Need more detailed brush settings

There are some nice brushes in Pixelmator, but none of them let you customize anything except width and opacity. Other design apps let you adjust the

2 1 year ago
How to accomplish this in Pixelmator for iOS?

I am trying to use the stroke tool in Pixelmator for iOS but i am finding that it's not acting like the Mac version. Could someone please tell me how

3 1 year ago
I don't know how to add sellection

If i select at first , and more select or erase little bit. how to do? I use ipad air2 i can't speak english well;;; i will write korean same thing 처음에 선택을 하고 거기서 빼거나 더하려면 어떻게 해야하나요

0 1 year ago
Need more focus on drawing/painting tools in Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an awesome app for photo editing, or using vector like shapes and text. But the drawing and painting tools and user interface are not

1 1 year ago
Great app, BUT ....3 things you must fix...please

hi I'm a CG artist with 15+ yrs of experience doing digital art.. Pixelmator is the only app on the iPad that makes the iPad useful (apart from apps t

0 1 year ago
Need larger/more layers

Hi Support Just paid for Pixelmator on iOS - and certainly on first glance it seems a great product. However my first project was for my daughter - p

3 1 year ago
Shortcut sliders for brush size and opacity

When using Pixelmator to paint or draw on a touch device like the iPad or iPhone, it is really slow to have to go into the menu to adjust the brush si

0 1 year ago
Brushes with tilt support for Apple Pencil

In the Update notes for v2.2.1 you say, 30 more brushes support the Apple Pencil. I picked some and found no difference to v2.2. At least there seem t

0 1 year ago
drawing on an iPad Pro

Hi. I'm using an iPad Pro with iOS 9.2 and Pixelmator 2.2. I'm not able to draw in the upper left area if i try to draw from upper left to lower righ

1 1 year ago
iPad pro several questions.

Hi, just bought Pixelmator and I have a few problems. From the Photoroll I'm not able to open photos in Pixelmator. When saving I can't select tiff

2 1 year ago
Why PDF files in "iCloud Drive" always open in Pixelmator

every time click on PDF files in "iCloud Drive" always open Pixelmator, that's annoying, Now the only way to open PDF files in other apps is enter the

13 1 year ago
DIN Condensed not in Font List

I just noticed a possible bug. I can't find "DIN Condensed" (or any DIN font; weren't there several?) in the list of fonts. It still works if I select

5 1 year ago

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