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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 1 year ago
How to snap objects to document center?

Hi, My objects don't seem to ever snap to the center of the document; is this something I can toggle? Is it just because I have too many other objec

0 13 hours ago
How can I punch a hole in a shape?

I'm creating an image but was wondering if there was a way to punch a hole in a particular shape? I've attached an image as an example. I want the whi

1 1 day ago
transparent background

Hi, i have a logo and i would like to make atransparent background How should i do? Thanks

1 1 day ago
Separating fine and coarse details.

Is there some procedure to split fine and coarse details in to separated layers?

1 1 day ago
Color Correction for Image Export + Css

Hi Guys, I recently purchased Pixelmator as a replacement for Photoshop as it's getting to expensive.. But I'm getting very frustrated with this colo

1 1 day ago
how do I disable alpha channel when I export to PNG file?

Hi, I don't need alpha channel in my PNG file, how do I remove it when I save as PNG file? Thanks

1 1 day ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

12 2 days ago
Gradient opacity

How do I put an image on a layer above another and apply a gradient to it so that it merges with the image layer underneath? Or do I have to do it ma

1 2 days ago
My tools menu window is now smaller... missing items

Hi, I don't remember doing anything at all, but currently my tools window looks like this: Does anyone know how I can get it ba

2 3 days ago
file size of JPG images versus quality setting

When I import a JPG image then export to JPG with the 'quality' at 85%, the file size is 298 KB. But the same image saved in Graphic Convertor with 'q

1 3 days ago
ON Mac Book Air Early 2014 Model

Does this work smooth on the early 2014 Mac Book Air model running OS X Yosemite 64 bit Intel I5 processor

1 3 days ago
Pixelmator & RAW files

I'm fairly new to Pixelmator, I bought it a couple of months ago. I love it's ease of use. My understanding is it cannot be used as a RAW file convert

2 1 week ago
Pixelmator for iOS

Hey team, can't wait to try out Pixelmator for iOS. Are there any details you can share regarding drawing and painting in particular? For instance, w

0 1 week ago
Evenly Spaced Vector Lines

In pixelmator is there a way to create evenly spaced vector lines line in illustrator. If you have one line and then a few cm down another in illustra

0 1 week ago
Boolean operation while loading selections from layers?

Is there some easy way to perform boolean operation while loading selections directly from layers? With easy I mean something that can be performed i

0 1 week ago
Resizing produces slight blurriness..anyone else?

I'm working with images that have to be sized down for 1x and 2x (web) and I notice that when I size down, ie, smaller pixel dimensions, the image doe

3 1 week ago
How can I tell the radius of round corners on smart shapes?

I can adjust it fine, but I would like to know what corner radius I'm getting. Is there somewhere that shows what corner radius you are selecting?

3 2 weeks ago
Using a tool repeatedly

Every time I use a tool such as the pen tool, it immediately reverts to the move tool afterwards. This is extremely aggravating, and a big reason why

3 2 weeks ago
clear copyright type on jpg'd image?

I'm trying to get a clear copyright line on jpg'd images. If I include the type prior to jpegging, it can look lousy; if I jpg first, then add the typ

1 3 weeks ago
Picture composing, how to let it look like more natural?

Hi, I've just started to "play around" a bit with picture composing. Any idea, tips what to adjust to make the dragon look like more natural, part of

0 3 weeks ago
Resizing image

Every time I make my logo smaller in Pixelmator then save it, when opened it's the original size again. I can't get this to fit on the website header

1 3 weeks ago
Technique for creating a soft edge on two sides of an image?

I'm looking for a technique that would produce a soft side (fade to transparent) on two sides of image. Requirement: I want to place an image in the

1 3 weeks ago
Pen tool

At the end of an execution of the Pen Tool, the tools pallet switches over to the move tool. How do I shut this off. I keep on having to go back and s

1 3 weeks ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

4 3 weeks ago
Have blending mode NOT apply to shadow.

I am creating a text which uses the colour of another layer with a blending mode. This requires me to make the text black, so the blending mode knows

3 3 weeks ago
Paint Brush Not Working

I have Pixelmator 3.0 as of today the paint brush will not work. I rebooted, same thing. I thought at first I was on the wrong layer, no luck. Any sug

5 4 weeks ago
Color library won't open

Hello I have just transferred all my Pixelmator 3.2.1 files onto a new iMac OSX 10.9.2. Everything is working OK, except that the color libraries whic

1 4 weeks ago
Skin Tone Adjustment

All, Can someone share their workflow for adjusting skin tones/temperature in an image? In Photoshop Elements tools exist specifically for skin ton

3 4 weeks ago
Is there a way to scroll/arrow through fonts quickly?

Hi, It's hard to just guess what font is going to look good in context; kind of like throwing darts (at least for me it is). For example, for a logo

2 5 weeks ago
I NEED my pixelmator workspace to be anchored in a window

I NEED my pixelmator workspace to be anchored in a window and not floating around, please tell me there is a way to do this?!? I read something about

3 5 weeks ago
Can vectormator include Skew, Distort, Perspective?

when I Control-Click on a shape in Vectormator, only "Free Transform…" is selectable; but I see Skew, Distort and Perspective, only greyed i

2 5 weeks ago
How to edit and save 1 bit color depth images?

Is there a way to edit and save 1 bit black and white images? I'm looking to do some quick cleanup edits of black and white scans of text. Since I'm

1 5 weeks ago
Single Pixel Eraser?

yeah, i'm a majoooor newbie. i'm using the pixel tool, but erasing is kinda hard since it is not in pixel. is it possible to make it be able to erase

1 5 weeks ago
Icons need to be bigger

I just downloaded your program. Great job on what you have done with it. I would like the icons to be a bit bigger. I have a hard time seeing them on

1 6 weeks ago
How to do a "sharp" color fill using Paint Bucket?

I'm working with small images which are intended to be very blocky, all edges must be sharp. Using a color fill must not alter the edges of the imag

0 6 weeks ago
How to convert color to transparency

I have an image with white background around edges. I want to convert this white color to transparent color. If I select white color and press Delete,

9 1 month ago

Hello is there a way to make an alpha bigger (actual picture is too close to the top of the Alpha)

2 1 month ago
How to close all images without saving? Quick & automatic

So we already know that to close all of the windows that are open in Pixelmator (and other Max OS X programs), you simply: 1. Hold down the Option (a

5 1 month ago
Question about text

Hi there. Because i am new in using pixelmator can somebody help how to make text look like the one at the photo i am attaching?

1 1 month ago

I bought Pixelmator two weeks ago from the Apple store. i have downloaded an instruction manual for 1.4.1 Sparkle. It tells me that many things will n

1 1 month ago
How do I cut out one shape from another shape?

I have been trying to cut out or subtract a letter (which I have already converted to a shape) from a shape i have created to show the background. I c

2 1 month ago
Lens Blur effect

There's a way to apply a lens blur filter in Pixelmator? Maybe with a plug-in?

3 1 month ago
I am new and I have 3 Mac's macbook, mac mini and air

Can I use one Pixelmator purchase on my three 3 Mac's macbook, mac mini and air computers? Or do I have to purchase 3 downloads? Larry O larry111@me.c

1 1 month ago
Rename brush collection

I have imported a couple of brush collections which now have the titles Untitled Brushes and Untitled Brushes 2 , is there anyway of renaming these wi

1 1 month ago
Toggle between images

I have 3 images open in Pixelmator can someone please tell me how I can easily toggle or open each one? Is there a shortcut to go to each open image?

2 1 month ago
Hide All Layer Mask

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to add a hide all (that is, black filled) layer mask to a layer? If a layer mask is added via the drop-down m

0 1 month ago
CReate a 'leaded Light' line

Hi guys, I am trying to create the attached image in pixelmator. The lead is available in silver gold and black. It is slightly rounded and thick. eg

4 1 month ago
windows version

does the program has a windows version

1 1 month ago
portrait orientation photos distorted in pixelmator

I'm banging my head against a wall here now for hours trying to do something basic with Pixelmator. I have several portrait orientation photos that I

3 1 month ago
Trial Version and Automator Actions

I've downloaded the trial version to see how the watermarking action works on the automator, but I can't find the actions. Is there something I need t

1 1 month ago

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