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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 3 years ago
Pasting A Shape On A New Layer.

Ever since I realised that I could convert a selection into a shape (lovely feature by the way) I've been using shapes a lot. When I copy and paste a

5 3 hours ago
Largest Canvas size

I am trying to make a print layout needed for printing onto material. I need to do this in actual size. the size of the material (banner) is 3000mm x

1 1 day ago
Overlay but keep transparency?

I followed the colorful bokeh tutorial and I'd like to change it to use a white background. I keep hitting dead ends. Here's what I tried: 1. Run "d

4 1 day ago
Animated GIF's

Can you do animated GIF's like in Photoshop? If so where do I find those instructions.

1 1 week ago
Issues with Gaussian Blur

I'm creating drop shadowing by duplicating a layer and applying Gaussian blur, like in this tutorial: ... ow-e

4 1 week ago
Indented (or bulleted) text

I'm relatively new to Pixelmator. I am using it to create small posters with photos and text. I would like to use bullet points, but there does't seem

1 1 week ago
Pixelmator as a genuine pencil-on-paper drawing program

I know Pixelmator is a full-blast image editing program, but I'd like to also be able to use it as a drawing program for my quest to replace my engine

0 1 week ago
How do you apply an effect to all layers or specific layers?

Hello, This seems like an obvious workflow, but I can't find an answer to it after an exhaustive web search. Seeing as Pixelmator doesn't have adju

3 1 week ago
Copy and paste????

When I select an area and copy it, I expect to place the paste where I want it, not have it appear at the center of my artwork, where it might not eve

25 2 weeks ago
Text size incorrect for resoulation

Hello, I want to add text to a document using 14pt font. The page resolution is 300dpi. The images I insert are sized correctly, but the text appears

0 2 weeks ago
Creating a label for a coffee mug

Looking for directions on the bet methods to use in Pixelmator to take a flat label graphic and put it on a flat image of a coffee mug to male it look

0 2 weeks ago
How do you pronounce Pixelmator?

We've been discussing this at work. How do you pronounce Pixelmator? I say "pixel may turr"

4 2 weeks ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

7 4 weeks ago
Why is my Image-menu missing many tools?

In many tutorials on this site they refer to this Image-menu, and are using tools like: Levels, Auto Enhance, Curves, Color Balance, Brightness and Co

1 4 weeks ago
Making snow white

I'm looking to just the white balance in some ' Snow Photographs'. On '' I see something tha

3 4 weeks ago
Color removal

3 5 weeks ago
transparent background

Would you please help me out with this action. I want to apply atransparent background to an image I want to place on my website. Thanks David

1 7 weeks ago
How to use color wheel to replace colors

Hi, thanks in advance. I have a task which I suppose is rather simple for someone who knows exactly what to do but I'll benefit a lot from learning it

3 7 weeks ago
Giving a layer an hourglass shape

I’m doing a book cover that’s basically a layer of text (3 words, big letters, from edge to edge). I want to compress this layer into a hourglass

0 1 month ago
How to crop images in a circle shape

Hi, I need your help. I want to use the shape forms, and crop for example in a circle shape and put it in another image. All I found on the web was a

9 1 month ago

Everytime I use a large brush and have an opacity on both my layer and the brush Pixelmator hangs and I have to force quit.

2 1 month ago
How to remove background pixel by pixel?

Hello, I can see there are tools (Eraser and Magic Eraser) that help to make things transparent, but even when I set the Brush to size 1, it's still

1 1 month ago
Is there a function like a LivePaint of the Illustrator?

I heard that there is a function of the LivePaint on the Illustrator. Has the Pixelmator same function? If this answer is YES, let me know how to use

1 1 month ago
Hue/Saturation Problem

Hello All! Hoping someone can help me with this problem. This feature of Pixelmator does not seem to be working correctly anymore, and I can't suss ou

3 1 month ago
How do you disable Snapping?

How do you disable objects snapping to each other in Pixelmator 2.1? In previous versions there were checkbox's in Preferences. I had to restart into

20 1 month ago
Pen keyboard shortcut

Can't find the pen shortcut. Should be P to me. Thanks,

1 1 month ago
Change color of a shape to a graphic design?

I have a black pineapple shape design that I would like to change from black to a print design. The print design is in a Jpeg file. How do I attempt t

0 1 month ago
Make text searchable

When I export a file with text in it as a PDF the text is not searchable but rather saved as an image. Is it possible to export to PDF and make the te

1 1 month ago
Duplicating shapes without moving.

When I duplicate a standard layer the duplicate retains the exact same position as the original. When I duplicate a shape layer, the duplicate is offs

3 1 month ago
Pixelmator Lasso Tool - one second it worked and then not!

So guys! I have just been using the Lasso Tool on the Pixelmator program to cut an image into a hexagon shape and I used it with one photo and worked

1 1 month ago
Shifting or scrolling the canvas when zoomed in

I could have sworn with muscle memory that the space bar allows you to shift the canvas around when you are zoomed in and now it isn't the case. How

4 1 month ago
Rotations do not line up?

Quick question -- I have a triangle. Using a pivot point, I rotate said triangle 45 degrees. I then repeat until I have a full "circle". However, the

1 1 month ago
Default print scale?

How do I get the Print dialog to stop reverting to "Scale to Fit"? Having to manually change it to 100% scale every single time is maddening. Thanks!

1 1 month ago
GoPro - Newbie

Hello, Is there a way to use Pixelmator to remove the GoPro fisheye distortion? I would hate to buy another tool just for that one feature set? Thank

1 1 month ago
Changing skin tones / color

I just purchased this product and I am still very much in the learning stages. I have been able to remove facial blemishes very easily. However I am h

0 1 month ago
Vectormator - saving artwork as a vector or pdf

I created an image which I then save as a pdf which is emailed to a printer company for printing. However they cannot print my image as they are sayin

2 2 months ago
Creative text adjustments

I'm trying to create a text much like "Connecticut" pictured below. Ive figured out how to make the lettering deep. However I cannot figure out if the

2 2 months ago
PNG export for web

Hey guys, I am surprised that when "exporting for web" in the share menu, there is no possibility to change the size nor the quality when dealing with

2 2 months ago
Clone Stamp Tool does not work

I am having issues with the clone stamp tool. I have tried changing many items regarding the file and how I use the tool. After carefully studying the

12 2 months ago
Matching colors

I want to take a photo and put it on a different background (different scene). I know how to do this and the two will look well together but the colo

2 2 months ago
Super Resolution pictures - Combining several images

I was searching Google and trying to find a way to combine a stack of pictures to make a higher resolution image. I found a feature request in these f

0 2 months ago
Bars in a shape?

Hi, I am attempting to achieve the effect below, however after 4 hours of trying I still can't get a shape to fill with bars. If someone could explai

1 2 months ago
I can not see anything. It occurs when there are many layers PixelMator 3.4.2 OS 10.11.3 Mac Mini 2014 Late (i5 2.6GHz) RAM 16G SSD 256

1 2 months ago
What is the font?

Hello, In this tutorial, what is the font used? ... -as-shape/ Thanks.

1 2 months ago
Need help filling in background fully. Sorry I'm a noob.

2 2 months ago

Hello Forum I need to divide a photos easily to 3 symmetrical parts. (or even more parts) I found a tutorial on youtube for PS, but this does not wor

2 2 months ago

How does Pixelmator compare to Acorn on Mac?

1 2 months ago
Image quality on social media

Hi, I use Pixelmator for creating my own images. I use these on various social media platforms, but for some reason the images I upload on Twitter ha

0 2 months ago
How to move layers?

Hello, I recently updated to the latest version of Pixelmator. I used to be able to select a layer, and then click on it on my canvas to drag it arou

1 2 months ago
Printing business card resolution?

I need to print a business card size picture and I find that the printer is blowing it up to A5 size! The dimensions I need are 44mm x 77mm and when

4 2 months ago

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