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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Move Individual Transform Handle?

I am trying to move individual handles when doing a transform, but cannot figure out how to do it. For example... If I want to start with a square t

1 3 hours ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

5 1 day ago
Please help clarify. it return me to Finder when I click the yellow button in Pixelmator?

1 3 days ago
How to get rid of the iCloud storage nearly full message?

Why do I keep seeing this repeat pop-up message about there not being enough space on iCloud to save my image, I never use it and wasn't aware that I

2 1 week ago

Is there a way of editing parallax on a photo in pixelmator.

5 1 week ago
Is there a way to scroll/arrow through fonts quickly?

Hi, It's hard to just guess what font is going to look good in context; kind of like throwing darts (at least for me it is). For example, for a logo

3 1 week ago
Resizing a lauyer

Just started using Pixelmator. I've got two layers and need to resize one of them. No mater what I do I can only size both images together. I've selec

1 1 week ago
I can't get into vectormator mode

I want to get into vectormator mode by shortcut key cmd+shift+v, but it doesn't work. The pixelmator remains still and there is no change. I tried it

2 1 week ago
Text To Shape color changes.

When I covert text to shape, I can select each letter individually and edit their shape but not color.If I select just one letter and try to change co

1 1 week ago
How to convert color to transparency

I have an image with white background around edges. I want to convert this white color to transparent color. If I select white color and press Delete,

12 2 weeks ago
I am assuming these are issues with Limestone?

iMac (24-inch, Early 2008), 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Version 10.10.3 (OS X Yosemite) Pixelmator Version 3.3.2 Limestone (50417) I am having a number

2 3 weeks ago
Editing a saved picture

Hi folks, Apologies if this is a stupid question (I'm very new to photo editing...) but is it possible to edit a picture that has been worked on and

1 3 weeks ago
Navigation panel or second window?

Hi all, New to Pixelmator, working on some pixel art, so I am looking for a way to work close up to my image but also view the entire image at the sa

1 3 weeks ago
import problems

Hi I am brand new . When I drag and drop a picture into pixelmator I only get a severely cropped portion of the image to work with. When I zoom out it

1 3 weeks ago
OS X requirements?

Hi, I'm confused. Downloaded the trial today of Pixelmator for OS X. I'm on Mavericks 10.9.5, the trial says Yosemite is req'd, but the Apple Store s

1 3 weeks ago
finished format of pixelmator?

i'm new to the pixelmator community, just picked up a macbook pro, and this was suggested to me by the gentleman who i purchased the laptop from. I am

1 3 weeks ago
Photos for Mac

Does the Pixelmator browser work with the new Photos for Mac? I've seen posts on other forums talking about it, but it's not working for me. Mine is

3 3 weeks ago
Can't edit a PSD file

Hi I received an PSD file and open it fine in Pixelmatr, but I can't change a TEXT layer. Nothing happen when I double-click on it. /

3 3 weeks ago
Specifying exact Alpha channel values

I'm using Pixelmator to do some pixel art for an indie game, and I am using the alpha channel of my PNGs to indicate special areas of the image. (For

1 4 weeks ago
How to draw perfect semi circles

I want to make rounded lines, which I see I can make using the Pen Tool, however I want the curves to be perfectly part of a circle (usually 1/4 of a

6 4 weeks ago
pxm file has been changed into a folder!

For some strange reason since we updated Pixelmator yesterday all of our .pxm files have been changed into folders and we are unable to open any of ou

0 4 weeks ago
I NEED my pixelmator workspace to be anchored in a window

I NEED my pixelmator workspace to be anchored in a window and not floating around, please tell me there is a way to do this?!? I read something about

4 4 weeks ago
Repair Tool Information

I have tried the Repair Tool on your provided photo and have gotten different results. The steps don’t always line up horizontally and some of the B

2 4 weeks ago
Plug-ins and Pixelmator?

Do plug-ins work and specifically will the "Noiseless Pro" plug-in work with Pixelmator ?

3 4 weeks ago

hey when im using the "stamp" tool how can i turn the brush ? ctrl+t does not work cmd neither!

3 5 weeks ago
Thinking of moving to Picelmator: Questions

Good day guys, The more I look into Picelmator the more I want to love it. But 2 things get me, 1. to my understanding their is no history, is thei

1 5 weeks ago
Effects Browser on Mac

I have third party effects from fxfactory but i cannot view the title. is there a workaround

1 5 weeks ago
Sony RAW format?

Does anyone know if ARW 2.3 is compatible with Pixelmator? I'm looking to purchase a new DSLR that shoots raw and not just jpeg and came across a Sony

2 6 weeks ago
pixelmator update 3.2.2 where is it

I noticed that you had a new update 3.2.2 , but later it was gone what happened? Tony

2 6 weeks ago
removing an overlay shading.

I screwed up - I have an awesome picture I want to use but you can see part of a finger (not solid) but that see through haze. Is three a way to remov

3 6 weeks ago
Convert Selection into Shape

So I see in the release notes about a new "Convert Selection into Shape" option, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it and/or find the option/co

3 6 weeks ago
Color coding a property map for construction phases

Hi! We usually use highliters and pens to color code the various phases on our property maps when working in apartment and housing communities but I r

1 6 weeks ago
Duplicating shapes without moving.

When I duplicate a standard layer the duplicate retains the exact same position as the original. When I duplicate a shape layer, the duplicate is offs

2 6 weeks ago
Brush Tool Hardness Again

In an earlier post I ask the same question, Why IS My Brush Tool Require Multi Passes To Cover A Spot ? The "Hardness is at 100%, yet I must click, cl

3 1 month ago
Many issues, OSX 10.10.3 and Pix 3.3.1

Just updated my Mac and now using 3.3.1 which seems to have introduced a lot of problems into what worked pretty well before. 1. I can't find the cir

6 1 month ago
How do I create a glitter effect?

Thank you

1 1 month ago
Before/After toggle

I'm sure I'm just missing it, but is there a before/after toggle somewhere so I can compare all of my edits vs the original image? I tried Command+Op

2 1 month ago
What Am I Doing Wrong? Importing jpg

Hello! I am trying to import a jpg image into Pixelmator, but unfortunately, it keeps showing up with some significant quality loss. The pixelmator c

1 1 month ago
Pixelmator images not showing in Xcode

For about 1 week I can't edit an image in Pixelmator, export it to JPG or PNG (probably also the rest) and use it for one of my iPhone applications in

1 1 month ago
How do you disable Snapping?

How do you disable objects snapping to each other in Pixelmator 2.1? In previous versions there were checkbox's in Preferences. I had to restart into

18 1 month ago

Hi, I am trying to extract the outline of an image,a dog.I have tried tracer in effects browser which will give me the outline but can't figure out h

7 1 month ago
Cleaning up unwanted parts of an image with eraser(s)

Okay, I've got the diameter happening with the Orange Eraser and have got rid of most of the background with the Purple Eraser (best tool ever!). But.

3 1 month ago
Fill text with a color

Hello, I just got Pixelmator and I stumbled upon a problem after a few minutes. I installed myself a font from the interwebz, which is a 3D font with

2 1 month ago
Automator > Change Type of Images: set JPEG quality?

I find that Pixelmator is the best .CR2 -> .JPG software I can find. But I need to automate it to get my job done (I have lots of raw images all ov

3 1 month ago
Change background colour of the canvas

Hi, i tried searching for this but *everything* I search for is "too general". How can I change the background colour of the canvas? thanks,

2 1 month ago
Mac 10.6.8

I would really like to "try" Pixelmator before buying by using the "free trial" but when I try to download it won't work. I understand that having the

8 1 month ago
Pixelmator 3.3, Yosemite 10.10.3 and Photos 1.0

I purchased Pixelmator with the intention of editing photos on my MBP, late 2013. When I try to open an image from the menu the Photos affiliated fo

1 1 month ago
Advice: how to select border areas between 2 colors

What I mean is that the magic wand does a pretty good job, yet there are times when two areas' colors share some tonality, or hue such that if you go

1 1 month ago
Increasing the width of the eraser tool

Sorry, I know this is a basic question, but I can't find the control to increase the width (or the shape?) of the eraser tool. Any help would be appre

2 1 month ago
Plugin to draw line and distance (in pixel) between layers

I need to draw lines between all the layer of on .pxm file. Is there any plugin or shortcut method for that as I am fed-up drawing lines between compo

1 1 month ago

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