Let's talk Pixelmator for iOS here

Hey everyone! We all know that Pixelmator for iPad is out. We just don't have a good place to discuss about it. I've created this forum so we can all

9 2 months ago
Pixelmator to Google Photos

How do I get an image from Pixelmator to Google Photos on my iPad? I want to save an image into a Google Photos album. Thanks!

0 17 hours ago
PDF import with more than a single page

When importing a pdf - only the first page appears, how,to import all pages of a pdf or how to select a specific page?

6 1 week ago
Save As

I have requested help from support at Pixelmator on this twice but no answers! "Save As" is not present on my Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera running on Ma

1 6 weeks ago
New UI choice

Please give us a choice of something other than Black it is hard to see for those of us with poor eyesight. Please give us a choice!

0 1 month ago
Vector tools for iOS

When will the iPhone/ iPad version get some vector tools?

0 1 month ago
Won't import a large PSD from Drive

Hi. I recently purchased Pixelmator for my new Ipad Pro and went to download and edit a PSD I created on my Mac from Google Drive. It tries to downloa

0 2 months ago
Feature Request

First of all I wanna say I love pixelmator both on IOS and mac. Ipad pro is probably my favorite tho! I would love to see masks both layer and clippin

4 2 months ago
Text different color for word

Hello, I'd like to highlight some words in a single text with different colors. I've tried to select the part of text and change the color for that pa

1 2 months ago

So, I'm hoping this isn't the case, but has Pixelmator for iOS been abandoned? It's been almost a year now since the last time it was updated, which i

1 2 months ago
Workflow: Pixelmator > Photos

I have about 40 photos which I took with my iPad, edited with Pixelmator, and now need to get those edited images back into photos so that Keynote can "

1 3 months ago

Does the iPad app allow you to apply masks to layers?

8 3 months ago
Please Help

Please please please may someone help me out. So I have created a new image on pixelmator.I orginally used 800 x 800 pixels with a resolution of 300

0 3 months ago
Copy vs Save to Photos

Hi, On my iPhone, there are 2 options: Copy to Photos and Save to Photos, but I can't make out the difference between them. Can you clarify? Thanks

1 5 months ago
Pixelmator Files Disappared

Hi, I was using Procreate and exported my image into Pixelmator as a PSD. When I backed out to Images in Pixelmator, the only thing listed was the Pr

0 6 months ago
Soften Tool in iOS

Hi Pixelmator! Love the app. When I try to use the Soften tool on my iPhone, no matter how soft I make the tool, the "blurred" effect always appears v

0 6 months ago
Linocut effect

Hi I'd like to be able to simulate a linocut or woodblock print-like effect with Pixelmator using a B/W photo as a starting point. I've been through t

0 7 months ago
Working with Adobe Fireworks PNG files

Does anyone know if you can open Adobe Fireworks PNG files in Pixelmator and retain the layers andindividualobjects in each layer? I don't have Pixelm

0 7 months ago
Layer Mask and Clipping Mask a must have

Without those two mask types Pixelmator iOS is somewhat quite useless for what designers in 2016 do. I can only use it for maybe working on some imag

3 7 months ago
Scanner Pro style selector

In scanner pro on iOS there is a selection tool that lets you choose the corners of a document then the app will straighten it out and make it the cor

0 8 months ago
Disable finger input when using Apple Pencil

In many other painting apps on the iPad Pro, you can disable finger drawing completely while using the Apple Pencil. This is extremely useful, because

2 8 months ago
Some Bugs & Requests

Bugs: -When using the fill tool I notice there is an annoying small but dark outline around the layer that I can't remove. -I use precise measurements

0 8 months ago
Selecting the boundary/contents of a layer

In photoshop for a desktop there is a command where you can select a layer and then automatically generate a selextion based on it's shape (the comman

1 9 months ago
RAW Support?

Does Pixelmator for iOS support DNG files?

1 9 months ago
iOS and iCloud over mobile data

Hi, when editing on my iPad over wifi and it saves to icloud, when I'm on my iPhone over mobile data and launch pixelmator, the image has a place hold

3 9 months ago
Image Alpha Image is saving as White background in photos?

I deleted the background and have a single image on what is shown as transparency on pixelmator, but then when I save it in photos and import it somew

1 9 months ago
Can't rename template in chinese

iOS app can't rename template in chinese. Moreover, app can't design the template ?

0 10 months ago
Image compression.

If I open a 10mb jpeg in Pixelmator it gets compressed to around 4mb when it is saved. How do I stop this? Secondly is there anyway yet of getting ri

1 1 year ago
Stroke is broken

Stroke in ios (atleast on iphone) is broken. The right side leave few pixels out if you change the size of the image after adding Stroke-tool.

1 1 year ago
Strange limited export....


2 1 year ago
Pixelmator iOS and DropBox

Hello, I'm back from Holidays with a rush of photography : Pixelmator was very useful to edit post-production HR pictures on my iPad. Arriving at m

10 1 year ago
Prevent Image moving while editing ??

IS there a way to disable the resize/move option while you are editing (erasing in this case) an image. I kept zooming in and out with 2 fingers, and

2 1 year ago
Getting "Unable to Open Image" error for most files

Just updated to 2.1, and for some of my images (both within the Pixelmator folder and others in external folders in iCloud Drive), I get an error sayi

4 1 year ago
Flood Fill

Only just got Pixelmator for my iPad - has anyone spotted how to flood fill a defined area. Cant spot it anywhere.

5 1 year ago
Brush behaviour on iPad pro, Apple pencil

Is there an option to change the brush behaviour in pixelmator? Laying down a stroke with a brush makes a transparent stroke, even if pressing hard wi

6 1 year ago
How do I crop an image to a specific size?

I don't understand this. It seems like there's no way to simply enter in the desired size when cropping and have it automatically constrain to those b

1 1 year ago
PSD multiple layer file opens as an simple and only layer

Hello, I'm working on Ipad Pro and I've tested some images with multiple layers. Comes to me that a 73mb multiple layer file is opening as an simple

6 1 year ago
saving in layers possible?

I had a layered psd file, and edited it in Pixelmator. When I opened it back in Photoshop, all the sudden the layers are gone, and it's 1 image.. Will

2 1 year ago
Nef files

Hi I'm trying to open a Nikon raw file .nef ( taken direct from the camera using the camera connection kit) but when I import the image this is all pi

4 8 months ago
Rotate entire canvas gestures

I would really love an option to use two fingers to rotate the entire canvas. This is essential when drawing and shading. Right now now you can only

3 1 year ago
Extension Tools

New to Pixelmator and general amateur. When using Extension - how to zoom the image for finer work? The Photos zoom tool seems to disappear when switc

0 1 year ago
Convert shape into selection

Hi, Search tool is useless ! How do you convert a shape into a selection ? I draw a shape and want to convert it to a selection. I will then use this

5 1 year ago
Changing the Canvas Size

Is it possible to change the size of a document canvas on iOS?

1 1 year ago
Layers Help

Hi, I used to be able to switch layers without going to the palate — simply by using the move tool and clicking on the other layer in the document.

0 1 year ago
Brushes won't follow tablet pen

Hello, I have been using pixelmator for mac for years now. I was even using it yesterday and it was completely fine. However today when I tried drawin

2 1 year ago
inverse selection

Since there is no inverse selection in the Ipad version, is there a way to do the same? I'm trying to make a picture B&W except for selected items

5 1 year ago

Hi guys, I've just discovered Pixelmator for iOS and I love it. It pretty much gives me everything I need for the images I create - Bar one small feat

2 6 months ago
Cannot adjust image position in template?

I'm confident there is a solution, when I import an image to one of the provided templates, I cannot find a way to reposition the image within the pro

2 1 year ago
Future of Pixelmator for iOS

So I got an iPadPro and also own a Mac and for both Pixelmator. sadly I find the iOS version not very useful for many serious tasks. No cliping mask

4 1 year ago
Editing 16-bit images

I work with 16-bit images, and only 16-bit images. Normally, I would use Photoshop, and have for years, but I am looking to move at least some of my

1 1 year ago

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