise) with Pixelmator? It looks like there's no specialized filter

2 5 weeks ago
Crop tools wants to snap to perimeter of canvas. Why?

I've been meaning to ask for some time..why does the crop tool want to snap to the perimeter of the canvas? When I I want to come in just a couple pix

3 6 weeks ago
Illustrator to Pixelamtor

Is there a way to take an Adboe Illustrator file and convert it to Pixelmator? Thanks

2 6 weeks ago
Color library won't open

Hello I have just transferred all my Pixelmator 3.2.1 files onto a new iMac OSX 10.9.2. Everything is working OK, except that the color libraries whic

2 6 weeks ago
Question about duplicating a layer containing Gaussian Blur

I am relatively new to Pixelmator and graphics editing. I'm using Version 3.3.1 Limestone (41204). I have a basic layer duplication question involving

2 6 weeks ago
Creating spirals

Hi everyone, I need to create some spirals in Pixelmator (see example image). Does know how or have a custom shape that they can share? I've searched

3 6 weeks ago
Selections with Pen Tool 'Photoshop-style'

Hi, I'm struggling with a simple Photoshop trick in Pixelmator: making selections with the pen tool. In Photoshop, you can pick up the path or ctrl-c

1 7 weeks ago
White Image is Transparent When I Upload It

I am very new to graphic art. I bought this software to create t-shirt designs for a charity. I have been trying to create a white silhouette of vario

1 7 weeks ago
Vectormator Pen Tool

once you create a curved point how do you go back to straight line? in illustrator you can simply click on the last point to 'reset' the point. thank

11 7 weeks ago
How to convert color to transparency

I have an image with white background around edges. I want to convert this white color to transparent color. If I select white color and press Delete,

10 7 weeks ago
Brushes not working properly

When I select a brush and start to use it, it behaves like the Paint Selection Tool and makes a selection wherever I brush. The Brush Palette shows no

2 1 month ago
Where is "Blur>Box"

Hello, everyone. In previous version of Pixelmator there was Filter menu, so there was located Blur effect and "Box". Now there is Effects palette so

2 1 month ago
Floor plan dimensions

Hi. I'm trying to create a realistic floor plan of our house and garden using Pixelmator but I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure the dime

1 1 month ago

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