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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 1 year ago
Layers: Drag-to-Export png resolution

Issue: Dragging layers "out" of Pixelmator (to export them) I notice that the resolution varies based on the contents of the layers. Question: Is it

0 14 hours ago
old fashioned UK type writer font

Hi there - is there a font to replicate an old fashioned UK type writer please? Thank you.

3 15 hours ago
help, i'm new

I'm trying to create basic word art in frames for around my home and family. I downloaded new font from I created my image, saved as PDF.

0 18 hours ago
Pixelmator iPad - file format for camera roll

I'm new to pixelmator. On the iPad version it seems that PX will only save image as PNG file format into the camera roll. Can this be in JPEG?

0 1 day ago
Allowing copying of text after export

Hi, I am creating a pdf file from an img. Its a one page data sheet and I am trying to design it without purchasing InDesign. When I export to pdf, I

0 1 day ago
Sharp Edges on the Line-Shape / How to fill a graphic? So, this is probably a quite simple thing, but I can't figure out how to get sharp edges when usi

0 1 day ago
Can't open iPad photos

I can only open photos that are on iCloud, Pixelmator does not seem to be accessing my camera roll. Joey

0 1 day ago
Pixelmator tutorials for iPad

I'm new to Pixelmator for iPad and am looking for tutorial videos to help. The videos on the site don't seem to play via Safari (though I can find the

1 2 days ago
Remove Shadow

How do I remove a shadow from an image? If there is more than one way, what would be the easiest approach to remove a shadow from an image so that it

0 2 days ago
Where to save in Yosemite

I have several files that I created pre-Yosemite and stored in iCloud. When I upgraded to Yosemite, I activated iCloud Drive and while I can access my

0 2 days ago
Can i turn off "Do you want to keep this new document.." ?

Hi. I usually use "Export for web" tool and that's why i don't need to save any changes to source file or create new *.pxm file. How can i turn off qu

0 2 days ago
Looking for update

Hi, I bought Pixelmator when it was first released in 2007. I use it quite often even if I still have version 1. It suit my needs and it's ok. I was

4 2 days ago
Russian language?

Is it planned to add the Russian language in Pixelmator?

2 3 days ago
Wacom Stylus and Palm rejection

Just bought Pixelmator for iOS because of Wacom stylus support. However, looks like the palm rejection feature is not implemented which essentially ma

0 3 days ago
Gradual blur

I'm trying to gradually blur an image from one side to the other. So the left side would be very blurry, and the right side would be sharp and focusse

1 3 days ago
Text along a path

Is there a way to bind text objects to follow any path? Like a sentence wrapped around a logo that is in a circula shape?

1 1 week ago
Easily export iOS assets for 1x, 2x, and 3x

I'm creating some assets for my game and I was wondering if I could easily set up a way to export those three different image sizes. Currently my pro

0 1 week ago
corner pixels on image not transparent

Hi I'm a new user and using Pixelmator for iOS apps. I made an image but the corner pixels of the image seem to be only semi transparent. How do I fi

0 1 week ago
Convert black and white PNG icons to grey and white

I have found a set of free black and white icons (Download The Icons) that I'd like to convert to dark grey and white. How can I do this easily in Pix

0 1 week ago
external editor

how do I make pixelmatr my external editor in iPhoto?

1 1 week ago
Pixelmator for iOS

Hey team, can't wait to try out Pixelmator for iOS. Are there any details you can share regarding drawing and painting in particular? For instance, w

10 1 week ago
Gradient opacity

How do I put an image on a layer above another and apply a gradient to it so that it merges with the image layer underneath? Or do I have to do it ma

3 1 week ago
creating a two sided a5 flyer

Hi, I know to some of you this will seem like a ridiculousley easy question to answer (I hope) but, I'm struggling with it... I have created a flyer (

0 1 week ago
Pixelmator iPad - crop added image

Hi, is it possible to crop an added image - not the whole canvas ? I'd like to make a collage and its easy to add and resize images. But I can't find

0 1 week ago
transparent background

Hi, i have a logo and i would like to make atransparent background How should i do? Thanks

2 1 week ago
Fonts on iPad Pixelmator

Hi - considering buying the new iPad app to compliment my OS X copy. I enjoy iDraw's iPad / OS X app combo quite a bit and was excited (and surprised)

2 1 week ago
No iOS 7 Support?

I have chosen to wait a while until iOS 8 is patched a few times before I upgrade to the newest operating system. But, even though I can access this a

0 1 week ago
Resizing produces slight blurriness..anyone else?

I'm working with images that have to be sized down for 1x and 2x (web) and I notice that when I size down, ie, smaller pixel dimensions, the image doe

4 1 week ago
How to snap objects to document center?

Hi, My objects don't seem to ever snap to the center of the document; is this something I can toggle? Is it just because I have too many other objec

1 2 weeks ago
How can I punch a hole in a shape?

I'm creating an image but was wondering if there was a way to punch a hole in a particular shape? I've attached an image as an example. I want the whi

1 2 weeks ago
Separating fine and coarse details.

Is there some procedure to split fine and coarse details in to separated layers?

1 2 weeks ago
Color Correction for Image Export + Css

Hi Guys, I recently purchased Pixelmator as a replacement for Photoshop as it's getting to expensive.. But I'm getting very frustrated with this colo

1 2 weeks ago
how do I disable alpha channel when I export to PNG file?

Hi, I don't need alpha channel in my PNG file, how do I remove it when I save as PNG file? Thanks

1 2 weeks ago
Pen Tool sharp to?

I'm used to in Photoshop/Illustrator hitting the alt key when I'm on a point where i don't want there to be a curve and it will take the end of the li

12 2 weeks ago
My tools menu window is now smaller... missing items

Hi, I don't remember doing anything at all, but currently my tools window looks like this: Does anyone know how I can get it ba

2 2 weeks ago
file size of JPG images versus quality setting

When I import a JPG image then export to JPG with the 'quality' at 85%, the file size is 298 KB. But the same image saved in Graphic Convertor with 'q

1 2 weeks ago
ON Mac Book Air Early 2014 Model

Does this work smooth on the early 2014 Mac Book Air model running OS X Yosemite 64 bit Intel I5 processor

1 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator & RAW files

I'm fairly new to Pixelmator, I bought it a couple of months ago. I love it's ease of use. My understanding is it cannot be used as a RAW file convert

2 3 weeks ago
Evenly Spaced Vector Lines

In pixelmator is there a way to create evenly spaced vector lines line in illustrator. If you have one line and then a few cm down another in illustra

0 3 weeks ago
Boolean operation while loading selections from layers?

Is there some easy way to perform boolean operation while loading selections directly from layers? With easy I mean something that can be performed i

0 3 weeks ago
How can I tell the radius of round corners on smart shapes?

I can adjust it fine, but I would like to know what corner radius I'm getting. Is there somewhere that shows what corner radius you are selecting?

3 4 weeks ago
Using a tool repeatedly

Every time I use a tool such as the pen tool, it immediately reverts to the move tool afterwards. This is extremely aggravating, and a big reason why

3 4 weeks ago
clear copyright type on jpg'd image?

I'm trying to get a clear copyright line on jpg'd images. If I include the type prior to jpegging, it can look lousy; if I jpg first, then add the typ

1 5 weeks ago
Picture composing, how to let it look like more natural?

Hi, I've just started to "play around" a bit with picture composing. Any idea, tips what to adjust to make the dragon look like more natural, part of

0 5 weeks ago
Resizing image

Every time I make my logo smaller in Pixelmator then save it, when opened it's the original size again. I can't get this to fit on the website header

1 5 weeks ago
Technique for creating a soft edge on two sides of an image?

I'm looking for a technique that would produce a soft side (fade to transparent) on two sides of image. Requirement: I want to place an image in the

1 5 weeks ago
Pen tool

At the end of an execution of the Pen Tool, the tools pallet switches over to the move tool. How do I shut this off. I keep on having to go back and s

1 5 weeks ago
can't turn off auto-save!?!? EATING my data?!?!?

I save my files on a network drive which does not support "version history". Pixelmator has warned me about this, but I don't care. I've never had it

4 5 weeks ago
Have blending mode NOT apply to shadow.

I am creating a text which uses the colour of another layer with a blending mode. This requires me to make the text black, so the blending mode knows

3 5 weeks ago
Paint Brush Not Working

I have Pixelmator 3.0 as of today the paint brush will not work. I rebooted, same thing. I thought at first I was on the wrong layer, no luck. Any sug

5 6 weeks ago

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