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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 2 years ago
Outline remains when moving text converted to pixels.

I am somewhat new to Pixelmator. When I create a text layer - then convert the text to pixels - then perform a Load Selection (either via cmd-opt-L or

3 46 minutes ago
Rotate a shape on an axis

I'm looking to rotate a 3D shape on a horizontal axis. I've created a simple example to show what I'm looking to do. Basically created a box and want

0 1 hour ago
How to know which layer an object is on?

When working with a file has many layers, is there a way to quickly determine which layer an object is on?

1 2 hours ago
Repair Tool "painted" area changes colors. Why?

Most of the time, when you paint the area to be repaired, you see an orange color. Sometimes, I'll get white or yellow, purple..gray... Is this chang

1 21 hour ago
How to fill color selection with gradient

I've selected a pixel of color(white) for color selection from an image and adjusted the radius for full selection of white and greys. When I try to f

3 1 day ago
Never used Automator (I'm new to Mac) -- have a sec to help?

Hi all, I have a folder of images, all with the same dimensions. I'm hoping to automate something like this: 1) Start a new black document at a part

2 1 day ago
Fill the background with an image

Sorry for the dumb question but being a graphic creative is really out of my reach... Simple question: I have a small image which I would like to use

5 1 day ago
Pixelated Text

I am trying to create an image with txt only. I am using 300 DPI and when I send to the printer it's not saving as a high res image. What is going on?

2 1 week ago
Line caps and joins

Is there a way to modify the round end of a line (or pen shape) from rounded corner to sharp end? I will be interested in changing the curved corners

1 1 week ago
Marquee Tool

Is there a way to select part of an image irregularly to emulate a torn document?

2 1 week ago
Decrease in IQ when exporting back into LR

I just downloaded Pixelmator yesterday as a supplement to LR. I felt LR had some restrictions so as a PS alternative I decided to give Pixelmator a tr

7 1 week ago
gradient to transparency

i am searching for an easy way to apply a gradient transparency to an image. i am finding some steps online but there are many steps and it seems uncl

1 1 week ago
How to best reduce sensor noise?

Hi guys, what's the best way to reduce sensor noise (color noise and/or luminance noise) with Pixelmator? It looks like there's no specialized filter

2 1 week ago
Crop tools wants to snap to perimeter of canvas. Why?

I've been meaning to ask for some time..why does the crop tool want to snap to the perimeter of the canvas? When I I want to come in just a couple pix

3 1 week ago
Illustrator to Pixelamtor

Is there a way to take an Adboe Illustrator file and convert it to Pixelmator? Thanks

2 1 week ago
Color library won't open

Hello I have just transferred all my Pixelmator 3.2.1 files onto a new iMac OSX 10.9.2. Everything is working OK, except that the color libraries whic

2 1 week ago
Question about duplicating a layer containing Gaussian Blur

I am relatively new to Pixelmator and graphics editing. I'm using Version 3.3.1 Limestone (41204). I have a basic layer duplication question involving

2 2 weeks ago
Creating spirals

Hi everyone, I need to create some spirals in Pixelmator (see example image). Does know how or have a custom shape that they can share? I've searched

3 2 weeks ago
Selections with Pen Tool 'Photoshop-style'

Hi, I'm struggling with a simple Photoshop trick in Pixelmator: making selections with the pen tool. In Photoshop, you can pick up the path or ctrl-c

1 2 weeks ago
White Image is Transparent When I Upload It

I am very new to graphic art. I bought this software to create t-shirt designs for a charity. I have been trying to create a white silhouette of vario

1 2 weeks ago
Vectormator Pen Tool

once you create a curved point how do you go back to straight line? in illustrator you can simply click on the last point to 'reset' the point. thank

11 2 weeks ago
How to convert color to transparency

I have an image with white background around edges. I want to convert this white color to transparent color. If I select white color and press Delete,

10 2 weeks ago
Brushes not working properly

When I select a brush and start to use it, it behaves like the Paint Selection Tool and makes a selection wherever I brush. The Brush Palette shows no

2 3 weeks ago
Where is "Blur>Box"

Hello, everyone. In previous version of Pixelmator there was Filter menu, so there was located Blur effect and "Box". Now there is Effects palette so

2 3 weeks ago
Floor plan dimensions

Hi. I'm trying to create a realistic floor plan of our house and garden using Pixelmator but I'm having trouble figuring out how to configure the dime

1 3 weeks ago
Can someone tell me how to 'extrude' screenshots?

I can't find anything on google.I'm not sure I'm using the right keyword here (extruding?), but I'm looking for a way to make a screenshot 'thicker'.

1 3 weeks ago
MacBook Pro Choices

Im looking to purchase a Macbook Pro, either a 2013 or 2014 year, but only a 15 inch. With that being said do I need to get the one with discrete grap

1 3 weeks ago
The file is folder with name of the file and .pxm

Long ago I use pixelmator. 1 years ago I edited the image. Remembering that everything is now stored in icloud, go in there and file no. I go through

4 3 weeks ago
Batch apply or copy-paste effects to multiple images

Hi, I have a group of photos that all need the same effects treatment. So far, the effects I'm using are simple - a little gamma, brightness, and cont

1 3 weeks ago
Keeps auto aligning shapes into a spot I don't want

Im trying to merge certain shapes and it won't let me place them exactly where I want. It will place a shape above or below where I want to place it

1 3 weeks ago
How to fill Numbers/Font with picture collage

Hi everyone, I have taken on a project and now it does not work quite like i imagined. I just wanted to fill in some big numbers with pictures, inste

1 4 weeks ago
Is there an averaging blending algorithm?

I have been asked to scan some precious old photos for posterity, and I want to do the very best job I can. My scanner claims an optical resolution of

0 4 weeks ago
Pixelmator want to support Chinese, many features do not und

Pixelmator want to support Chinese, many features do not understand English!

0 4 weeks ago
Ungrouping objects on a layer

I am running in vectormator mode and have the following problem: I am able to place several circles on a single layer and move them around individuall

3 5 weeks ago
Converging verticals

I am very new to Pixelmator (love it so far) and I wondered if there is a tool that can correct the illusion of converging verticals? The sort of thin

1 5 weeks ago

Hi - can anyone please tell me if it is possible to remove the colours from client logos - I often need to put them on coloured backgrounds, so just n

2 6 weeks ago
changing undo levels

hello, it seems that everytime I merge layers, the undo doesn't "work". Meaning, I can only undo up to the merging of layers . is this correct? can

1 3 weeks ago
Snap to grid

How do I do this? There doesn't seem to be an option to do so...

3 7 weeks ago
Copy Merged?

Hi, is there a possibility to copy selected area to clipboard accross all layers in the selection (to copy what I see in the selection,simply said)?

17 7 weeks ago
Shadow effect on a circle Hi, Im trying to duplicate the effect in this picture - how d

2 7 weeks ago
Pixelmator is NOT Retina aware

Pixelmator does not recognize the settings of Retina displays correct. Simple proof: 1. Check in system settings/monitors, that you are using a reso

1 7 weeks ago
Fill with color leaves corners unfilled.

When I fill a layer with a color, all 4 corners are left un-filled with that color. When I zoom in on the corners, it's as though there's an invisible

3 1 month ago
Pixelmator images smaller in video

Hi, Just wondering why my 1980 X 1080 images from PXM are smaller once imported into FCX. Is it because of the pixel aspect ratio ? How do you export

2 1 month ago
Images appear smaller than they actually are

Just wondering about this quirk I've experienced in Pixelmator. Images in app (whether opened with Pixelmator, created as a new image, whatever) appea

6 1 month ago
Can this be solved using Pixelmator?

Hi, Can these (PS) instructions be 'translated' into a Pixelmator version/language? "To insert your product screen in the blank screen area, double-

0 1 month ago
hide selection?

In photoshop you can hide the "marching ants" of a selection (press h) in order to make adjustments to the selection without distraction. Is there a w

6 1 month ago
Create a brush from layer not working

I'm attempting to create a brush from a layer. I've followed the instructions found in the Help documentation, but it still does not work. I also foun

4 1 month ago
Editing previously added effects

Does anyone know if it is possible to edit effects that were added previously. I find it frustrating that my only option(as far as i can tell) is to u

4 1 month ago
Back Screen

"Create New Image" screen is black. How do I get it to a default White ?

2 1 month ago
Whitepoint controls or eye-dropper?

I'm running v2.1.2. I see in the forums and online searches claims that whitepoint controls are not offered but those posts are pretty old. I'm hoping

6 1 month ago

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