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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 1 year ago
Does Pixelmator Have the Equivalent of "Quick Selection"?

Hi there, I just watched a video on YouTube regarding how to select a product against a black background. (

0 17 hours ago
Can Pixelmator create favicons?

If so, how? thank you! w

1 1 day ago
Invisible layer causing trouble

Hi, I have some trouble with a collage that I recently made. The collage is quite big: 10.000x7.000 px. Appr. 180 MB in total. I have about 50 laye

3 1 day ago
Is it possible to do normal map generation?

Can I do normal map generation in Pixelmator? I'm a new user and would like to know if I can use this program to generate normal maps.

1 3 days ago
Should I have more color pickers than just crayons?

Trying to match a color file and create custom colors based on the codes. The only color tools are the crayons. Is this standard or is my version miss

1 3 days ago
Crop Selection - sometimes works, sometimes not

Is there a trick to getting Crop selection to work? The scenario is that you have the marching ants of your selection then you want to crop the image

7 3 days ago
Pixelmator not "seeing" my iPhoto and Photostream pics

I will try to make this clear, but since I am confused about this it may not be. I downloaded the trial pixelmator app from your site. I used it for l

3 1 week ago
How to change to a specific color

If I'm using the "Replace Color" tool, I can accurately target the color I'm going to replace, but not my target color. Is there a way to specify the

1 1 week ago
Is there a way to specify a color for "Replace Color"?

I looked at the "Replace Color" tutorial and it seems intuitive, but I can't seem to get a specific target color. What do I need to do to go from #59b

3 1 week ago
How do you add a color overlay?

In Photoshop I can right click on a layer and open Blending Options. I can then add a Color Overlay. I do this a lot when I need to change the color o

8 1 week ago
old fashioned UK type writer font

Hi there - is there a font to replicate an old fashioned UK type writer please? Thank you.

2 2 weeks ago
Prevent defaulting to the "Move" tool

I am using a Wacom graphics tablet with Pixelmator and it works great. However, one frustration that I have involves the use of the "freeform pen tool"

1 2 weeks ago
Tick Marked Circle

How can I create something like the image below in pixelmator? I'd also like to add numbers counting by tens up to 100 evenly along the tick marks. Th

0 2 weeks ago
My Image Is Too Big, Can I Create A Border To Scale Down?

My image is too big when framed by 1/4 inch in each side. I'd like to create a 1/4 inch white border on each side that would shrink the image, yet sti

1 2 weeks ago
Does Pixelmator have "smart object" feature?

Dear Sir/Madam, As a new Pixelmator, I'm not sure that Pixelmator has smart object feature. If it does, pls show a brief tutorial for users. Thanks!

2 1 week ago
Fill in freehand shape with photo?

Can I fill in a freehand drawn shape with part of an imported photo or image rather than just a colour?

1 3 weeks ago
How to use the blending feature?

Hi, I downloaded a paper texture graphic (both PSD and JPG are available) and I'd like to change the color from plain white to say red or yellow. The

1 3 weeks ago
Retreive IPTC title or else to integrate in the image

Hi, I wonder if we could use automator to retrieve data stored in Exif or IPTC filed and display them in the image? Could this be done with Pixelmato

1 3 weeks ago
Layer select via in-image click

When editing, I tend to click on something I want to edit, only to screw up the current layer because it seems Pixelmator doesn't support this behavio

1 4 weeks ago
make a selection and copy it to another image

Hi I am trying to copy a selected part of image1 and copy that to another image2. When I select the image and drag it to the new file the selected lay

5 4 weeks ago
Floor plan dimensions

Hi. I'm trying to create a realistic floor plan of our house and garden using Pixelmator but I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure the dime

0 4 weeks ago
Animated GIFs

How do I create a simple 2 image animated gif? Thanks

11 4 weeks ago
How to make circular text?

Hi, does anybody know how to type text to a circle using pixelmator? Thanks

1 4 weeks ago
How do I edit the size of a selected area?

I used the Elliptical Marquee Tool to select a region and then found I needed to change the size of the region. How do I go about doing that? I'm comi

2 4 weeks ago
Another Text Question - Text effects?

Hi folks! Just a quick question this time. Is it possible to recreate this effect in Pixelmator or will I have to source a font that looks like this?

3 4 weeks ago
Can I add my own image sizes in the drop down?

as said before, is there any way to change the image size within the dropdown or is there any batch process available? I have a bunch full of pics and

1 5 weeks ago
Paths, and the dreaded do I want to save question.

I use Pixelmator solely for creating paths to get rid of background I do not want. Is there any way to stop getting the 'do I want to save message" wh

1 5 weeks ago
Custom Position for Batch Watermark

I have to go through and edit about 1000 images for a website and get them all to be 2800x1800 pixels so the website can then resize them to the vario

1 5 weeks ago
[Text Tools] - Cut out text from shape and show base layer

I think the title is probably the most descriptive title I have ever written! I've searched using a bunch of terms and can't seem to find what I'm loo

7 5 weeks ago
expand shapes palette

Is there any way to expand the shapes palette? There are several shapes at the bottom of my screen and I am unable to scroll. Any suggestions? Thanks

5 5 weeks ago
Mac 10.6.8

I would really like to "try" Pixelmator before buying by using the "free trial" but when I try to download it won't work. I understand that having the

6 6 weeks ago
Blue sky

how can I make a blue sky of an existing picture. in version 3.2. If it is possible, please answer me in dutch.

1 6 weeks ago
Ungrouping objects on a layer

I am running in vectormator mode and have the following problem: I am able to place several circles on a single layer and move them around individuall

1 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator separate 'proof' screen like this video shows?

I love everything about Pixelmator. But I saw this video that clearly shows a Navigator like window similar to Photoshop Navigator and was wondering

1 6 weeks ago
Sharing as jpeg issues

Hi ok , made a great looking image with 3 layers, when I go to share the image for web it comes out all speckled, even after merging it does the same

1 6 weeks ago
Image color when importing into other software

The text image I create in Pixelmator is all black and rotated 45 degrees. When I import it into my weaving program it is in shades of gray and black.

4 7 weeks ago

I have downloaded and trial-ed Pixelmator and it seems to do everything I need as an external editor for workflow software that I use. I have been imp

3 7 weeks ago
Smudge Tool Quit Working

I was busily smudging photos this afternoon. When I got to my last photo the smudge would not work. Why? I went to other photos - no luck. I tweeked

2 1 month ago
Shape file with gradient ... direction?

I can't find a way to change the direction of a linear gradient when using it to fill a shape. E.g., the gradient in a shape always wants to go from t

5 1 month ago
jpeg preview ?

Hi does anyone know where the jpeg preview is, as I would love to see how my jpegs look before I export, but for the life of me I cannot find the pre

2 1 month ago
(20) ... appstore "error"?

upon clicking update in app store thoughts?

1 1 month ago
Eraser and other tools show arrow cursor.

I must have accidentally done something to cause this, but now when I select most tools, the pointer remains as an arrow instead of a circle, crosshai

1 1 month ago
There is a way for personalizing the settings?

Hi, I apologize for my English, first of all. Then, this is my question. There's a way to set the all the tools on my personal needs? For example: on

1 1 month ago
Resizing image without resampling

I'm afraid I can't figure out how to do this so am wondering if this isn't currently possible. I'd like to resize an image without resampling it. e.g.

20 1 month ago
Using a shape on a mask

Hello! Sorry if I'm asking something stupid here, but I can't figure out how to do something which I think should be very easy. I've got a shape in

3 1 month ago
Cropping Problem

Right, I've been struggling with this issue for a day now, and I'm close to throwing in the towel. I have to crop images to a certain size for a websi

3 1 month ago
Hidden Settings for Pixelmator 3

What about documenting all hidden settings in Pixelmator?

3 1 month ago
How to colorize image with exact hex color value

Hi, please is there a way how to define the replacement color precisely when using replace color tool? There is the fa

7 1 month ago
How do I make a text layer that will be on the foreground?

I have a psd file that I am editing; I have a layer and I have created a text layer; so I can have the text going on top of the other layer. The prob

1 1 month ago
How to add my own brush collection to brush palette?

How to add my own brush collection to brush palette?

1 1 month ago

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