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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 3 years ago
Just wanting to crop a circle or any shape image...

Hello, Just wanting to crop out a circle or really any shape and just have that as my image. Very new to this. I attached a picture of an example of w

2 1 day ago
Fill with color leaves corners unfilled.

When I fill a layer with a color, all 4 corners are left un-filled with that color. When I zoom in on the corners, it's as though there's an invisible

7 1 day ago
Change background colour of the canvas

Hi, i tried searching for this but *everything* I search for is "too general". How can I change the background colour of the canvas? thanks,

3 1 week ago
Force Touch

How can I disable the "Force Touch" feature or adjust the pressure settings for Pixelmator?

5 1 week ago
Cut out Text Effect

Hey everyone, I have searched and searched and tried a few different things but I have been unsuccessful in creating the "cut out effect" in pixelmat

2 1 week ago
can't replace colour

Hi, I have had a logo designed by someone using Photoshop I believe. it's black. I can't seem to change the colour in pixelmator, I'm following the tu

6 2 weeks ago
saving an image with transparent background

hi! I have a problem with saving my final image in jpeg. It's on transparent background in pixelmator but once I save it in jpeg, the exported image h

1 2 weeks ago
can't access folders

ipad mini, iOS 9., I have two images in a folder? that I can't access, delete, nothing. How do I get rid of them? Delete from photo app??

1 2 weeks ago
Dutch language

Is it planned to add the Dutchlanguagein Pixelmator?

2 2 weeks ago
Resizing produces slight blurriness..anyone else?

I'm working with images that have to be sized down for 1x and 2x (web) and I notice that when I size down, ie, smaller pixel dimensions, the image doe

6 2 weeks ago
Change Background to transparent

I want to change the background of a logo to blend with its layer. I am very new to this and would appreciate anyone pointing me in the right directio

3 3 weeks ago
Batch processing

Hi, I'm using Pixelmator 3.4 on OS X Yosemite. Is there any way to run batch processing of a lot of *.png transparent background pictures to transform

1 3 weeks ago
Multiple Mac users

Hi Pixelmator, I'm new to your app using the trial version at the moment & pretty new to MAC's, each of my family members have an ide

2 5 weeks ago
How do I create a "Inverted Layer Mask"

Hello guys, how do i get a black layer mask ?

1 5 weeks ago
How to convert Pixelmator color code to hexadecimal?

I use my Pixelmator to select colors for a number of things. However, the colors provided by Pixelmator are in a 5-digit code instead of the standard

3 5 weeks ago
Why can't I open photos?

Why won't it let me open photos I've altered using the editing tools preset in photos? I made a few adjustments using my MacBook pros photo editing to

0 5 weeks ago
List of auto enhance enhancements

Is there a way to see the individual enhancement steps made by the auto enhance tool?

1 5 weeks ago
Rotate a shape on an axis

I'm looking to rotate a 3D shape on a horizontal axis. I've created a simple example to show what I'm looking to do. Basically created a box and want

6 6 weeks ago
Remove fisheye

I have an image taken with a wide angle lens (go pro) that has a bit of a fish eye effect to it. Is there an easy way to remove this fish eye look?

1 6 weeks ago
Yellow Background with no image on screen

Hi All! Any idea what I've done here? Every new or old image I open up just displays this hashed yellow background. If I draw on it then I can see th

4 6 weeks ago
Web image resolution

If I have an image at 300 DPI, export it for web and open the exported file, then Image > Image Size says it’s 72 DPI. The same holds true when e

2 6 weeks ago
How do I change my Pixelmator version?

Pixelmator is now impossible to use for me. I know Pixelamtor is attempting to fix the issue with the Macbooks from 2011, but currently I need to use

3 6 weeks ago
How do I layer two separate pictures?

I have just cut a cat from a bigger picture of cat in a field. I have then added a coloured background so that it matches the website colour I am crea

0 7 weeks ago

Trying to "Distort an Eye on the face: I outline the eye using the "Lasso" tool > move to the "Move" tool > select "Transform" > Select "Dist

1 7 weeks ago
Auto enhance crop image

When i apply 'auto enhance' to my image it crops the image this happens if the image is a layer or background. Any ideas why this is happening?

1 7 weeks ago
How can I remove a rectangular white area from an image?

Hello guys. I have merged three icons (horizontally) to create a new icon. Now I have two objects with a plus symbol inside them. The problem is that

1 7 weeks ago
How to export slices?

Is there a way to export individual slices instead of exporting them all at once? I am coming from fireworks where you can right click on a slice an

3 7 weeks ago
Editing existing text in a layer

Hello there. I'm a new Mac user. VERY green, only owned my first Mac since last Tuesday. :) Anwyay, I was looking for a replacement for Photoshop, wh

2 1 month ago
Blended Overlapping Edges

I have two images which I would like to overlap slightly, and then blend the edges. I've looked everywhere for tutorials, but with no joy. Can anyone

0 1 month ago
Adding this gradient effect to text

Hey everybody, I've taken a Photoshop template and am using Pixelmator to edit it. Most everything is working great, but I'm having trouble matching

0 1 month ago
Photos App on Mac - Alternative to sharing as save function

I really like the distort extension in Photos for El Capitan. However, when I want to use more tools than just distort options, do I still have to ope

1 1 month ago
How to fill a shape (from ellipse tool)with a photo or image

Hi, There is an easy way in Pixelmator to fill a desired shape (heart shape or rectangle etc. from the Ellipse tool) with a photo, but I forgot how t

1 1 month ago
Possible to create levitation photography using layer-mask? video tutorial Take two photos with the camera in the exact same position with identical framing. Possible to create thi

1 1 month ago
windows version

does the program has a windows version

2 1 month ago
How to keep image from edges cropping

Greetings, I've searched the support area and tried several things with no luck, so I'll post here. I'm in love with Pixelmator! I would like to be a

1 1 month ago
Problem with updates through Mac App Store

I purchased Pixelmator some time ago just before it was available on the Mac App store. Although I've been able to download previous updates, the late

8 1 month ago
Saving selection marquee

Looked through the forums but no answer. I am currently using a marquee that I need to use again. Is it possible to save a selection so I can use it a

2 1 month ago
How to edit and save 1 bit color depth images?

Is there a way to edit and save 1 bit black and white images? I'm looking to do some quick cleanup edits of black and white scans of text. Since I'm

4 1 month ago
Pixcelmator for Mac , how do you straighten a horizon

can't seem to find a tool to adjust the horizon, only tool;s for flipping orientation

1 1 month ago
help merging pictures

How can I take 3 or 4 pictures and combine them into one picture

0 1 month ago

How in pixelmator can to tune the layers?

1 1 month ago
Merging two Gradients

I have an image with a black/white gradient mask applied. I also want the image to fade out in another direction, but I can't figure out a way to comb

1 1 month ago
Problem with the background after cutting out image

Hi! I have one problem, when i use the lasso tool to cut out a part of a picture, the background goes orange. First i use the lasso tool then i go t

5 1 month ago
Never used Automator (I'm new to Mac) -- have a sec to help?

Hi all, I have a folder of images, all with the same dimensions. I'm hoping to automate something like this: 1) Start a new black document at a part

3 1 month ago
How to have no metadata on export?

Would like to export in .jpg format without camera metadata going with the image. How do you get rid of the metadata? This used to be a standard thin

2 1 month ago
Unwanted Auto Save

There's a question from last week about auto-save, but it's not quite the same and unresolved anyway. I want to stop Pixelmator saving changes to my

1 1 month ago
Glow Not a feature?

I am trying so hard to get out of photoshop, but I was working on a project and found issues with Pixelmator. Neon as a glow doesn't work well in qua

1 1 month ago
Remove background color from document to print B&W

I have a document that I'd like to print in B&W without printing a whole page of gray when I change the print setting to B&W. Can't I just rem

1 1 month ago
merging images

is there a possibility to merge single images into one common image? Example: several photos taken of a microscopic view should be merged together int

6 1 month ago
Fill tool, eyedropper, and gamma settings

When I use the eyedropper tool to sample a color, and then open the Edit->Fill... dialog, the color for the fill is something else. I know that I c

0 1 month ago

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