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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
hide selection?

In photoshop you can hide the "marching ants" of a selection (press h) in order to make adjustments to the selection without distraction. Is there a w

5 7 hours ago
Close automatically overwrites jpegs. Losing originals

I have been losing the original copies of photos because Pixelmator is automatically overwriting them when I close the program. The only way to edit

2 17 hours ago
Text as Shape

I can't repeat the "Text as Shape" tutorial ?! when Iselect one only letter and I put a new color, all the letters change with this new color

0 21 hour ago
I'm new: Where are the icons and numbers gone?

When I first opened Pixelmator there were pretty cool icons like airplanes but also numbers in bullets etc. on the bottom right hand side of my screen

1 22 hours ago
Linear warping of images

After getting some convincing, I purchased Pixelmator instead of Photoshop Elements and, so far, I am glad I did. I have only one complaint or possib

1 1 day ago
Free rotate selection on iPad?

I've tried to free rotate selections on the iPad by rotating with two fingers but have had no luck. Is this operation not supported?

1 1 day ago
How to make a white border to an image?

I cannot find it in pixelmator

1 3 days ago
Reversing a vector based image

Hi, i want to make 2 images of a star. In Apple iOS the opaque pixels will be ignored and the alpha will be drawn by the frameworks tintcolor. So i wa

0 3 days ago
unable to export images using 3.2.1 and Yosemite

recently, when ever I try to export an image, such as a PXM to PNG or JPG, I get the following error: The document “the-file-being-editied.pxm” c

15 1 week ago
Remove / Modify Effect

How can I modify / remove an effect after it has already been applied? I add an effect to a photo then do some other editing and want to see if I can

1 1 week ago
It's possible get absolute layer coordinates (in pixels)?

I have few bitmap layers on my image and I wants to know top/left position (in pixels) each of my layers. Info Bar show only width and height of selec

0 1 week ago
iPad: How to fill a layer?

For the life of me I can't figure out how to fill a layer with a color or gradient. The Fill setting in Tools>Format seems to be for shapes only, n

1 1 week ago
i have 2 questions

How can to use the paint bucket tool? How can to use the vector graphic correct?

0 1 week ago
Create a brush from layer not working

I'm attempting to create a brush from a layer. I've followed the instructions found in the Help documentation, but it still does not work. I also foun

0 2 weeks ago
How to get a square tool

I must be missing something. When I want to use a tool such as the clone stamp, I get a rounded brush. Sometimes I want a square or rounded square. I'

3 2 weeks ago
Image Browser

Hi, great little app you have, my question is can one add any other folders to the Image Browser? All I see is iPhoto, PhotoBooth and Pictures. I work

0 2 weeks ago
Copy and paste????

When I select an area and copy it, I expect to place the paste where I want it, not have it appear at the center of my artwork, where it might not eve

22 2 weeks ago
Why should I buy pixelmator for iPad VS....

Hey guys I purchased Pixelmator for mac sometime ago and am perfectly happy with it. Now that the iPad version has arrived I'm strongly considering i

4 2 weeks ago
Color selection

I have a picture where the sky shows up between leaves in a tree. The sky is washed out and comes out white. I want to give it a bluish hue, maybe som

0 2 weeks ago
Pixel Art on the iPad

Hello, I emailed Pixelmator team my question but didn't get the reply in a few days. So I hope someone will answer me here. I have Mac version and c

0 2 weeks ago
Unable to open iPhone 6 jpg images!

My wife encountered this problem. iPhone 6 photos saved in iPhoto. drag a photo to Pixelmator --> opens ok (dragged image in a 'preview' image) e

0 2 weeks ago
two images to blend - help using a graduated blend

I have an over exposed and underexposed image as I want the dark sky from one and the light foreground from the other - there is not a neat join to er

0 2 weeks ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

13 3 weeks ago
Pixel size is disabled for resize w/o resample. Why?

I need to scale down a large image and don't want it resampled. I have a large pixel art image and want to scale it down to being icon-sized, while re

0 3 weeks ago
Redesigned Interface? Am I missing something?

Firstly, I think that Pixelmator's interface has been exemplary..I don't see any change with this new update, which, btw, thank you for issuing. just

1 3 weeks ago
PDFs created with Pixelmator

Hi, I've just switched from PS trying Pixelmator. I hava created a nice leaflet and trying export to pdf and the size is huge - much bigger than with

2 3 weeks ago
Does Pixelmator for iPad support working with masks?

IT seems like it must, but maybe it's a delayed feature. Or am I just missing it somewhere...

0 3 weeks ago
Layers: Drag-to-Export png resolution

Issue: Dragging layers "out" of Pixelmator (to export them) I notice that the resolution varies based on the contents of the layers. Question: Is it

1 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator Tutorial for "Remove Background"

I've watch this tutorial a dozen times and still can't get it to work. I put up two images and follow the instructions as I saw in the tutorial but wh

1 3 weeks ago
Handoff guidelines

I'd like to use Handoff with Pixelmator but I'm having difficulty understanding how it works and what it looks like. I've searched the 'net for answer

1 3 weeks ago
repair tool extension

I downloaded and installed the Mac version that includes the repair tool extension, and I can see it in system preferences -> Actions, and have it

0 4 weeks ago
Animal eyes fix?

My wife processes dog photos for the local humane society and needs the ability to fix the odd colors that show up in their eyes. Photoshop Elements 1

0 4 weeks ago
Lack of aspect ratio choices for cropping on iPad

There are limited selections in the aspect ratio list on the iPad in the crop tool. Specifically, I would like the landscape equivalent of selections

1 4 weeks ago
Can i turn off "Do you want to keep this new document.." ?

Hi. I usually use "Export for web" tool and that's why i don't need to save any changes to source file or create new *.pxm file. How can i turn off qu

1 4 weeks ago
Sharp Edges on the Line-Shape / How to fill a graphic? So, this is probably a quite simple thing, but I can't figure out how to get sharp edges when usi

3 4 weeks ago
How to adjust cropping selection to exact size?

Hi everyone, new here and hoping for a quick response. I'm trying to crop an image to shave off two extra lines at the bottom of the image, in orde

12 4 weeks ago
Any way to "Filter" Dust over an entire photo?

Desperately want to ditch my old version of Photoshop Elements (due to bloat and lack or Retina support), but my #1 Editing need in filtering Dust fro

2 4 weeks ago
copy and paste person

I like to copy and paste myself into photos from vacation. Usually I take the whole family then my wife and I switch and she takes the 2nd photo with

1 5 weeks ago
Pixelmator for iPad - how to expand canvas around image

I have an image that is 937 px square. I want to expand the canvas around this image to 1920 x 1080 by filling in with a color, leaving the 937 px squ

1 5 weeks ago
Distorted colors when editing and saving

When I apply any edit to an image (e.g., by drawing on the image or changing the saturation, etc.), the edited area turns white and purple; when I att

1 5 weeks ago
Allowing copying of text after export

Hi, I am creating a pdf file from an img. Its a one page data sheet and I am trying to design it without purchasing InDesign. When I export to pdf, I

1 5 weeks ago
old fashioned UK type writer font

Hi there - is there a font to replicate an old fashioned UK type writer please? Thank you.

3 5 weeks ago
help, i'm new

I'm trying to create basic word art in frames for around my home and family. I downloaded new font from I created my image, saved as PDF.

0 5 weeks ago
Pixelmator iPad - file format for camera roll

I'm new to pixelmator. On the iPad version it seems that PX will only save image as PNG file format into the camera roll. Can this be in JPEG?

0 6 weeks ago
Can't open iPad photos

I can only open photos that are on iCloud, Pixelmator does not seem to be accessing my camera roll. Joey

0 6 weeks ago
Pixelmator tutorials for iPad

I'm new to Pixelmator for iPad and am looking for tutorial videos to help. The videos on the site don't seem to play via Safari (though I can find the

1 6 weeks ago
Remove Shadow

How do I remove a shadow from an image? If there is more than one way, what would be the easiest approach to remove a shadow from an image so that it

0 6 weeks ago
Where to save in Yosemite

I have several files that I created pre-Yosemite and stored in iCloud. When I upgraded to Yosemite, I activated iCloud Drive and while I can access my

0 6 weeks ago
Looking for update

Hi, I bought Pixelmator when it was first released in 2007. I use it quite often even if I still have version 1. It suit my needs and it's ok. I was

4 6 weeks ago
Russian language?

Is it planned to add the Russian language in Pixelmator?

2 6 weeks ago

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