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Hi everyone! Please note that this is not an official support channel, and if you have a critical issue or bugs, you should e-mail Pixelmator. If yo

0 1 year ago
How do I view and/or possible delete effects on a layer?

I have an image and have added several effects to it but I would like to go in a remove the first in the series of effects I added without having to "

0 14 hours ago
BMP export

I am trying to export a file for a device that requires a 24bit BMP. I see how to set the export to BMP, but I don't see how to specify the color dept

2 17 hours ago
Camera profile

Hello is it possible to create a camera profile in Pixelmator and apply it to the pictures? I am using X-Rite Color checker passport to create various

2 13 hours ago
How do I cut out one shape from another shape?

I have been trying to cut out or subtract a letter (which I have already converted to a shape) from a shape i have created to show the background. I c

1 1 day ago
Add banding to gradient

I can find lots of support for ways to *remove* banding, but I'd really like to *add* banding to a gradient. Like a clear break from one color to the

0 3 days ago
[Text Tools] - Cut out text from shape and show base layer

I think the title is probably the most descriptive title I have ever written! I've searched using a bunch of terms and can't seem to find what I'm loo

8 1 week ago
Divide scanned images?

The one Photoshop feature I miss is being able for the app to divide my scanned multiple images. Is there any way to do this in Pixelmator? Thanks B

4 1 week ago
Temporary Folder?

I accidentally didn't save my last .pxm project. Is there a temporary folder, in which I might find that file? Maybe Time Maschine could help me as we

1 1 week ago
OTF Swashes & Alternates

Hi! I've downloaded several OTF fonts which support alternate characters and swashes. Does Pixelmator support the use of these, and if so, how can I a

1 1 week ago
Select a layer with the mouse?

Is there a way in Pixelmator to select a layer that is not active by using mouse clicks? I can select an *additional* layer if I command-click but I a

1 2 weeks ago
Color in PSD

When I use a .psd file the colors of some layers are different from what the shout be. What to do?

1 2 weeks ago
neon type 2 can i use with Pixelmator? Does anyone know if this will work with pixelmator?

1 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator workable version for Mac OS X 10.4.11

I need a business class picture editing software for my laptop which I'm aware is an 'ageing' specimen! Mac OS X 10.4.11. After downloading the free S

1 2 weeks ago
Skin Tone Adjustment

All, Can someone share their workflow for adjusting skin tones/temperature in an image? In Photoshop Elements tools exist specifically for skin ton

2 2 weeks ago
Cropping Grid

Is there any way of displaying a grid when using the cropping tool? I understand that I can enable the standard grid on screen, but this is applied t

2 2 weeks ago
Saving as Jpegs - using Photo Browser

I have found the thread 'Saving as Jpegs' (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10522). This outlines that opening Jpegs and then be saved back as them by changing

1 2 weeks ago
Clone tool rotation

Is it possible to select an area and rotate that area before duplicating it with either the clone tool or the repair tool? Or even to mirror what I'm

3 2 weeks ago
cannot open pixelmator

hello, maybe someone can help me I just installed pixelmator on my lap top using safari, i have version ox maverick, so it should be fine however cann

4 2 weeks ago
Detach Tool Options Bar?

When dealing with smaller images, some of the options in the tool bar are hidden. For instance, when exporting an image for Web the quality slider an

1 2 weeks ago

I am trying to view the tutorials but the video keeps stopping during play. Why is this do you think?

1 2 weeks ago
Pixelmator help now opens in browser?

Is it just me or does the Pixelmator help that used to open in the default Apple Help system now open in the browser? WHY?

1 2 weeks ago
How to get back the "regular" Lasso tool?

I have a customized tool palette with regular and polygonal lasso tool sharing the same pulldown. I was *just* using the regular lasso and now I don't

1 2 weeks ago
Cropping Tool Guidelines

Whenever I use the Cropping Tool, I notice the image is divided up into the rule of thirds (9 square boxes), however the guide lines are so fine that

2 2 weeks ago
Image/object size

Previously, before updating, i was able to view the size of an object in pixels, while using the Transform tool. Now, it shows percentage, instead of

2 3 weeks ago
Pixelmator for IOS/iPad???

Hi, I was just wondering if there are any plans to port over/create a Pixelmator version for the iPad and if there any date/time when it would

25 4 weeks ago
An image copied into another project loses his orginal size

Hi there, I think it is more of a logical issue, but still its a problem for me. So, here is my problem: I am currently working on small cards, Width

2 4 weeks ago
Cut a vector

Hi everyone! Just trying to do this: I have to delete the re

2 5 weeks ago
Image resolution

This is probably a silly question with a very simple answer but I can't seem to figure it out...When I have a image on my computer and I open it in le

0 5 weeks ago
A right mess !!!

I have just returned to the programme after many months away and decided to try and add a speech bubble to a photo imported from iPhoto.It's a mess no

2 5 weeks ago
iPhone preset size wrong

There's a preset size for iPhone with the dimension of 640x920. I believe it is wrong. The correct size should be 640x960, which is for the older iPho

1 5 weeks ago
Extract a person in image and paste in new image

I have an image of a friend sitting at a sidewalk cafe and I want to extract him from the image and paste him into a new image. I tried making the bac

1 6 weeks ago
A question from a paint shop pro user

Will be getting an iMac soon and have been using paint shop Pro for many years I am impressed with what I've seen of pixelmator and instead of trying

1 6 weeks ago
How to close all images without saving? Quick & automatic

So we already know that to close all of the windows that are open in Pixelmator (and other Max OS X programs), you simply: 1. Hold down the Option (a

4 6 weeks ago
Resize & File reduction

I want to reduce a photo from 11 mb to 2 mb, how can I do this? I've already resized the pixels to the correct dimensions but it still is too big for

1 7 weeks ago
Multiple views with single document

I'm working on some pixel art and would like to have two views of the same canvas I'm working on. One for actually editing the art and the other for a

3 7 hours ago
Paste and match style?

Is there a way to paste and match style? I am often copying and pasting text from websites into a document, but needing to fix the styling every time

1 7 weeks ago
Pixelmator not "seeing" my iPhoto and Photostream pics

I will try to make this clear, but since I am confused about this it may not be. I downloaded the trial pixelmator app from your site. I used it for l

9 7 weeks ago
Image Sizing

Ok I'm now confused. What I want to do is create a web banner, I have created canvas 500px x 100px which is the size of the banner I want to end up w

1 1 month ago
.psd files open with missing layers

I'm new to Pixelmator and hoping to get rid of Photoshop, but when I open a .psd file I only get one layer. Is there a way to recover the layer in a .

2 1 month ago
Enlarging to print

Can I or is there a way to enlarge my 8x11.194 image to a 16 x22 to be printed?I want to transfer the image to my canvas to paint and all I want to do

1 1 month ago
How do you add a color overlay?

In Photoshop I can right click on a layer and open Blending Options. I can then add a Color Overlay. I do this a lot when I need to change the color o

9 1 month ago
Image sizing and gradiants

OK, first things first.. great job guys love this app. I am a newbie photographer and decided to give Pixelmator a go following all the rave reviews.

0 1 month ago
Should I have more color pickers than just crayons?

Trying to match a color file and create custom colors based on the codes. The only color tools are the crayons. Is this standard or is my version miss

6 1 month ago
scaling stroke weight?

so i have a box that i drew that has a stroke weight of 50. if i resize the box to make it smaller, the stroke weight does not scale to match the size

1 1 month ago
How to draw perfect semi circles

I want to make rounded lines, which I see I can make using the Pen Tool, however I want the curves to be perfectly part of a circle (usually 1/4 of a

3 1 month ago
how to work in cm

Hello guys I was wondering how to configure pixelmator to work in cm instead of pixels

1 1 month ago
Invisible layer causing trouble

Hi, I have some trouble with a collage that I recently made. The collage is quite big: 10.000x7.000 px. Appr. 180 MB in total. I have about 50 laye

5 1 month ago
Does Pixelmator Have the Equivalent of "Quick Selection"?

Hi there, I just watched a video on YouTube regarding how to select a product against a black background. (

1 1 month ago
Can Pixelmator create favicons?

If so, how? thank you! w

1 1 month ago
Is it possible to do normal map generation?

Can I do normal map generation in Pixelmator? I'm a new user and would like to know if I can use this program to generate normal maps.

1 1 month ago

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