Email us if you have a critical issue

Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 1 year ago
Export image in cmyk

Hi, is it possible to export an image in cmyk? e.g. as an print ready pdf? thanx.

3 3 hours ago

Hi guys, do you have any idea for nice looking voucher ? Thank you.

0 5 hours ago
New to Pixelmator, how can I fill with a pattern?

Hi, I'm trying to do a very simple pattern-fill to get something like this http://…/100.png Just a really simple 1 pixel 45 degree repeating lin

0 22 hours ago
Sale price?

I saw on your blog that you are having a sale, but the app store shows the regular price.

1 1 day ago
Prevent asking to save as .pxm

When I have made adjustments to a picture and even exported and saved it as a jpg, Pixelmator always comes up with the save as pxm window when closing

7 1 day ago
Twisting a Text Layer

i'm trying to see if there is a way to create a twist/spin effect of a text layer. After rasterisation, I can use the transform effects to deform it b

1 2 days ago
Question about moving a selection with the mouse

Hi. I have a basic question: how do I move a selection with my mouse that I've made with a select tool? I can hit the arrow keys on my keyboard, but I'

1 2 days ago
Unknown Name

What name do I call this image attached ?

4 2 days ago
Pixelmator and Monoprice tablets

I am thinking about buying a Monoprice Tablet to use with my Pixelmator but before I spend the money, I was wondering if anyone is using a Monoprice T

8 2 days ago
Layer Masks disappearing?

Hi, I hope you can help me figure out an issue I'm having with Pixelmator. First, info: I'm using v3.1 (marble)Mac OSX 10.9.2 (Mavericks) on a 2011 MB

0 3 days ago
Effects Browser has vanished

Hello all, I am running Pixelmator 3.1 on OS X Mavericks. The Effects Browser has vanished, and no attempt to have it appear again has been successful

1 1 week ago
Eraser issue

My eraser is square I want round, I had round but now its gone. Where do I go to get it back? Is brush pallet my answer?

2 1 week ago
How to get a square tool

I must be missing something. When I want to use a tool such as the clone stamp, I get a rounded brush. Sometimes I want a square or rounded square. I'

2 1 week ago
fuzzy/pixelated text and images

Hi, When I am working on a project, I always notice that my text and shapes are pixelated and blurry up-close. For example, right now I am working on

6 1 week ago
Can't access all layers when I reopen saved file

Hi all - newb here. I am attempting to change a "logo" on an elegant themes/wordpress project. Simply text. But I don't know if it's the right size u

16 1 week ago
How to clone between images

In my former program, I could lay 2 images beside each other and clone from one to another. Can't seem to do it in pixelmator. Is there a way to get a

0 2 weeks ago
Merge Layers greyed out

I am fairly new to Pixelmator and the use of layers. I am trying to Desaturate part of an image and I've created duplicate layers. When I try to merge

2 2 weeks ago
How do I get Pixelmator 3.0?

Recently I had to re-intall the whole system. Now I cannot re-download Pixelmator via the App Store. I'm running Lion (10.7.5) and I'm getting a messa

1 2 weeks ago
Paint Selection tool - can't add

I used to be able to use paint selection tool on a photo and then with a key held down, Add to that selection, allowing me to select a person or objec

1 2 weeks ago
Un-hide extension

When I try to save an image for web, the "Hide extension" box is checked. If I uncheck this box it just checks itself next time I go to save. How can

1 3 weeks ago
Licence code

I purchased on January 13, 2012 Pixelmator Mac v1.5 - Digital - Order SMI120113-9439-11666 - Today I have to enter again the licence code, but unfortu

1 3 weeks ago
Copy Merged?

Hi, is there a possibility to copy selected area to clipboard accross all layers in the selection (to copy what I see in the selection,simply said)?

11 3 weeks ago
Eliminate Reflections

Hi, Is it possible to eliminate reflections using Pixelmator? I shoot a lot of photos of electronic devices and no matter how you position the device

4 3 weeks ago
I might be stupid - but can't get prints centered

Hi there, I really like Pixelmator a lot, since it has all the tools I used to use in Photoshop. Granted, the UI is different, so there is a learning

7 4 weeks ago
arrows ?

Is there a way to make a curve line with a simple arrowhead on the end? I can make the curve but I can't find a way to add a arrowhead.

1 4 weeks ago
Is there a 1 step photo fix (color-brightness-contrast)?

Hello For years I used the Jasc Paint Shop Pro on my PC. Loved it but the PC was running XP Pro and I'm not sure I want to upgrade the PC. Also use M

2 4 weeks ago
How do I get Pixelmator working on a MacBook Pro?

Hi, I just downloaded Pixelmator onto my MacBook Pro. The icon is sitting in the row of icons at the bottom of my screen but I can't figure out how t

1 4 weeks ago
Is There a Calligraphy Brush?

I would like to try to do some calligraphy, is there a brush like this: thanks!!

6 4 weeks ago
change a white background into a transparent background?

Hi, How do I trim white from inside a text box and image so it is transparent - I want to make all white areas inside the text box and inside the sh

1 4 weeks ago
expand shapes palette

Is there any way to expand the shapes palette? There are several shapes at the bottom of my screen and I am unable to scroll. Any suggestions? Thanks

3 5 weeks ago
How do you add a color overlay?

In Photoshop I can right click on a layer and open Blending Options. I can then add a Color Overlay. I do this a lot when I need to change the color o

7 5 weeks ago
blending modes

Is there a proper sequence to using the blending mode? I use the smudge tool to blend edges and thats not to bad, but, I am interested in how to use t

2 5 weeks ago
Rotate copies ?

Hi all ! I come you see, for knowing, if he is possible use a effect or anything like rotate copies on Pixelmator, Sketch way. It would be extremely

3 5 weeks ago
Selection tool

Is there a way to change the Lasso tool to a pointer as the rope circle with the extended piece on the bottom is not intuitive for most selections?

1 5 weeks ago
How to disable the Pixelmator welcoming window?

Is it possible to disable the annoying Welcome to Pixelmator window?

2 5 weeks ago
Remove reflection from eye glasses

How can I remove reflection on eye glasses using Pixelmator?

1 5 weeks ago
Automator > Change Type of Images: set JPEG quality?

I find that Pixelmator is the best .CR2 -> .JPG software I can find. But I need to automate it to get my job done (I have lots of raw images all ov

1 5 weeks ago
Fixing / removing fisheye effect

Hi all, I created the attached image by taking multiple photos and stitching them together into a panorama using Autopano Giga. As you can see, the r

2 6 weeks ago
Changing the Contextual Alternatives Default in Pixelmator

I bought a new font today and installed it on my mac. When I opened Pixelmator to test it,... it was using "alternatives" rather than the default font (

1 6 weeks ago
"No results produced" in automator actions

Hi! Trying to make my own Automator Folder Action using Fit Images & Watermark Images actions by Pixelmator. Every time I run it I get "No result

1 6 weeks ago

HOLA COMO sí puedo aplicar transparencias a Las imagenes o las Formas creadas en pixelmatro??

1 6 weeks ago
Import Fireworks

Hi guys Fireworks defector here but looking for a change. Of course, the first thing I tried was opening a Fireworks mockup (webpage) and Pixelmator s

1 6 weeks ago
Paint Looping texture with brush?

hi i wont make some textures, i won't to have an brush who can paint a texture who is looping… German: Hi, ich möchte mit einem Pinsel eine farbig

1 6 weeks ago
Any benefits to .pxm format?

Are there benefits to keeping an image in .pxm format versus .psd? If so, what are they? Thank you! w

2 6 weeks ago

Hi. I have 3 questions regarding curving an image I have created. 1. I'm trying to create a very simple curved rounded edge banner like the one at th

0 6 weeks ago
Canvas Color

Hi, Is there a way to set the canvas color instead of it being transparent? Thanks.

1 6 weeks ago
Gradient tool keeps adding new layer

I am a very inexperienced person when it comes to graphic tools. My problem is this: Every time I try to fill in a shape with paint bucket (that I had

2 6 weeks ago
Image resolution

Hi, Maybe its been this way the entire time, but recently after using Pixelmator for about 3 years I noticed that when I crop and image to say, 12 x

7 6 weeks ago
Editing Fonts in a .PSD file

Hi Everyone, I have Pixelmator 3.1 and a graphic designer provided me a layered file in a .PSD format. I can see the layers but am not able to see th

1 6 weeks ago
Center a circle

Hi guys, im new to pixelmator and i love it. Im working on an UI design for an app and i would like to make an Circular loadingbar. Now my problem is

2 6 weeks ago

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